CIVIL SERVICE Interview Questions and Answers! (Civil Service Competency Framework)

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Hello my name is richard mcmunn from the interview training company past my interview comm and in this tutorial i’m gonna teach you how to pass a civil service interview now it does not matter which department within the civil service you are applying to join i promise you if you have a civil service interview coming up you do not want to miss this presentation i’m

Going to give you a number of sample interview questions and more importantly high scoring competency based answers now before i get into those questions and answers a very warm welcome to this interview training tutorial my name is richard mcmunn that’s me there in the center i worked in the public sector for over 17 years and i’ve been helping people for over

20 years now to pass their own interviews and in particular i focus specifically on giving you really high scoring answers to the interview questions that you are likely to be asked during your interviews now please make sure you do subscribe to my channel by clicking the red button below the video and that way you’re not going to miss out on any of the weekly

Interview training videos that i’m uploading and also i would very much like it if you gave the video a thumbs up thank you thank you very much okay let’s get straight into those civil service interview questions and answers the first questions of your civil service interview why do you want to work for the civil service and what can you specifically bring to

The role so they want to know why you want to work in the civil service but more importantly what you can bring to the role specifically so here’s my suggested answer to these questions the civil service is an exemplary organization that sets itself high standards having studied the competencies required to perform this role i believe they are a suitable match

For my own experience my own attributes and also my career ambitions i am someone who can walk to very high standards i can’t collaborate seamlessly with others i can carry out lots of tasks all at once and i’m also able to embrace and adapt to change as and when required i want to work in an organization that is continually learning growing and developing i

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Would also like to work for an organization that gives its staff the opportunity to thrive develop within their role i believe the civil service is the organization that will allow me to fulfill my career ambitions and i would look forward to spending many years within this team if i am successful at interview today so that’s a strong answer it demonstrates you

Have confidence you know why you want to work for the civil service but more importantly what you could bring to the role now if you would like to download a copy of these please do watch the video from beginning to end and i’ll tell you where you can download a copy of these and in total 21 civil service interview questions and answers let’s move on to the next

Question what do you expect the best and the most challenging parts of working in the civil service will be now personally i’ve worked in the public sector for many many years there are some brilliant aspects to it but there are also some challenging aspects however you have to be very careful how you respond to this question here’s my suggested answer for you

I expect the best elements of working within the civil service to be the fact that you get the opportunity to make a significant difference to people’s lives and the communities in which you are serving and representing through your work i would also imagine the best parts of being able to collaborate with the many different departments within the civil service

Due to the vastness of the organization in respect to the challenging parts i feel these might be the facts that it can potentially take a long period of time to get approval for innovative plans and ideas to be agreed however this is to be expected due to the size of the civil service but also the fact that you are responsible for taxpayers finances and on that

Basis they must be spent wisely so that is a and it’s a mature response to the question you know the good parts but you are aware of the challenging parts however you understand that they are all part and parcel of working in the civil service the next question explained a situation you were in where you have to juggle lots of tasks all at once so this is this is

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Assessing your ability to carry out lots of work and different tasks all at once it’s an important part of working in the civil service you’ll have loads of different tasks to do so they want to know a situation when you were already in that position you’ve already done it so here i suggested answer to that question in my previous role as an administrator another

Department asked my manager if i would work for them in addition to my own duties and responsibilities basically to cover sickness absence for a four-week period i informed my manager that i was happy to take on the additional work to help out the other department during this four-week period i literally had to manage to lots of workloads and i achieved each task

By remaining calm prioritizing each task as on when it landed on my desk and also about asking for assistance from other members of the team as and when i needed it at the end of the four-week period i was very pleased about the fact i managed to complete all tasks concurrently and helped out the department during their time of need i actually feel i’m very good

At juggling tasks and i’m happy to take on extra work as and when required whilst working for the civil service so what you’re doing at the end is you’re qualifying the fact that you’re prepared to do extra tark’s tasks and you actually feel that you shine during that particular aspect when you have to take on lots of work so that’s a good answer to that question

I’m gonna give you another civil service into your question in a second but if you click the link that’s appeared right there in the top right hand corner of this video it will take you through to my website pass my interview comm and you can download all 21 civil service interview questions and answers and have them on your computer within a couple of minutes flat

Let’s take a look at another civil service interview question tell me about the time when you have to influence a manager or a supervisor really difficult question tell me about a time when you have to influence and manager or supervisor because working in the civil service they want everybody to contribute and put forward ideas so if you’ve got a really good

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Innovative idea you want to be able to put it forward an influential manager in a respectful and positive way so here’s my suggested answer in a previous job i was part of a working group that was tasked with assessing overall company performance it was our job to assess the performance of the company with a view to coming up with innovative ways to improve the

Business long term whilst working with other members of the working group i came up with a suggestion for improving the efficiency of the business through outsourcing basically my suggestion was to utilize external experts and contractors to carry out specific tasks that were normally completed internally i put forward my suggestion on behalf of the working group

To my manager and initially she was understandably skeptical however once i had delivered an in-depth powerpoint presentation to her that included the key benefits of the plan she agreed to give it a try for a three-month period after the trial period was over it was decided to make the outsourcing suggestion permanent because it was so successful at increasing

Efficiency and also reducing company costs overall so that’s a good way that you’ve demonstrated respectfully that you’ve put forward a suggestion and then you have influenced your manager by giving them additional information but more importantly you are identifying the key benefits of your suggestion which is really important during a persuasive argument okay

So if you want to cast your civil service interview based on myself who’s that many many years experience working in public sector but also helping people pass their interviews please click that link below the video or go to my website pass my interview comm and you can land straight on the civil service interview questions and answers page and download those

Important documents and the workbook to help you pass your interview thank you very very much for watching i hope you enjoyed that tutorial and i wish you all the best in your pursuit passing your civil service interview have a great day and thank you very much

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