China Cant resell LNG for a Profit, only the U.S. can!

Chinese state-owned energy giants have been recently told by authorities to stop reselling liquefied natural gas.

Reportedly reached a record low this winter due  to china’s weak economy. china started to resell   some of its gas to european countries, which to a  certain extent eased the energy crisis in europe.   out of the fact that this was not  but was taking advantage of the opportunity to  make money. immediately afterwards, china

Said   it would stop reselling gas to europe in order to  ensure domestic energy for its own use in winter.  according to recent foreign media reports, china’s  current demand for energy, due to the large amount   has fallen to its lowest level since 2002.   chinese lng imports are expected to exit the spot  market this winter,

Signalling that the world’s   largest energy importer, will not be competing  directly for energy with european countries facing   an energy crisis. employees of the chinese energy  company revealed that the company did not purchase   any spot this winter and that energy supplies  came mainly from previously signed contracts. 

Some chinese gas suppliers have started to resell  surplus lng to europe due to a decline in demand   came from a long-term gas supply contract that   states. figures show that only 19 lng tankers   have been received off the coast of china this  year, a significant drop from 133 last year.   despite the drop in gas sales

In china,   chinese suppliers were making a fortune reselling  us gas to europe at twice the price. some in the   media have curiously suggested that china is not  selling gas to europe out of self-interest. but,   bearing in mind that the price of gas has been  soaring against the backdrop of the global energy   crisis

And the high cost of transportation, the  price is certainly not cheap. it is important to   know that the united states, as a european ally,  is selling gas to europe at four times the price.  immediately afterwards, china announced that it  would ban state-owned companies from reselling   natural gas to european and asian countries

In  order to ensure china’s winter heating. according   to sources familiar with the matter, china has  asked the country’s major energy suppliers to   reserve their winter cargoes. at the same time,  china has said it will significantly increase   its energy supply capacity and reserve capacity to  ensure stable prices for

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China’s energy supplies.  recently, china’s national energy administration  said it would implement a variety of measures to   enhance china’s energy supply and ensure that the  chinese people can stay warm through the winter.   administration said that the first thing is   to seize the monitoring of energy supply, make a 

Good judgment of the supply and demand situation   in advance and make a good supply and security  plan. secondly, the supply of fuel for power   to enhance the construction of coal power.   of clean energy. finally, to promote the   in addition to china, the serbian government also   said on the same day that it would

Extend serbia’s  ban on serbian gas until the end of this month to   ensure a stable supply to the domestic market. at  the same time, serbia also said that the decision   was taken in order for the country to be able  to cope with the threat of global gas shortages.  in the context of the global energy crisis, the  sale of

Natural gas has become a very good card to   play against european countries at this stage. in  contrast to china, europe’s ally the united states   is taking advantage of the opportunity to make a  fortune. according to reports, in september, close   to 70% of us gas exports were sold to european  countries, with daily supplies

To european   compared to last year. currently, the average   price of natural gas in european countries has  exceeded $57.9 per million british thermal units.  even in this difficult situation, germany has  rejected russia’s offer to resume gas supplies   supplier. the former german finance minister   in this context,

The european public  in recent times, the chinese “eight-piece  winter kit” has been selling in europe,   data from e-commerce platforms show that  sales of these items have skyrocketed in   some chinese suppliers have also said that  they have opened a “warm winter care special”   e-commerce platform, while also helping

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“Made   in china” flow faster and better to international  markets, which is a win-win option for both sides.  but sweden says the results are too sensitive  it has been some time since the nord stream  pipeline was deliberately sabotaged by unknown   at loggerheads over the investigation, and  many unanswerable questions have

Been raised.   since the incident, the swedish government  has been quick to seal off the waters around   the spill site and has sent ships to survey and  retrieve some samples for analysis. according   to the swedish security service’s preliminary  assessment, the evidence currently available   suggests that the nord

Stream pipeline is more  according to the swedish report to the  security council, two small earthquakes   were monitored prior to the nord stream leak.  the swedish and danish analyses have concluded   with a force equivalent to 500 kg of tnt. the  only question that remains is how the mastermind   of this event could have

Sent an explosive of  this magnitude under water without knowing it.  investigation team be set up by the parties   involved, but this was rejected by sweden. the  swedish prosecutor in charge of the matter,   mats nyngvist, gave a rather far-fetched reason,  claiming that a joint investigation would entail   many unnecessary

Obligations for sweden, and so  the swedish side rejected eurojust’s proposal,   denmark and germany have each launched their  own independent investigations into the matter.  the secretive attitude of the countries involved  has also attracted widespread media attention.   the german weekly der spiegel has revealed that  sweden

Has refused to launch a joint investigation   not for these reasons, but because the findings  are too “sensitive” to be shared with the eu.   the rumour spread widely, with many believing  that there was a dark secret behind the matter,   which led sweden to keep a tight-lipped attitude.  after the public outcry, swedish prime

Minister   andersson had to come out to explain himself,  denying the rumours and stressing that sweden   what is more mind-boggling is that gazprom, one  of the owners of the nord stream pipeline, has not   been allowed to participate in the investigation  and that the three countries involved have not   and the

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Foreign ministry summoned diplomats  from the three countries to express their   displeasure in response. it was stressed that  russia would not endorse any false findings   without the involvement of russian experts. for  its part, the russian embassy in denmark issued   a statement saying that the countries concerned 

Had not agreed to russia’s involvement in the   investigation and that only nato member states and  candidate countries were involved, which not only   undermined the reliability of the investigation  combining official and media statements,  it is easy to assume that the results of   the investigation into the nord stream

Incident  will involve some sensitive elements that will   be difficult to make public, but this also clears  russia of any suspicion. assuming that there is   evidence to prove that russia was responsible, the  west would have been willing to pay lip service   to it, and their slightly embarrassing silence at  the moment

Suggests that russia was not behind it.   a member of nato and influential enough for  germany, sweden and denmark to cover for it.   the us has long coveted the nord stream pipeline,  long before the russian-ukrainian conflict broke   out. to weaken russia’s influence in europe and  to benefit its own lng, the us government

Had   imposed sanctions on nord stream. according to  reuters and other related media, us navy ships   and aircraft were spotted in the waters shortly  after the nord stream pipeline was damaged.   patrol mission, it is hard not to think about it.  involved have not released their findings,   it is not appropriate to

Speculate here. however,  there is no such thing as an impermeable wall,   and no country can escape the condemnation of the  international community for such a dirty deed.  please subscribe to the channel  to support, see you next time.

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China Can't resell LNG for a Profit, only the U.S. can! By China Quicktake – Ms TRUTH