Create Instagram Quotes with the Styled Stock Library Templates

Creating pretty Instagram quote images just got easier! Now with the Styled Stock Library and Canva, you can create gorgeous quote graphics in minutes!

Hey there in today’s quick video i’m going to show you how to create instagram quote graphics using the insta quotes collection that’s inside the styled stock library so if you’re a stylist a library member you know that each month i add new insta coats for you to use and these are a great way to quickly add a beautiful image to your instagram feed i’m start a

Conversation around it with your following but i know that sometimes you may not necessarily want the quote that i have provided and that’s why starting this month i’ve also included some templates for you to use so that you can overlay your own text and create your own quote graphic you’ll find them on the bottom row and all you have to do is click on the one

You want to use open up the high resolution file save it and then open it up in your favorite image editor you can use them at canva picmonkey photoshop or even a phone app like word swag if you’re going to just download them directly to your phone but today i’m going to show you how to create a quote graphic using the style stock library image plus canva so all

I’ll do is click on the one i want to use and then right click save my image to downloads and then i’ll come over to canva and select instagram post and then i’ll go over to uploads and i’ll upload my image but i actually have it here already so i’ll just click on it and then i will expand it to fit the square and don’t worry about making it larger this is a high

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Resolution file so it will not get blurry it’s actually size 1080 by 1080 pixels which is the size of the canvas square as well alright what i want to do now is add my own text so i’ll go over to text so i can either choose to add my own fonts and create my own layout or i can go through some of these can delay outs and see if there’s anything i would like to use

So if i wanted to do a quote for example i could do that by adding a heading now i’m using canva for work so i already have my particular business fonts uploaded but if you wanted to change the font you would just click here and then you can click where you see the names of the fonts and choose one that you like they wanted something a little bit more bold okay

And then i can also change the color so i think i would just want a white text for this so i click on the circle and then i click on the color that i want okay and now i can type in my quote and this is one of my favorite quotes okay and i’m just gonna kind of play around the layout here if i wanted to make some changes i would just click on this down arrow and

Then i could make all of my writing uppercase which i like and then i can also sort of adjust the layout i can move it around until i get it centered and i also want to add in who this quote is by so i might do that in a script font in a smaller size okay and then i can move this around i probably only get white as well and i might bring this up a little bit and

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Then bring this up and just don’t line it okay so that was really quick it literally took me just a couple minutes if you have some kind of file where you keep close that you like you can just copy and paste and create some pretty quotes if you wanted to add an additional graphic to it or something you could go to elements and shapes and choose a shape you can add

Like a cute little heart or something right in here you could also add a frame outline get changed the color and if that’s looking really bold you could also bring down the transparency which i think that looks a bit better okay so i mean there’s tons that you can do with these just by using the backgrounds that have given you and your own quotes and elements from

Calla when you’re done just go to download and then download your image for web in jpeg format because you’re gonna upload it to instagram so once that’s saved on your computer you can put it in dropbox and then open it up on your phone email it to yourself however you get files from your computer to your phone for instagram you just do it that way

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Create Instagram Quotes with the Styled Stock Library Templates By Haute Stock