Could Boris Johnson Return as UK Prime Minister?

Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson¬†is expected to stand in the Conservative Party leadership contest, The Times reports, citing unidentified people.¬†Johnson resigned from the post in July. Prime Minister Liz Truss announced her resignation on Thursday in London. Bloomberg’s Guy Johnson discusses the possibility on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

The times of london is saying that boris johnson is expected to stand in contest at a time when perhaps where was he the caribbean and people are wondering are trying to find this but guy johnson is with us guy your reaction to this headline um maybe he will cut his holiday short maybe he will return it’s interesting so you’ve got a sort of two-stage process

Here and i think we need to think about those two stages as being distinct so it was interesting to hear what lizzy had to say about the possibility of one candidate that’s ultimately being put forward is there the tolerance within the conservative party after the um after the huge volatility we’ve seen over the last few days for a boris johnson return is that

Something are they prepared to go back to what was a fairly chaotic effort inside 10 downing street from boris johnson and his team or are they looking ahead thinking what we need here is actually stability and boris johnson as john mickelford was putting out a little bit earlier on not exactly synonymous with that tom my amateur tech guy is johnson was thrown out

Because of scandal cocktails whatever it was i don’t remember the details i don’t care are the brits as pharaoh would say are they forgiving of that to say you were thrown out you served your punishment and would we see a different or new prime minister boris johnson october 29th there’s been very little evidence of a new boris johnson but but i guess anything is

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Possible boris johnson i suspect is very popular within the conservative party grassroots i.e the party but within the parliamentary party which ultimately is going to decide which two candidates go forward i don’t know and that is where the challenge for boris johnson is ultimately going to be here clearly he would like to return clearly he is uh he is interested

In in retaking uh 10 downey street but nevertheless he has got to convince the parliamentary party that that is a good idea and i think they threw him out because they were sick and tired of the turbulence we just had even more turbulence i’m not sure that they want any more but guys at this point there’s a there’s also an issue here with the overhang of brexit

Because boris johnson oversaw the whole process how much is brexit still a popular decision especially in the wake of the turmoil that we’ve seen over the past couple of months um it is still it’s still a hugely divisive issue lisa and and as we were hearing earlier on it is not a completed project and therein lies the problem boris johnson couldn’t didn’t get

Brexit done um do we want to return to to the instability or so that the issue of brexit when pursued um aggressively can generate the northern ireland protocol we haven’t talked much about that have we but it still lingers as an issue uh it was interesting to hear what mr macro uh over the channel had to say an hour or so ago yeah the this is the issue now is

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Is the the parliamentary party is is in job preservation mode is boris johnson is that registerism is that cake ism gonna be enough to get him back into okay into prime position i don’t know

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