Companies and their Bad Customer Service (i.e. PNC Bank)

Companies and their Bad Customer Service (i.e. PNC Bank)

I’m not one to call out people who are racist or whatever because i don’t focus my energy on that but i had went to the um bank earlier on on my lunch break and basically i was um waiting in line and um i was going you know waiting to go up to the teller to basically you know get a withdrawal now there was already a man like um in another line who was already like

You know doing a um transaction with another teller so basically he got a withdrawal you know not that i was paying any attention to him and what he was doing but he got a withdrawal and the gentleman the teller who was helping him got him in and out of there meanwhile i’m standing in my line with this lady um who’s a teller and i was standing there for about

A good five minutes before she even got to me and called me up so when she finally did call me up i told her i wanted to withdraw now i’m not a banker i don’t know what what the process is but for the little bit of amount that i was withdrawing i was standing there for about 10 minutes no lie and i’m saying to myself like and i while i’m doing this i’ll have my

Head down on my phone because i’m trying to keep myself distracted from you know um being frustrated or looking frustrated so while i was standing there and she was processing my withdrawal this lady comes in the dumb bank and goes to the other teller the guy who i was talking about earlier she comes in she gets a withdrawal she’s in and out so i’m just saying

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To myself and then also the teller the guy was asking the lady you know and the gentleman first before her like how did they want their change broken down right so i had um you know waited and waited while i was you know waiting for my tail or the lady to do my transaction and so like i said i’m saying to myself like why is it taking her so long and as i thought

About it it was just like is she literally trying to do something to try to like make me visibly upset to get me in trouble because you know how some people do that when they try to test you and stuff like that so i just continue to wait and she goes ahead and processing my transaction not even asking me how did i want my change broke down so i had to tell her can

You please give me such and such and such and such that’s how i want my change broken down so she gives me this look on her face and i’m just like lord just please hurry and get me up out of here because i never go to that particular pnc location but i just went there because it was convenient but i’m just saying all that to say is that customer service is key if

You’re having a bad day go take five minutes if you’re not having a bad day treat people the way you wish to be treated other than that you’re gonna stain the reputation of the company and also you’re gonna stand your reputation too

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Companies and their Bad Customer Service (i.e. PNC Bank) By K Ochayeo