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Hi everyone welcome back to my channel dream budgets today we have a different video than what we’re used to so for today’s video what we’re going to be doing is we’re going to go ahead and go through all of the expenses that we’ve had for each individual card and then we’re going to remove the money from these envelopes up here so that we can go ahead and deposit

The money back into my bank so that i can make those payments that are coming up already so what we have here is what i call my monthly expenses tracker i go ahead and divide each of my credit cards so i have a total of three that i use there are two chase credit cards that i have and then i also have a discover credit card so let’s start with our first credit

Card our chase credit card and i do try my best to keep all of similar expenses together that way i’m not spreading out a lot of things but sometimes you know i don’t have my credit card with me or i forgot or whatever the case may be so i usually use my phone for a calculator but i’m filming on my phone so you all i don’t think we’ll be able to see this this is

Really light but i already know off the bat that for gas there’s three expenses of gas and i think i only use this card for gas this month so it looks like there was a 37 there was a 36 and there was a 3401 so that’s going to give us a total of 102 so from gas we’re going to be removing i’m sorry 107. so from gas we’re gonna be removing 107 and again i purposely

Break this up into smaller bills so that i do have some rollover money for my five and one dollar savings challenge so let’s go ahead and remove 107 from here i want to keep my fives and ones as much as possible so that i can roll them over to my five and one dollar savings challenge so let’s see we can just um remove 110 from here it’s 20 40 60 80 110. so 110

Is going to be for gas and everything else we’re going to leave in here i already see that we have fives and we have ones and we have a few tens left over i still have gas for this upcoming week i pumped a little later on in the week so that’s why i still have some money a lot more than what i probably am used to i’m gonna roll over the fives i’m gonna roll over

The ones um the tens i might just keep in there so that way i don’t have to put that much for the next month so we’re probably going to end up doing that now let’s just go ahead and mark this that we did already take for gas so we took the 36 and we took the 34 as well okay perfect now let’s go ahead and move on to our groceries because that’s the next one i

See here and i just went grocery shopping so i think it was about almost a hundred dollars i spent in groceries because i am staying home a lot more because school just started i wanna reduce my going out budget and um do the most that i can with the cooking and the house or cook the most that i can sorry i can’t speak today okay so 70 78 plus 26.93 that’s

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Going to give us 97 with 71 cents we’re just going to go ahead and round this up and we’re going to remove the 100 bill and put that aside for now and let’s just make sure we write that this was already taken out and this so then the next category that i do want to take out of is i believe my personal bills so house bills i think that’s the next card personal

Bills okay so for personal bills we have 125 with 50 cents that we need to remove out of here so let’s take this out okay so let’s go ahead and remove 125.50 so let’s just do 126. we’re going to do 100 and we’re going to do 20 5 6. so we’re putting that 126 to the side and we’re just marking here that we did indeed take that out already um let’s see so then

We’re gonna go ahead and remove our going out because that envelope is still in here so for going out and this is mostly when i go out and eat food let’s go ahead and remove 36 from here so 20 30 oops 30 the five in here some oh 5 36. so thirty six dollars so we’re removing 36 and putting it to the side for now and let’s just go ahead and mark that we did

Take that out so it looks like the last one we gotta do here is our personal and the only reason i’m taking out personal is because i did have an expense of my books that i had to purchase go ahead and take 150 or round that up to 157 from our personal i don’t ever take money out of my school savings unless of course i got to pay for tuition but other than that

I take it out of my personal like i’ll purchase books clothes whatever i will use my personal for that so we’re taking out 157 so 150 five six seven and everything else will stay in here so we put 157 aside and it looks like that’s it for our first credit card so our second credit card is also chase let’s go ahead and start out with the first category that i

See here we don’t have gas in here groceries is out house bills we do need to take house bills it looks like there are two i paid them both with this card intently so that way they have to break them down that much but it should be everything that we stuffed let’s just make sure 54.99 so 55. so 190 i think is what i um did stuff in here and it should be exactly

That 120 40 60 75 80 85 86 87 88 89 90. 190 so there goes everything from our health fill envelope now let’s go and oh let me just mark this so i don’t forget so house bills we did that and we did that okay so let’s just go on to our next category which is our personal bills and for personal bill we’re gonna go ahead and take out the 282 and i actually think

This should be the remaining amount as well it should be exactly 206 actually because i already went ahead and i took out the previous uh personal bill payment that i made with the other card so let’s just make sure the 206 is in here 150 60 70 80 85 90 95 205 6. so 206 let’s make sure we go ahead and mark it here alrighty now the next one that i could see

