Calculate the Monthly Mortgage Payment

Okay this is the kind of calculation that’s kind of tricky when you’re using the calculator but i’ll show you that you actually enter it into the calculator pretty much exactly the way it’s written out right here there are only a couple of places where we will insert more grouping symbols and so i want to point out to you what that means so up here we have these

Parentheses and these parentheses aren’t really there for grouping they’re just there to indicate multiplication you could just have a dot here for multiplication so we can enter this as just 144 times point 0 line / 12 press enter and that’ll make this calculation in the denominator these parentheses act as a grouping symbol because without these parentheses you

Would have raised this the sum of two numbers to that polly about these parentheses we excuse this lingo to that power but since we want to force the addition first you have to use these parentheses and that makes the addition to get done for the expo now the exfoliant is the other issue if you look at these parentheses they are long a grouping symbol that’s a

Multiplication symbol so instead of telling parenthesis here think that a dot to multiplication so it’s negative 12 times lady the problem is that if you enter this area to a negative 12 dot 30 that the calculator is going to do there is it’s not going to interpret that multiplication is happening to the middle of 12 what’s going to turkey that multiplications

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Happening to this one expression here you have to force this multiplication to happen before it recognizes or uses the exponent here the exponent slip down before multiplication if there’s no grouping symbols so that’s a common mistake students make they don’t the quincy’s here okay so what’s up and see how the calculation which i miscalculated or you could be

The same and any kind of calculator the only difference here is that this calculator you and trace of what is being entered into it so i’ll show you what i’m really because i criticize me this over a little bit because i can show you something a cool feature is kept in their ears on i can show you the teacups history here it’s like they’re good to see ok so we

Have one we just over 4,000 times point 09 / 12 press enter thank you too for 2800 okay here took that me living / 2 x in the denominator and here’s our first time you have to add a pegasus here and at the very early but one type of closes purposes over 2,000 if you have to enclose denominating parentheses because there’s a subtraction bit if you don’t do that

The calculator 2/1 and then subtract that i’ll subtract this from that answer and that’s not if you wanted to do you want to calculate this difference first to make it do that you have to take this answer which you can now click here but is clipping separate now can you see a learner’s that means answer so that means the last answer that we calculated which is

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This number you want to / open plexus now into the whole denominator first thing is one then you have a minus now you have a given symbol so open another parenthesis now you don’t really do been simple to hear because the calculator is automatically going to be this division before it does in addition to just between 1 plus 1/12 and as i said the calculator will do

This first and then add one now close that parenthesis and there’s really exponent comes in now my chocolate is nice because stays in the exponent until i make it easy ed exponent in case you have an older model calculator news parentheses for you exponent the exponent is open parentheses negative use this so creative 12 times 30 close those parentheses actually

I you don’t want to close any parentheses we’re at the end of our expressions you don’t have to worry about closing all fantasies you can just press them to be when you press enter you get 1000 11.65 and the correct answer is 1000 in 59 as we gon that up so steady this video and i hope that helps you you’re using a couple of each time to perform discount village

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Calculate the Monthly Mortgage Payment By Mary Daunis