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This heavily wooded 15 acre tract at “The Mule Shoe Project” offers direct County Road frontage (along two sides) for easy access, an electric line on-site (and running to the cabin) AND is less than half a mile from the enormous Mule Shoe Conservation Area. The Conservation Area includes access to over 2,000 acres of ADDITIONAL land for hunting, camping and recreation AND access to over a mile of river frontage on the beautiful Little Niangua River for swimming, fishing and canoeing.

All right this is going to be a a fun video it’s a long video uh one of our longer ones actually but uh drone video showing the uh the 15 acres of the mule shoe project with uh the old house or cabin or whatever you want to call it we’re in the yard right now and that’s the uh the old house it looks better outside than it looks inside it’s it’s in really poor shape

Um it hasn’t been lived in for quite a few years and you can check out the ground videos for more detail but um this video is mainly going to be about the the land which is amazing so but again there is the house with the with the porch to the lower left those are actually grape vines right there i don’t know if we’re gonna whoop we’re gonna bump into those maybe

There we go so the guys uh discovered those but before the the leaves came out and uh when everything started to leaf out those grapevines just went crazy so there’s several metal stakes in there and the grapevines um someone was obviously cultivating them and we actually found a couple other vines around some four by four posts um south of of the house still

Within the yard looking in there you can actually see the tiny little buds that are going to turn into grapes so maybe you’ve got a miniature vineyard in your future or maybe you just like grapes building site is is super nice power is right there including a meter there is a drilled well uh that’s kind of against the the wall uh inside the house we have no idea

What kind of shape it’s in but but it’s there and it looks intact uh there’s a phone box on the house although we did have cell service um on the property where we tried which would have been right about where the truck is parked there you can’t see it there it is so the property actually um and there’s a little shed in the yard too um which is on a concrete slab

Has a metal roof but the uh the sheeting the exterior walls of the shed need to be replaced for sure this land is incredible i mean a beautiful mixture of timber from big hardwoods to uh to cedars county road frontage direct county road frontage on two sides and within a quarter mile of the mule shoe conservation area which is a couple thousand acres of public

Land so we’re looking essentially southeasterly um you can see the county road going off to the left and off to the right and the property sits between those and as we kind of look southerly there’s the niagara river on the right with the mule shoe conservation area less than a quarter mile from the property so you can use that conservation area for additional

Hunting generally for for camping they have some camping free campsite areas primitive camping areas the niagara river flows through it for over a mile so you’ve got swimming and fishing and kayaking and all that good stuff so now we’re looking southerly and we’re kind of drifting easterly looking at the property we’re looking directly south at the north side so

It it uh you can see the county road at the bottom of the screen the property sits directly across the county road we’re looking at it right now excellent road access i mean it’s got a good solid driveway in place coming off the west side but you’ve got over a quarter mile of road frontage if you wanted to do you know an additional site or whatnot you’ve got a

Lot of options the power runs along the entire north side and runs right to the house itself and now we’re looking into the conservation area with the niagara river and the conservation area is in three or four chunks i guess uh two of them are large chunks over a thousand acres and it’s one of those that is about a quarter mile south of the property and then

As we look northerly we’re looking at another large piece of the conservation area pretty incredible to have your own private acreage and then have uh essentially instant access into several thousand acres of additional land can make for some really fun uh hunting trips i mean you can set up your own obviously food plot or whatnot on your own private acreage

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Here um but you can also venture into that uh public land for additional hunting and the deer and turkey hunting out here is phenomenal the guys saw deer in turkey basically every single day they said which was pretty cool that property is is basically all wooded other than of course the the yard area and the driveway and whatnot we’re facing easterly looking at

The property sits on the right side of that county road which is county road 66 and then at the bottom of the screen as we’re looking easterly that’s county road 525 the driveway comes off of 525 left of the center of the screen goes easterly to the uh the house and you can see the red truck parked by the house it’s got kind of a circular driveway which is cool

