Buying My Dogs Everything They Touch!!

Today I took my 2 French Bulldogs to different pet stores and bought everything they touched!

Hey guys it’s ro welcome to my channel today he is sniffing me blueberry is snoring you can hear anyways today’s the very first video that i’m filming after having gone to the hospital and being on bed rest i’m now back on my feet and feeling so much better thank you everyone for your well wishes and all my friends for sending flowers my friends and family thank

You so much my house kind of looked like a flower shop for a while and i felt a lot of love and seeing all the flowers and your messages every day just made me feel better every day i got so many requests from you guys to film a buying everything my dog touches video and that is exactly what we’re gonna be doing today with these two i’m also hanging out with henry

This is my sister’s dog while she grabs some lunch but he’s not gonna come shopping with us because this is not buying everything my dog touches this is dogs two dogs and one of them was a puppy so she’s gonna be probably sniffing and touching everything because she’s super curious so is cookie though oh no cookie meeting we go to the store and you just touch

One thing maybe two you want to try to do that i don’t think that’s probably gonna happen but here we go they also have their own instagram which is act cookie and blueberry i’ll put it down there if you want to follow them are you ready to go for a ride are you ready to go for a ride and spend all the mom’s money yes let’s go let’s go cookie let’s go blue this

Is where you gotta work hard so my dogs can have a better life if you see ladies where you going you’re larry just wait for me ketchup what do you think you’re gonna get the star filigree muffy thank you to the trade i’ll first stop petsmart mr. huskies driving and i’d be confused with a husky that is my boyfriend mike’s nickname so mike or mr. husky over there

He’s driving and then the dogs are over here they’re just sneezing and cookie is dogging really hard out this corn oh look at her look at her dog good dog could eat alright quick talk before we do this shopping spree ladies please remember your sizes alright pick the right size for you blue your size small and cookie you you’re a sturdy medium large i mean you’re

Right in between just remember you’re an in-between size so don’t be pulling larges or egg smalls all right let’s be real with ourselves here those ladies oh great they’re sleeping quick stop before we’re going to the pet store we’re going through starbucks i got some waters for me and the dogs and a little drink for me like a treat because um i’m gonna need it

Today i am so scared how expensive this is gonna be and i was like i’m gonna be a drink hydrate before you go shopping it’s a cardio sport alright let’s go ladies here here at the pet store maybe i should put a time limit on this because it is a free-for-all all right so i’m a timer like ten minutes okay ready set oh wow she goes for the biggest one oh wow we’re

Often barely fit in the cart okay okay well we got to get the one that she touched is this what you were hoping for blueberry we are already off to a great start oh love said oh wow oh she really likes that one okay only been in the store about two minutes she wants i don’t even think she can pick that up blue wants the blue line i think we’ll where you want some

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Fashion these may not be the right size for you oh boy we already got a rubber tire think about at least be smart oh my gosh be smart shoppers oh jeez this one is on clearance all right and it’s understood that it has a little frenchie on there and then this one is a sight i think it’s too big but it’s guardians of the galaxy me she gave it to her sister cookie

Okay well you try and tell your children get the right size but they don’t listen oh i think they want to pet turtle cookies found a bed at the table and i think that’s the storage table at the table that’s a table ladies if you have a table oh my gosh where we gonna do with this bed you wanted this bed oh yeah she definitely wants that bed oh yeah it both

Touched it oh geez come back oh geez oh they love it oh they absolutely oh they really like it blueberry wait this is just use a dad oh it’s just multitasking all of this let me know the comments down below if you think mike could be a great dad oh no maybe he’s not gonna be a great dad the safety the safety feel a good idea in theory okay and the entire part is

Full that did not take very much time at all and it is time to check out you guys alright come on this way let’s go i have never even done a haul for myself like this i can’t believe that i’m doing this for my dogs here’s the receipt oh jeez this is just the first story we’re going to the second story for treat so he has some sensitivities to food so we’re going

To her street store i had to pick up so many ways alright stop number two are tied together who these things are a little higher up they’re gonna have to really want it these are my favorite dad fees for buying everything your boyfriend touches oh what’s this one lemon and honey they haven’t heard before ladies all right so i’m gonna put these down and we’re gonna

Pick 421 sweet potato banana or okay well they just touch both of us all right both women is away she touched that one she got it the dogs they don’t have great tastes wait and i think wait is that even bigger yes like this is no joke of roseanne abed i think we’re touching a bomb we’re touching it you can literally sleep with the dogs on there yogi’s really trying

To talk to in here do you think mom we love it so what do we think i think he doesn’t like it at all oh my you will bury any what’d you think of the big bed wait there’s a unicorn here i think it might get touched she found one that she could actually reach ladies they found the one shelf of the store they can touch this is getting really tangled up i think this

