Can I apply for jobs at the same company again after receiving a rejection? #HalloGermany

Did you get a rejection and are now wondering if it’s worth to send another job application to the same company or even reapply for a job opening? Find out in this video!

Once you narrow down your job search here in germany on certain companies you may end up in a situation where you’re wondering if you can apply to the same company and hand in your application again if you’ve already been rejected by them right that’s a question i i do get quite often and i i fully understand why this happens um because if you narrow down your

Search you find companies that um are really interesting that have really attractive offers so you want to get in somehow right and i’ll answer this question in this video um if you have not subscribed to my youtube channel now is the right point of time to hit the subscribe button and turn on the notifications and if you are a subscriber already i’m so glad

To see you here again it’s really really um very motivating for me to see so many people um signing up for this channel and also to get so many comments on these videos that’s what motivates me in my work so i’m i’m really really glad to have you here um thanks for watching my videos and also for leaving your comments and likes but yeah let’s get back to um this

Question of um yeah let’s say reapplying for a job in a company so when i get this question there’s always a question i ask back so the first question i ask is how long ago did you receive an app a rejection from them and did you already you know make it through the first screening stage with them um so for instance if you just had an interview with the company

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For exactly the same job that you’re interested in right now and you got a rejection and you see the same job going on online right now again um i think it’s not worth it to apply because they have probably you know changed the kind of criteria they have they’ve probably not found a suitable candidate so i don’t think that a lot will change if you hand in your

Application again it’s probably simply not a good match for you um but if they are advertising a new job and you feel that okay hey we’ll be well maybe i’m a good candidate for this position and it really sounds very good to me then go ahead and apply i would totally recommend that and also if you receive rejections always try and ask them for feedback and you

Know maybe they have a talent pool where you could register and make sure that they keep you in mind for future positions so always ask for that i know in many cases you don’t really get feedback but i think it’s still worth it to try and drop them an email once you’ve received a rejection but anyways if you see a new job opening going online i think it’s totally

Worth it to apply and also if a lot of time has passed since you got a rejection for them you know if you ended up working in another company and then maybe a lot of time has passed and you see the same job going online again i think it’s okay to apply because maybe they found another candidate and the candidate already left again or maybe they have an additional

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Position in exactly the same role you never know um but if you apply um for the same job after a certain time frame or also if you apply to another position just make sure that you update your profile and follow the advice i usually give keep it updated don’t just use exactly the same application because then otherwise you will probably be filtered out so make

Sure that you add any kind of new qualifications you have update the keywords and so on so um i will also link one of my recent videos on automatic screening tools that will probably help you um with this as well if you are reapplying um to a company here so i hope this was helpful maybe you were successful with reapplying to a company if that’s the case leave

Me a comment and also if you have anything else to share about this topic any thoughts any topics you would be interested in leave me your comments give me your feedback that’s really very very helpful for me and for the content that we designed for this youtube channel and also the content we published on our website so whatever input you give here is helpful

To cover topics that are interesting for you so see you again soon

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Can I apply for jobs at the same company again after receiving a rejection? #HalloGermany By HalloGermany