And in addition to to that it’s got an area that looks like it was excavated um about 30 feet west of of the house looks like it was excavated for possibly a big garage or shop or parking area um i don’t know if you can see that in the drone video but you can for sure in one of the ground videos so now i believe we’re just going to do a kind of a fly over here

We’re starting at the west side moving east i believe that we kind of rushed on this video because uh they were out there and realized that it was getting late the sun was starting to set um but they didn’t want to not get a video so they put the drone in the air and here we are from what we’re seeing on the west side of the property it’s mostly hardwood trees a

Beautiful mixture of red oak and white oak and hickory and some awesome sycamore trees gorgeous sycamore trees in fact there’s a huge one just right behind the house you can see it toward the top of the photo kind of stands up above everything else there it is right behind the house is one of the most gorgeous sycamore trees we’ve ever seen and then once you get

Past the house going easterly it begins to slope down and then at the base of the the hill is where you’ll find the little creek bed on the property and i believe we checked that out as well in fact we’ve got a lot of video to go here when we do a when we do a video whether it’s a drone video or a ground video uh we tend not to to uh to process it very much we

Tend not to cut very much out at all i know a lot of people do to try to keep the videos short and there’s something to be said for that but we tend to leave in just everything we possibly can so that essentially what what we’re seeing you see so what we know about the property you know about the property we’re kind of lingering over the west side we’re checking

Out the uh the yard and the driveway the driveway is gorgeous comes in off the county road it’s level you’re driving through almost a park-like area with mature timber on both sides and then you get to the the house and you’ve got more of an open area to the left of the truck just behind the uh the grapevines that’s where the looks like they excavated for a shop uh

The house itself has um a metal roof the uh porch the kind of country porch also has a metal roof but we think that was probably put on a few years before the house’s metal roof was put on because it’s a slightly lighter shade of green now we’re drifting easterly as we look northerly at the property so way off to the left out of screen is is the house you can see

How it slopes down to the valley which is roughly in the center of the property as we look north and then as we cross over that valley area in the creek it it rises up again so we’re toward toward the east side of the property and we’re spinning back to the west so as we look westerly the property is on the left side of that county road which is county road 66.

And i don’t know if we’re going to get down and look at the tiny creek i kind of hope we do but it looks like that sun is setting pretty quickly and that’s that’s actually a small creek bed that comes in from the east side of the property and goes westerly into the the larger creek bed and that’s going to be the larger creek bed right there so it comes in from

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The south side and flows northerly when it flows it’s been flowing the three or four times we’ve been out there uh to some extent at least a trickle but um probably very safe to say that’s not a year-round creek that’s gonna be more of a seasonal or a wet weather creek and that’s actually just across the the county road i think we were just looking for an area

With to show that the creek was flowing probably there you can see the power line which runs along the entire north side of the property and the little creek bed itself it can be pretty tricky to get down close with the drone because if you even just brush against uh a branch or a couple leaves you start a little chain reaction and that drone ends up on the

Ground in about 10 seconds so i think we’re just trying to stay safely out of the range of any of the leaves and you can lose transmission from the controller as well which can be a really bad thing if you get too low and i believe what we’re doing here is hunting around and looking for that creek bed man it can be it can be next impossible to spot those um small

Creek beds from the air um in the spring and summer when all the leaves are out especially on a heavily wooded property like this looking northerly and we’re roughly over the valley the base of the valley is probably a little bit to the right of center okay so now we’re coming down to see if we can find that creek bed again i bet and that could be it right there

Whoever was doing this drone video did a great job um but the truth is it’s it’s hard to really see what you’ve got on the video until you get it back to a computer because you’re out there with just a three or four or five inch screen um on the controller especially if you’re standing out in the daylight which you usually are to make sure you have good range uh

You get a lot of washout on the screen and it’s tough to see like whoever was flying this probably was struggling to see if they could see the creek or not and once we get it back on the big screen it’s it’s easier to see that we’re not looking at the creek we’re nearby you can see gravel all over um but not seeing any flowing water we likely have passed over it

