Civil Service Commission Session – How to Apply and Test Preparation

A message from CSC on “How to Apply” and “Test Preparation”

Hi i’m pamela cole of the columbus civil service commission i am here today to talk to you about the commission’s role in the selection process for police officers for the city of columbus so i know i can get a little bit long-winded so i’ve created a few slides to keep me on track so far as timing wise so we can get through this expeditiously all right so the civil

Service process so we don’t just pull these tests out of the air we do do a very thorough job analysis process this is where we go out and we gather information via via ride alone surveys interviews with officers to find out what it is that a person needs to know be able to do first day of the job and in this case its first day of academy so we don’t know we don’t

Expect you to know police stuff because they teach you that stuff in the academy but there are some basic skills that you need to be successful an academy and that’s what we get at and so we get this information we bring it back to the office and we create a test now so far as the public is probably concerned all that stuff is behind the scenes but you’ve seen

Us put the applications on the website approve or disapprove applications administer the test score the test and then establish an eligible list so that is an in a nutshell what we do what i want to talk about today is how to apply the four phases of the test and then some resource materials that will help better help you prepare for the exam so how do you apply

We only accept applications online wwq lumbus govs that civil service you go to the middle of the screen that’s going to be a box you want job centers and current job openings you want to click that and that’s gonna bring up all of the jobs that we currently are taking applications for but for today’s purposes we’re talking about police officers so we need you to

Scroll down until you see police officer once you click on police officer it’s going to bring up a spec sheet that gives you a lot of information about the job examples of the job minimum qualifications and such and at the top right corner there will be a button that says apply we need you to click that button to actually start the application process so once you

Click that button you’re gonna get a dialog box that’s going to ask you to log into your account and that’s simply your email address and password if you don’t have an account with us you can create an account using that create an account tab that’s right above it and it’s it’ll walk you through the process of putting in your email address and creating a password

And all that good stuff either route you go you’re going to wind up evocation the application is very simple we look for the minimum qualifications to make sure you meet those and then there’s an abbreviated background questionnaire so for the minimum qualifications completion of 12th grade or ged must be at least 20 years of age have a valid driver’s license and

Be a us citizen you’ll answer yes or no to those questions that simple and then f appreciate a background questionnaire we do recognize that there are some things that can remove people from the process because we do have background standards if we don’t want to waste your time so we’re gonna ask you some questions that we know will remove you so instead of having

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You go through the process and then saying i’m sorry we can’t proceed you further in the process we’re gonna ask you those questions now just to save your time okay so once your application is approved you’ve been scheduled to test you’re going to get some testing information so that’s the other portion of what i want to talk about today is the actual tests and how

To prepare for the test it is a four phase test we have multiple choice the writing sample oral exam what we call the coat and the physical test so i’m going to reference our website a few times today going back to that same ww columbus gov civil service underneath the current job tab about four down or the fifth one down you’ll see police exams if you click that

That will take you into the police cirie’s and we’re here for a police officer so you click police officer and it’s gonna bring up a page or if you scroll down just a little bit you’ll get test preparation resources the main resource and i’m going to reference is the study guide and once you click that link it’s going to download the study guide to your computer

And you can choose to save it or you can just go back to the website and and and pull it up again it’s up to you but in the study guide we go over the four phases extensively giving examples of the information that’s available of the tests and going into each of the different phases in depth so the first phase is multiple-choice we have the writing sample we have

Code and then the physical test so it’s about it’s a lot of information so i highly encourage you to go to the website and peruse this study guide because we do not want you to come into the test unprepared that’s why we have this information we want you to be successful so the first phase is the multiple-choice it’s a four-part test you have a spelling vocabulary

Reading comprehension and map reading on the test map reading is just as it is you know there will be some maps you’ll have to look at those and answer some questions based on the map reading comprehension same thing you’re going to read a passage and then answer some questions based on that passage spelling and vocabulary here we’re testing your knowledge of

Spelling and the meanings of different words we give examples in the study guide under the spelling section the vocabulary section the reading and matt reading an example of some of those type questions that you’ll see what i really want to point out in this study guide is the spelling words that are located on page 8 there’s an extensive list of spelling words and

We strongly recommend that you take the time to look at these words to memorize the spelling of these words the definition of these words if that’s something that you struggle with especially if spelling and vocabulary is not your forte so there’s a huge list of them i suggest i don’t normally suggest printing out the whole study guide but i do suggest printing

Out these words and getting starting on a few a day until you’re testing arrives because these are the words that will be on the spelling and the vocabulary sections of the test so none of this should come as a surprise to you when you walk into that test these are the only words that are going to be on that section so please make use of this list and dwell into