Might be better yeah i tried to macgyver this situation and it works sometimes but this is so cool we found a leash splitter and i’ve never had two dogs i’ve never had this problem before just it’s the rules you can’t touch this book even hope she touched it she wants it she wants it okay and then this thing is adjustable so you can be bring them closer together

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That works much better what’s exactly the other store – oh my gosh all right rose got her bed all right i think we’re in so we just got the car it might got a call from the bank verifying that her credit card did not get stolen like buying a bunch of dogs are you tell them that was us they’re like did you spend $400 at two different pet stores that’s very unusual

Just a few other things we got unloaded this one yeah all right ladies are you ready for your choice wow you guys great shopping haul don’t expect this again and christmas is not gonna look this plush okay okay you can have it that’s the one blue picked up do you like the big bone so i’m gonna let her pick what she wants to click okay okay i’m gonna lay these out

And you can fit which bone won’t put this one down to which big bone you want to play with which one which one’s the best kitty oh wait she’s still she’s still contemplating opens her mouth first cookie is weighing her options really think about it think about which one’s your favorite oh look at that one don’t worry i’ll get those later thinking this looks like

It’s for a great dane but today it’s for a french bulldog in your mouth look how happy she is she’s smiling oh they both want it now okay we are milady why are you even gonna do it that thing oh it’s a hair okay it’s not slobber right you think you can bite this i mean girl oh they give you a mouth on it you have to evaluate you don’t think that this is for

The toy for you oh good he’s got her toy they’ve switched oh yeah they did me already oh my gosh the tag off so the dogs took their favorite toys i let them pick a toy and they are off playing with them and it gave me a chance to unload this huge dog haul i think that’s is the largest dog haul that i’ve ever done and these are all the toys and god little clothing

That my dogs touched something that i notice and i think is so funny is that cookie picks out the big bones i have been getting her these smaller bones cuz these are like the right size for her but when we go to the store all she smells are these huge bones she was a humongous big bone so that’s something that i learned about cookie i did not know that about her

But she just really loves this gigantic bones and then blue berry was pretty much sniffing everything but she gravitated towards these kind of larger plush toys more so she is already playing with the blue one but she picked out this dinosaur and she picked out these plushies and this plushie and the truck this truck plushy so i have also learned that blueberry

Gravitates towards fleshy funny oh and she loves sticks even toy sticks the one toy sticks that they had at the store was huge one blueberry found it she was like that looks like a stick it’s the same color and it looks like a stick and i have to admit that even i touched some things i bought some things i touched this huge bed be honest the one that the dogs picked

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Counterpoint i mean this blues a much richer blue and it kind of matches the pillows even in this room i have balloons and the artwork on the wall has blues well you know cookies only four years old and blueberry still a baby so they’re learning about fashion there’s children they don’t know they don’t know so i obviously love the bed i’m really happy we actually

Got this and another thing that i’m happy we got was the leash splitter like i said at the store i’ve never had two dogs before so this was the first time i actually walked two dogs at the same time i’ve been carrying blue and like a little dog satchel like a dog bag because she wasn’t old enough to go on walks but now she can and this is the coolest thing ever

I use it in the store and i used it on the way back to the car and it worked so well and you can like adjust how much room you want to give them and it’s great so this is another favorite my favorite treats that we picked up for grandma lucy’s mm-hmm it’s a little bit pricier but it’s so high-quality never regret it love it so we got two bags of grandma lucy’s and

Some much-needed food bags so we got some essentials amongst all this crazy and that’s something i’m really happy about it i didn’t know what to expect but i had so much fun filming this video i absolutely loved it so a big thank you to you guys for suggesting the dogs had a great time mike did you had a good time it was a lot of fun kind of had a little sticker

Shock bill yeah we’re gonna have to work really hard this is four years of toys they don’t get any new toys i’m gonna hide half of them so when i pull it out don’t forget about it and they’ll think it was new this is like me when i go to costco to get one thing and i come out with oh yeah this is me when i go to target i go there for like toilet paper and then come

Back my cards full and i’m like how how did this happen let’s show the dog their haul okay and see how they react oh well they’re going right for the snack like we’d like some gram lucy’s please all right which gram lucy’s would we like first cookie pick this way all right we’re gonna do apple flavor all right guys sit oh my gosh they smell so good mmm that’s a

Good flavor all right grandma lucy’s grandma loose eats good you ladies good day of shopping until the surprise and no one the dogs skip all the toys and go right for the tree those are my girls oh we’re foodies we like the trees all right that does it for the video i hope you guys enjoyed it if you did give this video a thumbs up don’t forget to subscribe and

Ring the bell to receive notifications every time i post a new video and let me know in the comments below what other videos i should make especially any other dog videos cuz we had so much fun today do we girls yeah we did okay bye buddy and if you’d like to watch any other videos you can click up here or up here

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Buying My Dogs Everything They Touch!! By Rosanna Pansino