Two or three times but this gives you kind of an idea of the mixture of timber i mean it’s just gorgeous uh so many different species of tree out here a lot of the lighter much like bright i don’t know bright’s the right word a lot of the very light green leaves you see might be sycamore trees they tend to be very lightly colored green um the leaves are like

On the lower right there that was a sycamore that’s a sycamore right there in the middle uh and the sycamore trees love water they love to be close to a water source so in the ozarks there’s two or three sycamores left of center you’ll see sycamores just right on the banks or or at the edges of creek beds because they love to have some type of of water source to

Get their roots in there and i think maybe we zeroed in on the creek bed it’s down there oh yeah you can see it and it’s actually flowing so uh mission accomplished whoever was piloting the the drone on this one but just kind of a cool bonus to have that um one more neat feature on this property essentially i don’t know if we mentioned already but there are

About 18 tracks out here this is uh this is actually tracked one and two so tractor one is about five acres track two is about 10 acres they’re being sold together so it’s a total of about 15 acres which does include the uh the little house or cabin or whatnot and so that’s gonna be right where the little creek bed um flows northerly and flows under the county

Road and then uh keeps flowing northerly and about a mile later empties into the little niangua river okay up we go and we’ve got about four minutes left so i’m curious to see uh what we explore next so look in westerly property on the left of county road 66 can’t see the the house right now it’s uh well left of you can see where the power line there you can

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See kind of the the cut in the trees that’s where the power runs into the uh the house itself yeah you can see that pretty well there so we had mentioned earlier that the uh we had mentioned earlier that the uh where was i going with that uh the the roof on the house right the metal roof uh it has what appears to be a newer metal roof uh meaning we have no idea

How old the house is 40 50 60 years old and the metal roof might only be you know maybe 10 years old we’re just guessing on that but the porch roof although it’s metal looks like it it is older it’s a little lighter shade of green um so likely it’s the same green but it’s been out there a few more years so it’s maybe weathered whereas the the main roof has not

But if you look at the uh by the way we’re looking at the mule shoe conservation area the niangua river um literally seconds from the property awesome there’s some cool campsites you can camp uh i think up to 14 days in a 30-day period for free and most of what we’re seeing right now even in the distance is the mule shoe conservation area and now we’re turning

Back to look at the property uh but if you if you look at that metal roof like when we do the the ground video or if we’re getting close with the drone you’ll see that the the roof on the house itself uh someone put some money into that it’s some pretty uh um pretty good uh in our opinion uh roof work on the main part of the house and then the action here you can

See you can see how the lower port how the porch itself kind of looks like a lighter shade of green so we think that was done first and then the the actual house roof was done later probably to replace or to go over uh standard shingles but the the main uh roof looks like someone really spent some money on that uh the the front of the house is vinyl siding

So the sides the back completely unsighted like they sided three sides didn’t get to the back and walked away so it’s exposed osb essentially which was uh exposed to the weather so you’ve got exposed osb um and you’ll see there’s there’s some holes i mean you’ll just uh it was a we don’t know the history we wish we did on this house because someone put a lot

Of time and money into it and then um there was some type of life event where they they just stopped that little shed uh could potentially be usable if it were uh redone there’s a great look at the yard i mean that’s just we love it it’s a park-like feel and that’s that excavated area where they were possibly either going to build a shop or a garage or maybe

For additional parking but that would be a lot of a lot of money to spend just for additional parking when it was already there the parking so it’s likely they were leveling it for a shop or garage but yeah check out the interior videos i mean that we really haven’t placed any value on the house you can see a skid loader in the background that’s not included we

Haven’t placed any value on the house that the property is priced based on um on everything but the house so that the power that the acreage the size the location the terrain um all that stuff and the is is maybe a bonus maybe it could be fixed we have no idea it’s in bad shape inside and a lot of it outside as well the back of the house looks horrendous um or

Maybe it could be storage maybe it could be a hunting cabin who knows but yeah there you go check it out if you have any questions just let us know we would love to talk to you about this property if it’s still available

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