Career Insights: Asset Management with Dhruv

Dhruv Goyal is from Mumbai, India, went to Harvard University as an undergraduate, and now lives in New York City ,where he works in asset management at BlackRock. Dhruv has also been admitted to Harvard Business School, where he will enroll after BlackRock as part of their world-renowned “2+2 Program.” Learn about the world of asset management and the 2+2 Program, and hear Dhruv’s advice from meeting the Dalai Llama!

My name is drew coyle i’m from mumbai india i live in new york right now i work in asset management at blackrock so um so what does asset management so asset management is essentially think of pension funds and insurance companies any institution that’s collecting big amounts of money they try to invest that money and get a return on that money so that they

Can pay you back a little more than than what you put in right now they could either do those investments in-house or outsource them to asset managers and and and at the end of the day when you think about you know why an investor puts money with an asset manager they believe that that asset manager is good at managing risk or better than them at managing risk

Frankly every asset manager tries to do it which is why they collect those assets assets under management right how it in your education sort of play into you going into this field so it’s interesting and many people talk about liberal arts as not having a direct influence on the kind of work you do because they don’t really focus on those hard skills right but

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When i think about how important my liberal arts education is pin it on sort of the soft skill side it’s absolutely unparalleled and and many companies now have recognized that and are hiring people from liberal arts programs and and that well-rounded education that a liberal arts degree gives you is something that is in my opinion priceless is there like a

Lineup of news that you check every day or i try to diversify as much as possible so i have you know the classic the economist the journal the wall street journal the new york times and dime magazine a sort of my four go-to magazine slash newspapers you know you don’t know what you’re gonna read where and how that will impact your ability to make decisions because

The world event financed in the world of investing is all about making those connections so so looking towards the future um so you have not been to business school yet um you should go to business school or like how do you think people should decide if that’s the right thing for them to do so i’m actually signed up for business school i did the 2+2 program the

2+2 program is offered at two schools as of now and i think they’re more schools that are looking into it harvard business school and stanford all for this program where you’re allowed to apply to business school as early as your senior year of college the idea behind that for them was to obviously get some get good talent early and when get them locked down for

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Their school versus the other one and obviously free from your perspective a student’s perspective it’s great because you then have two years to go out and do anything that you want to do so if you’re in a college in new zealand or if you’re in a college in canada or america or india or the united kingdom you can apply to this program the only caveat is that you

Have to have done 16 years of school so i’ve i’ve met the dalai lama for 45 seconds you know and he looked at me and he would clearly tell that i’m someone that tends to be you know like super ambitious like wants to go places and this and that and he said to me in all the craziness of our lives we tend to forget that the basic calculus of all decision-making

Is to be happy right so you know i instead of watching this video might have a everyone has ambitions everyone wants to go places everyone wants to do certain things with their life but it’s so important to take a step back and actually ask yourself is this what will make me truly happy and believe me the answer that question might be yes a lot of people derive

Incredible amounts of satisfaction from the korean i’m probably in that camp as well and it’s not uncommon to have that that that feeling of that experience but you know just just being thoughtful about the kind of decisions you make because you will be the world today is so open it’s it’s full of all these opportunities it just comes down to what you want to

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Pursue and what and and how much motivation you have but it’s so important to take that step back take a deep breath then like ask yourself is this really something that will make me happy and and that could be you know starting a nice family you know like just spending more time with your children which is something that’s that’s so underappreciated today and

So each person solves for that happiness in a different way awesome thanks so much of course the morning welcome if you want to learn more about exciting career opportunities don’t forget to subscribe

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