Buying Myself 100,000 Fortnite V-Bucks & Then Buying A NEW item Shop Fortnite Skin

TRUMAnn Buying 100,000 Fortnite V-Bucks & Then Buying A NEW item Shop Fortnite Skin.

133 000 and 25 bucks and now i have enough to buy the skin freddie right now is playing fortnite using the new hand skin yes sinister sinister glare skin fred you’re on a solo duo game now yeah you was playing with your brother after seeing someone who’s right there yeah he’s in the bush but he’s ready to quit i like your sniper yeah i’ve got my snaffle out i’m

Pretending like i’m not behind a tree it’s like oh yeah she’s not saying good job yeah so it wasn’t a game with your brother who’s standing right there who rage quit okay you’ve got one nice loader you’ve even gotten a mythic as well yes oh my god fred you’ve just got the gold crown win camera as well yeah look at that crown win victory royale you should have not

Left on right freddie why did you leave what’s left there’s no reason you just left foot right anything to say high five fantastic win fred your lobby’s glitch by the way okay it’s like light blue it’s bright blue yeah you’re not supposed to have that lobby you’re supposed to have this one look follow me for some reason it’s giving you the blue one all blue you’re

Supposed to have this one look you’re supposed to have this lovely background yeah with the reality tree and the like um zombies and with the reality tree showing um and with you know there’s a dj there yeah and you get the whole of claws but for some reason yeah it’s giving me the lobby but you’ve gone back into your lobby and you don’t actually have it for some

Reason maybe you’ve got to restart your game yeah maybe i need to restart it all right fred in today’s fortnite video i’m gonna go to the item shop i’m gonna buy the new skin in there right now oh yeah there’s a new skin in there right now and then we are going to showcase it in game we’re going to show everyone what it looks like in game okay i’m tromo i’m done

Freddie in today’s full day video i’m gonna go to the new item shop today and i’m going to buy the new skin in there right now i’m then going to go into a game of fortnite and showcase it in game and show you guys what it looks like okay so let’s go to today’s new item shop right now i have 25 000 and 25 v bucks there is no skin right now trespasser defector oh

Wow you know what i actually don’t have enough v-bucks to buy the skin so i need to buy more let’s purchase more let’s buy a 100 000. i feel like i’ve bought v-bucks in weeks yeah and so long so let’s buy v-bucks let’s make sure i have enough to buy the new skin in there today i don’t have enough i need to buy 100 000. 25 000. that’s not enough it’s not enough for

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The skin it’s not enough 800 re bots for the skin and you are 25 000. it’s not enough red i’ll get up by 100 000 that’ll give me a total of 133 000 bucks in my account then i will have enough to buy the new skin well so it’s like 100. it’s still it’s still 800 people there’s just not enough feedbacks in my account for you to buy that makes sense so that makes

A lot of sense so when this when it hits 133 000 that means i’ve got enough i’ve got enough i’ve bought 100 000. so when i do this eight times thirty thousand five hundred fee bucks times eight is one hundred and eight thousand v bucks 108 000 v bucks plus 25 000 v bucks diet that i had is 133 000. wow so i need to stop at 133 000. then i’ve bought one hundred

Thousand makes sense all for one skin oh yeah i haven’t bought v-bucks in so long yeah i think two more times uh yep i think this is the last time now so right now i’ve got 119 525 v bucks this should give me a total of 133 000. 133 000 and 25 big bucks and now i have enough to buy the skin look at a background lobby did you see that speakers all right i know

This skin this skin right is actually the other skin you know trespasser elite yeah really quickly just in case no one knows who trespass really is let me type it in trips because of edit starts as well look see that that’s possibly that’s basically fish but it doesn’t come with a secondary style no or it’s not the same colors it’s not the same colors and also

It’s actually a henchman on the fortnite map you know with the ghost and shadow i was a henchman yeah and then um because remember that time until it’s hours yeah um we saw them playing basketball and then there wasn’t letting on the seventh place i remember yeah yeah we made a video of that didn’t we yeah they were being on coined you know there’s hobbs into

Here yeah i love this this goes really well with joke i was just about to say if you own the joker skin buy this harvesting soil make sure you use create a code what freddy true and it really helps me make these sort of videos so if you’re buying them harvesting tools they’re right they’ll use credit card trim and it really helps me and freddie make these sort of

Videos actually just buy anything using a coach room yeah all right so that is today’s item shop and i own it oh okay so i’m not gonna go into a game of fortnite with freddie and i’m going to showcase the new skin in game change your plan freddie’s gonna be using this skinny game not me freddie doesn’t want to buy the skin freddie has the v bucks to buy the skin

