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MCQS on center State relations from the Indian Polity

Have a look at the center and state relations, so we are going to deal with central governments exclusive powers are the options of concurrent list, federalist, stateliest and union list and which of the following is regarded as an essential function of the state ?so we for education is one option, to maintain good roads another option to prevent so if you have a look at

These options this is the most important one to provide defense against external attacks and this is one of the essential concurrent list, the union government has of these, residuary powers, federal powers so besides the union and the concurrent list the union government has residual respect to center state financial relations so let us have a look at the in the state

State cannot live income tax amount given by center is the only while taking foreign loans so looking at this is states cannot levy income tax that is the correct option and if we following is true in respect to state center financial relations so of course following taxes is levied by the state government only so the options are of course occurred a lot of exams like pcs

Exams and i think one of the years government tax is the entertainment tax which is basically on movies etc so been appointed by the government of india to report on susur carrier state centre relations so option is the correct one the state government’s resource development ministry of home affairs ministry of planning ministry of shared by the ministry of human resource

Planning in india derives its objectives no longer exist and it has been taken over by niti ioq so anyways the plan so option a was the correct option which of the following features does not coordinates status both central and state governments derive power from the central government state governments are have a guess at it and you may do guess i would tell you the correct

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Answer it correct option and water the quickly have a look it does not belong to the government so option is the correct option for this which of the following the constitution so again another question and it is about the taxes and government by the constitution so this is the taxes on railways fierce and options agriculture extradition gas and gas were marriage and divorce

Union not a state in the state list under the constitution of india so we have we have insurance this is not included in this state list under the constitution of residuary power of this question we have already actually covered its lies with is it the power shed between the union in the state government’s power related power not included in any of the three lists so this

Is basically power not financial distribution takes place on the recommendation by the the so is it commission or the finance commission and this is actually done by the finance grant in aids of revenue of the state is recommended by the so grant in aids and by the finance commission which decides on the grant in aid of revenue to the know on railway budget and your general

Budget have been merged together which have been asked and options are treasure trove population control and family control and family planning are on the concurrent list of the constitution of amendment act of the constitution very important question this as question has the state list to the concurrent list by the 42nd amendment act of the the answer is education as it was

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Transferred from this state list to the i was done by the 42nd amendment act of the constitution grant innate provides improving the center state relationship improving the development of rural areas programs and rehabilitation so basically it is used for implementing various is d who was the constitutional authority to decide tax share of the borrowed from the constitution

Of a very important question of an ass and this government imposes taxes – why does the government impose taxes whether it is go state or check accumulation of wealth among the rich of course it is done to the state on the concurrent subjects gets precedence over the centre law x so president the majority of state legislature sol decides it was passed question when does the

Law pass my state over the centre law so it was of course if you have read the quality properly president so that is when it gets precedence over the central law the include whether it includes the local bodies it will crave legislature or all should be d but anyways so local bodies aggregate is legislature all of them are social security and social insurance is a subject

Included in the social is organized by the government of a state comes under so these come under totally assigned to the central government by the constitution so sales tax so exclusively and totally assigned to the central government so levied by the central and state governments which of the following is know liquor cost different in different states this is one way to

Understand different in different states and of course the answer is excise duty on the termed as municipal relations so centers control over the state in planning legislative sphere stayed in financial matters so it is basically this central c the zonal council discuss matters relating to so the zonal councils economic and social planning border disputes or all of the

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Above social planning borders and disputes so the correct option is all of the above asked and this is article 263 under which interstate council has been set up state government and he can do it on his discretion in consultation with the consultation with the government of the state so of course he has to do it with provisions regarding decision of taxes between union and

The states can be circumstances can be suspended only with the consent of majority of state at the question the provisions regarding division of taxes between union and of state legislators the correct option is c corporation tax so question on by states divided by union and shared by the union and states livid and so corporation tax of course belongs to the union and it

Belongs to its gets in so the whether it is contract list union let’s take list or all the directions to the state government and because to the concurrent list union transferred to the concurrent list by which of the following amendments regards finances the constitution has made a distribution favorable for the distribution favorable to the center-left the distribution

To the actually made it favorable to the center so the correct option is see income tax is assigned to the state governments by the finance commission in so guys this brings us to the end of this particular video on the state chapters like this in regards with mcqs dealing with different subjects on the channel for more videos in english in hindi thank you so much for watching and

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