Buying Cars on FaceBook MarketPlace. You wont believe this!

One of our strategies has been buying cars from the public rather than the auction house. We have been really successful with subscribers bringing us cars. Not So much on Facebook Marketplace.

Today we’re gonna try to buy a car off a facebook marketplace i’m tony this is something that i have been trying to do since we started this company and there’s a lot of scams on marketplace that you need to be aware of so like i just mentioned a lot of scams and a lot of problems on facebook marketplace the car market is crazy and literally it’s the first person

That can get to a car as the first person that buys it so if this happened at a car dealership and you were driving to get a car and the car dealership while you’re in route or you get there they say oh sorry we sold it you would go out write one-star reviews bad-mouth them on social media stuff like that well there’s no recourse with a private sale on facebook

Marketplace and it’s just accepted it’s kind of interesting for that to be so we’ve attempted to buy cars i’ve actually drove scrambled cash around because i don’t keep cash on me uh or in the house or anything like that so we scrambled around for cash we need different atms uh to get money out and stuff like that for this for this like 1500 car and uh we went

To drive to get get it as i’m pulling out of one of the atms i curb my wife’s wheel on the tesla absolutely makes me mad i was so pissed off that that happened and then five minutes later as we’re just a mile or two away they text me and like insole like what so i have learned since to make sure to ask the question is anybody enroute to buy this car right now

So this car that i’m going to buy i asked that question the guy said someone came at nine o’clock last night to look at it and they’re gonna be back at nine a.m with the money to buy the car so we’ll see um i still don’t have any cash on me so i’m hoping this guy is going to let me do cash up or venmo and i’m going to be like dude you can google me i’m not going

To scam you and then also i don’t want these people to know that i’m a dealer because some of them are like no we don’t want to sell the dealers stuff like that it’s really goofy mentioning scams so on facebook marketplace there’s a box to check that this is a clean title uh that doesn’t just mean liens that means that it’s doesn’t have a salvage rebuilt branded

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Title well everyone checks that you have to do your due diligence and look in the comments and ask that question because a lot of these cars on facebook marketplace in the louisville kentucky area are rebuilt titles so i’m going to look at a car that i hope is not rebuilt he wouldn’t give me the vin he says he just didn’t have it with him at the moment which is

A little sus but so i’m gonna you know go there first thing i do i’m gonna scan the vin with my app so that i can look up all the book values i can pull carfax on it and stuff like that and we’ll see if we can buy a car and right here is where the car is right there is the vehicle unfortunately six minutes ago i told him that i was six minutes away and then

Five minutes ago he texted me and said that it just sold but it’s still there that car looks super nice that was gonna be a really nice car to buy i need some windshield repair and uh that we could fix up and sell but uh it doesn’t look like it is i think i should go back and ask offer more money how about the new owners tell the new owners that i’ll give them a

Profit for the vehicle hey you guys sell this car for x amount of dollars but today’s not going to be a wasted day because you guys know that the little store that we have in georgetown indiana is not going to be our forever home now do we buy that and keep it small and have that as a branch off of mike’s car store absolutely that’s a plausible uh but while we are

Out here oh my god do you see that okay hold on a second while we were out here um we did pass this uh little dealerships lot and this is actually for sale so a lot of nice uh room out here uh blacktop which is super nice a lot of room out there i believe this might be like a metal building like a morton building system i gotta look into that a little bit more so

We’re in charlestown indiana and amazon warehouse is right over here and this is all industrial have been growing up the last few years this amazon warehouse has just been built and started working maybe less than five years ago so this place is for sale they want 700 000 for it which is absolutely insane amount of money for this location but it is something on

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Our radar that we want to look at but uh let me let me show you what i see right here this is insane this is a 1995 apparently uh chrysler town and country minivan and you’re probably wondering mike uh what why’d you like pause in the middle of your video and say oh my god was it because in 1995 they had heated windshields on town in countries uh was it the fact

That it’s got the paint peeling up there that looks like it’s been spray painted bottle can was it that was next to a nissan i mean no it’s it’s none of that it’s none of that it’s the fact that they took this van and they have converted it into a pickup truck bed yes look at this they even have a turbo net on here a pickup truck uh van yeah i like it town and

Country uh they oh my god this is absolutely insane so we got some plywood there we got some spray foam there they even have a window back here which is probably off of a tonneau cover of a uh truck uh topper which is wild so i wonder if i buy this thing if all this stuff would come with it or they’re gonna take that out but i mean should i buy this thing should

I call jeffrey’s auto and buy this thing and do something with it maybe i can sell it to uh whistling diesel and he could have some fun with it as well all right back to the vlog so i just done which kind of showed you this and this and the van but the cool thing is i love having the american flag i love it it’s really awesome that they have this american flag

And i’m telling you if i ever get my franchise store or just get so big that i can afford it uh one of the things that i want to do is have the world’s tallest flagpole so if you google that uh you can see how tall this flagpole’s got to be to be the world’s tallest so i want to have a goal in mind that i have my dealership with the world’s tallest flagpole on

The property and that flag up there looks pretty amazing all right so looking down here mrs chevy dude said what there’s no room to clean cars right that’s our issue now so but there is a lot of room right here that we can add on uh or create another building uh we got train tracks right there back there immediately so uh definitely a lot of room uh here and i’m

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Just not sure what type of building this is we’d have to look into it more uh definitely looks like maybe a trailer an old trailer i don’t know it’s tough to see in there but it is really nice inside here so uh wood floor type vinyl plank i don’t know what it is but it is really nice they got like a kitchen and stuff over there like a front desk right here so this

Is a really nice area just the issue comes in play is this a good area to run a car dealership or not so nowadays you don’t have to be like in a prime location right i can literally get a warehouse be in an industrial park and sell cars with the internet but uh having a road front like this is definitely a big key but for seven hundred thousand dollars for this

Property just like everything in 2022 it’s so high dollars all right girls let’s get out of the truck it’s been a long drive hasn’t it and sadly we’re back at the store and uh without a car that we bought so it is what it is this was going to be the infamous under six thousand dollar car hey look it’s sunday and it says we’re open we need to fix that i don’t know

I don’t know what’s up with that open sign but uh so now what we’re going to do is i took another risk by buying this car at auction with this awesome wrap i love this wrap i said that i was going to go out and keep it out there for 15 days and if we don’t sell it with 15 days take the wrap off we’re actually at about 22 days now and our business model for turning

Inventory is every 20. so this wrap is going to come off we’re going to take it off and we’ll pray to god that there is no underlaying paint issues of this car because that’s been the biggest thing that people says is good luck take that rap off there’s gonna be hidden paint i don’t think there is hidden paint issues but we’re gonna take it off and we’ll find out

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Buying Cars on FaceBook MarketPlace. You won't believe this! By Chevy Dude