But he doesn’t want this skin but he wants to play as the skin yeah how does that make any sense i don’t really think about that one that doesn’t make any sense you like the skin to play as him but you don’t want to buy him no all right so friend is going to play as him on my account uh fred is going to go on to uh the fortnite map and allow where the new boss is

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And it’s gonna he’s gonna show you guys how you defeat him and what you get in return when you defeat him really quickly though fred you want to show everyone you’re set up for this skin right yes i’m going to be using a trespass or effects of skin which is so cool it’s so cool we won’t buy him yeah yeah merryman asks you know that iris back please yeah that will

Probably go well with um the hand oh yeah the hand yeah the hand skin that you’ve got the uh victory royal windward yeah let’s start this series it’s such a cool skin he’s a 10 out of 10 skin that hand skin sinister uh snare his name yeah the irish daydream you’re gonna be using that guy that goes really well with england the same sort of colors right yeah that

Goes really well yeah the oil are that guy’s really cool i’m a pumpkin there he is the starfire is fluffish yeah that goes really well with him same sort of colors yeah skin skin it goes well with him they would be trapped i know it doesn’t go well but um that’s how you summon the boss oh it’s the octopus yeah that’s what your username little salsa little salsa

Because he’s an alien and team space team space team alien and then bubbly you’re going to be using the bubbly alien wrap yeah really quickly before freddie goes into a game of fortnite i need to show you guys something just in case you didn’t know this and you haven’t played full night in the last couple of days there are no full nightmares quests and tomorrow

Uh a next quest comes and if you get that quest you can unlock a free glider and you can now inspect the items as well so if i press triangle really quickly i’ll show you guys what gradle you can unlock it is called that everything’s end glider there it is there 10 out of 10 glider the best thing about this is free the best thing about this bat bloom it’s free the

Best for the bat is harvesting soul it’s free and it has a nice splash effect and it has a really really nice blush effect so you can unlock all of these free rewards uh this week and tomorrow as i say if you uh complete that quest tomorrow which unlocks in 15 hours and 53 minutes you’ll unlock that free glider yes all right freddy you’re not gonna go into a game

With fortnite go to the boss okay show everyone what he drops when you defeat him yeah the fortnite battle boss has changed and you’ve just got me 20 000 xp for doing well thanking a bus driver right or for doing nothing just going in and going i think the bus says oh okay so fred told about about us to decide so it’s changed to the halloween style nice all right

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You need to learn the uh gables green gables and that’s where the boss is right i’ll need some weapons first so i’ll go into the house because he’s quite overpowered hard to defeat right that’s the perfect rider for him it is good choice so nice and dark as well that goes really well with him it’s harvesting before as well yeah you have to summon it yeah what

Was that oh my that’s zombies you know the zombies which keeps spawning skins oh my what is going on we do it wow they’re above your feet at least knock he was trying to look that’s definitely so it’s definitely yeah oh my god why foreign it is okay good elimination well done all right freddy show everyone how you uh summon the boss yeah i think you’ve

Got a strong enough loader to take on the cross uh yeah look because there’s all things so you have to follow the intros s my jesus oh wow my guess how send him back to a lot good job well done hey drops what is it called inquisitors suppress smg so it’s just basically an awesome joke but but it’s really good fire it is it the same fire rate as an smg or

Faster faster faster look at that and a fast magazine you’re showing me don’t get tense mate i’ll be i’ll use on your wow he’s running mine eliminating with the new weapon why are you going boy he knows you’ve got it that’s why he’s running quickly will you go on gosh that shredded so good isn’t it freddy who’s doing the outro for this video mate oh yeah all

Right do the outro so that is what the new trespasser detector skin looks like in game and that’s how you defeat the boss all you need is a pumpkin launcher a blue or a purple or maybe even a legendary like a blue hammer salt rifle or like any type i think will work and then just spray him down keep reloading the pumpkin launcher and keep reloading the hammer

Assault rifle and then spray him down and then you should be able to get to um well you should reward you with um the inquisitors plus submachine gun and sometimes he either drops i think it’s a blue um epic or even legendary pumpkin launchers so if you’re new to the channel subscribe and hit notifications because we’ll see you buying everything from your item

Shop tomorrow i’m freddie and i’m out i’m sure man that was perfect i’m truman i’ll see you in tomorrow’s video i’m out

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Buying Myself 100,000 Fortnite V-Bucks & Then Buying A NEW item Shop Fortnite Skin By TRUMAnn