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It extensively so for phase two the writing sample you’ll be asked to complete an incident report because police officers they do police reports so for this portion it’s a video based test where you will see an officer question or person or persons to gather information you will be taking notes while that video is playing and you will be able to use your notes

When it comes time for you to do the incident report the incident report consists of two sections it’s a form completion section and there’s a narrative section where you’ll describe to us what was happening in the video both sections of the incident report will assess your information analysis and your writing skill again we do not want this to anything on this

Test to be a surprise to you so we have given you in the study guide some relevant information especially with the information analysis portion and the relevant information is important because it correlates to what we’re looking for when we say information analysis it correlates directly to the relevant information that we give you in the study guide so there

Are what is this seven eight different categories that are contained in the study guide so no matter what scenario you come to from test day this should not be a surprise to you you should have gone into that study guide familiarize yourself with all of those things you don’t have to memorize them because we give them to you on test day for example here here’s

Relevant information for a missing person it is in the study guide we don’t ask that you memorize this stuff but we ask that you become familiar enough with it so that on test day it’s not strange to you you already know that i know these are the pieces of information that they are looking for in my report we also have on the website that corresponds to in the

Study guide there is going to be a passing writing sample and a failing writing sample that directly correlates to the practice video that we have on the website so my suggestion is to go watch that video write out the information and then go and compare it to the examples that we have in the study guide because we tell you what we’re looking for but sometimes

People need to see what is it that they’re looking for in a passing what is it that is going to fail me and so we urge you to go to the website and look at those two examples for phase 3 we have the columbus oral police exam which is the code it’s a video based test where we assess your problem-solving skills and your interpersonal skills you’ll see eight seems

They’ll be presented to you on a monitor and you will have to respond to those scenes as if you are the police officer it’s a role-playing scenario there will be eight of them and for each one you respond as if you are the officer what we are looking for is your problem sensing and resolution there’s going to be some situation that you have to handle in each one

Of these videos what’s your solution for it what are you going to do and then we also look at your interpersonal relations how do you relate to different people in different situations your body language your tone and so forth okay again going back to our website there’s a practice video scenario video and there is a candidate sample response video so you can see

What we mean when we say eye contact great body language and so forth okay so those are there and then for phase four the physical test this is a fitness test and if you notice this chart here talks about age and gender standard for it is a fitness test so we don’t expect a 50 year old man to be at the same fitness level as a 20 year old man so that’s why we have

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The different standards based on the age so let’s say for instance here we have the three events one is a 300 meter run the second is sit-ups the third is push-ups so if we’re talking about a 35 year old man for the run he has 300 meters a 35 year old man has 63 seconds to do it but a 55 year old man has 88 seconds to do it and we do that because it is a fitness

Test not necessarily seeing who can do what but based on your age and gender you should be a performing at a certain standard and that is what our test gets at the study got has lots of fitness information in there to help you get up to where you should be for the test and we understand everybody’s not physically able at this point but you can increase your

Fitness abilities and your levels as time goes so that talks about that and then going back to our website again there’s people have questions about what is the setting of the test how is it administered we do have a physical test instruction video where you can actually see someone going through the test okay now for grading and scoring phases 1 2 & 4 which

Is the multiple choice the writing sample and the physical tests they’re all pass/fail the only phase that is actually where you receive a score would be cope so everyone who passes cope with a 90 and above will be in the top band 80 to 89 on code would be in the middle band and 7 to 79 be in the lower band of course you have to pass it with a 70 or above anything

Below a 70 would be unsuccessful and would have to take the day would not pass okay also available on the website because we normally give information sessions where you can come out to our office and we present information and allow you to answer any questions that you want but due to covert and corona world we’re living in today we’re not able to do that we may

Eventually do something online and we’ll get that information out but for now the only thing that’s available is a recorded session that we have from 2019 information session and it is unavailable on our website to you go to that same where the test preparation resources are scroll up and there’s a link for that video there we are accepting applications july 1st to

The 31st so make sure you get your application in before july 31st don’t wait till the last minute if you have any additional questions because we present our a lot of information in a rather short period of time you can call us on the police information line at six one four six four five zero 800 or you can email your questions to police fire testing at columbus

Gov and that is a lot of information in a very short period of time so remember if you do have any additional questions reach out to us we’ll be happy to assist you and thanks for watching mask up and stay safe

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Civil Service Commission Session – "How to Apply" and "Test Preparation" By Columbus Police Recruiting Unit