Credit Union of Colorado – Call Service Center Careers

The person that’s going to suit best with the phone center that’s really gonna fit in with us is going to be somebody that really enjoys helping people or somebody that can think a little bit outside the box sometimes you’re presented with problems that you you really have to think about how you’re gonna help this person that’s called you some of the other things

Are you need to to like to have fun you want to come to work and enjoy being at work we really value ideas and suggestions that we’re constantly changing it’s very dynamic company and so anything that you can bring to the table that is creative that can help us run our business better and serve our members better that’s what we’re looking for well the atmosphere

Of the phone center we’re definitely you know very member focused focused on you know doing the job and helping a member but it’s also a fun atmosphere to work in they definitely support us in in being a team and and having that camaraderie in the department i like this job because i like working with people and the environment the working environment here is

Very supportive i like the new challenges yes every day is different working with our members is always a pleasure so that’s what makes it rewarding i enjoy working with people finding solutions for a lot of our members there’s some people who are some difficult financial situations that we would assist and help them out so that kind of makes you feel good there’s

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Other people who are financially well set but then there’s other opportunities as far as long-term planning or you can help them and then i find there’s always something you can learn i’m always learning something here by just talking to my co-workers or talking to people with a phone i think it’s really strong people skills and somewhat of sales skills be able to

Identify some the needs that that they may have and you can offer what we have to offer them and help them through that process there’s always something going on there they’re always giving us treats and feeding us and that’s nice because that brings us together we do work on training consistently and every day is a training there’s always a learning experience

That comes over every single day and every single situation we’ll have will have a huddle meetings once a week to go over any new updates in the department or in the branch for policies make sure everybody is on the same page it’s very open so you can ask questions and get that out and that’s the concurrent eight growth opportunities you can go into like a cart

Services department or being to support services where it’s also doing some of the collections and we also have accounting so there’s lots of different avenues that you can go through once you learn some of the basic stuff and in the credit the thing i like most about working for the credit union is it’s easy to talk to anybody in any position and it’s very open

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In that accepting atmosphere i have loved working here at the credit union because we help our members and that’s the best part of working here and also the people that we get to work with well if anybody’s looking at to work here you definitely have to have patience but you got to be willing to want to help people and listen to people and want to be able to provide

Solutions and just be there for our members because our members are what makes this company you

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