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Here is i don’t think we did spending so i think we’re gonna go ahead and take out money from going out it also should be the remaining amounts well let’s just be sure so for going out it looks like we have 85.81 and then we also have 36 dollars and i think that’s it oh no there’s one more went to breakfast point 66 172 is where we’re going to go ahead and

Take out from here so that’s 50 100 20 40 60 70 and 2 dollars so 172 so we did this top one going out did this one and we also did this one now the last one i need to take out from is vacation and this was the one that i was telling you all in my previous video that i actually did not anticipate because i thought i paid everything off already for my vacation

But it seems like i forgot this one and so we’re just gonna put that back in there it’s 50 61. so so we’re putting 61 to the side so let’s move on to our third credit card which is our discover credit card and this one’s actually not due until mid month so i don’t have to pay this one back until next month i just want to make sure i take out everything

That doesn’t belong for the next month um that way we just start fresh and um there’s a clean slate for september so let’s go ahead and just remove what is um left here and it looks like we need spending we we need to take out ten dollars and so i did purchase um something through apple so ten dollars is gonna go out and going out actually needs to be 13

But i only have 12 dollars in here so i did go over budget one dollar i do have like ten dollars as a buffer in my bank account in case you know center missing one dollar here and there but i’m gonna do my best for next month to hopefully not go over um but we did go a dollar over not a big deal okay so now that we’ve taken out everything that we have to

For our credit cards we’re gonna go ahead and move on to probably the last category that we have to take out of which is our rent and so here i do go ahead and um just kind of write for my own sake what i took out of the envelopes for this month um as you can see those in red are the ones that i went over so this should have been 220 it is 221 we went over a

Dollar not horrible but not ideal for vacation like i said before i wasn’t planning to take anything out but we did so i did put that as a negative 61 because it was not something that we anticipated now the last one that i need to take out of is the rent envelope so let’s go ahead and just count and make sure it’s 900 i mean there should be 900 in here let’s

Just double check so that’s one two three four five six seven eight fifty nine nine hundred so by now most of these envelopes are gonna be empty gas i’m gonna keep the ten dollars and roll it over to the month of september the fives and ones are going to go to my savings challenge but i won’t do that until i do my next cash stuffing groceries were out house

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Bills were out personal bills were out spending i do have some money left over in there i think i have some five so i might roll over that um spending money or i might keep it in here because i don’t know how my next paycheck is gonna be since i am working a lot less hours due to going back to school i probably will need a little bit of a buffer money who knows

Going out completely out so typically these cash envelopes are always going to be taken out okay so if we did our math correctly these are the total amounts that we have to go ahead and deposit let’s start with our first one which is our chase credit card should be a total of 526 give or take it’s 100 200 350 60 70 80 90 400 20 40 60 80 500 and 10 15 20 25

26 27 28 29 so 529 um again this is give or take so if we have an extra two three dollars in there we just keep it as a buffer in my bank account but essentially i’m gonna be paying exactly the 527 so we’ll have two dollars extra in my bank account which is perfectly fine let’s go ahead and move on to our second card and that’s going to be chase and for that

One we’re depositing 630 give or take 1 2 3 4 20 40 60 85 20 40 50 60 70 80 85 90 95 6 and that is 5 10 15 20 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 so 633 dollars is what we’ll be depositing to our second one and we’ll have some buffer for that one as well the last credit card here is discover and we should be putting about 22 ish dollars so 10 21 2 and really you

Should be 23 but we have some buffer money from these so we’ll go ahead and put in that extra dollar in here so it ends up working out okay so in total we’re going to go ahead and be depositing a total of 1 183 back into our bank account so that we can go ahead and pay our credit cards so that’s kind of how i do so this is basically how i do my system it works

For me i know some people don’t really care for taking that much out just to put it back in but this way i really can track every single dollar that i’m using i’m very conscious of the transactions that i’m making each time because i have to update my uh tracker there and also i use my credit card so that i get some cash back it just depends on the promotions

That are going on but i sometimes do end up getting close to a hundred um i think for this month i did about 70-ish 73 dollars or so which is nice because i can put that back into a category for today’s video make sure you hit the like button comment something down below also subscribe to my channel and turn on your post notifications so that way you get alerted

When this video goes up like always thank you so much for watching and i will see you guys in the next video bye you

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