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This video is about Delaware UCC search. Delaware Business Incorporators, Inc. (DBI) is an authorized UCC searcher by the State of Delaware. This video goes into detail about searching the Delaware UCC database for UCC-1 financing statements for debtor organizations or debtor individuals. It explains how we search, Delaware’s fees for searching and certified copies, and DBI’s fees for performing the searches.

This video is about delaware ucc search dollar business incorporators is an authorized ucc searcher in 2015 steena delaware passed a law that said only authorized searchers could search their database so what is you know what is ucc stand form well it stands for the uniform commercial code and all 50 states have adopted the ucc articles specifically article 9 deals

With secured transactions and most of that’s what most of our clients are interested in so one of the things to be concerned with when searching is is that different debtors names and a debtor can be a organization or an individual so for an organization it’s important that we get the correct name of the corporation so that when we do our search we’re making sure

That we’re getting all instances of that company’s name so when an individual’s name it’s important that the we we know exactly how the name is going to be placed on the security instrument the ucc one financing statement so one of the things that delaware does a little bit differently is is that delaware uses a name search logic and it looks for the exact word so

When we come back with the ucc search report there will not be any name variations on the report so it’s important that we you know mention that what is a search to reflect well search to reflect is making sure after the filing is submitted and posted making sure that it’s been indexed properly with the state of delaware and our trained ucc filers will verify that

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All the debtors names and secure party parties names are spelled correctly and submitted as requested so data entry errors can make it difficult to locate a debtor for future searches so it’s important that all the names are spelled correctly when the financing statement is is filed the other thing i searched to reflect ensures is that you have gotten the correct

Priority lien position so from the time you’ve sir or from the time we’ve searched to the time you actually file you don’t want a lot of time to go by because if somebody another creditor has filed a financing statement their lien position would would come before yours so it’s important that as soon as the search is done if you’re gonna do a filing you do it you

Know quickly state of delaware does charge fees there’s there is it is not free so the state charges a search fee of $25 per debtor and since all searches are on an expedited 24-hour basis delaware also charges $25 for the expedited service fee in addition to those the search fees for certified copies if you want a certified copy of your search results state the

State charges $10 for the first page and $2 for each additional page so those fees are in-state fees now as an authorized ucc searcher in delaware our company charges fees as well we charge $35 per debtor that’s searched and the debtor can be either an organization or an individual in addition to the state charges for any a certified copies we also charge ten

Dollars for the first page and two dollars for each additional page and the way this works is if you want to search just go to this button here and click on the order form and you’ll see that you can actually fill in the information this is an online ordering system you can fill in your what the organization’s name is that goes here we don’t require a mailing

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Address but if you have if the debtor has more than one address and you want us to search a specific address for the debtors organization name then fill in the address information as well here and for each order we can do to debtors per order so if you have more than one debtor just click off add debtor number two and the required fees will appear and so in this

Case if it was an organization you would have this if it was an individual you would have this now unlikely that you’re gonna have one one debtor as an organization and one debtor than an individual i guess you could but in any case it’s set up so that we can collect it either way and if there’s any special instructions that you want to let us know about put that

In here now what will happen is we charge $35 per debtor so we have one debtor charges 35 and then for every additional debtor it’s 35 so that fee has been checked off here and then or i’m sorry yeah right here and then the state charges a $25 debtor fee here’s the first debtor fee with a state and then the state charges a $25 expedited service fee not this time

We do not charge an expedited fee for ucc searchers so once you fill out all the information here you will be taken click on the add to cart and you can review your information here again and if everything looks good just do an update and our cart now will reflect the proper charges so it’s going to add any base charges which in this case we’re 35 – any extras

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Which were 110 so you get a total 145 and then when you go to checkout will collect the information that we’re going to need for you know for your billing and all search results once we get the research results back if that’s what your if there’s if search result to do come back and there are you see see one filings are ucc filings you see c3 filings which aren’t

Amendments if those come up then the and you want a certified copy of all those documents then at that time we will generate an invoice for those charges and send it to you once we receive payment for those then we will email those results to you so this is our checkout system you simply fill in each of these fields and continue the shipping method and we’re we take

All different types of payment and if i go back to the the ucc the delaware ucc search form i’ll show you that we accept the following visa mastercard discover american express we take amazon pay we also that recently added bit pay you can also pay by western union why are transfer money orders or company checks so with with company checks we’re probably gonna wait for

Anywhere from ten to two weeks for the check to clear so definitely better to pay by you know one of the credit cards or one of these other payment systems but we offer you know probably 24 hour i would say 24-hour turnaround service is what you’re going to receive and sometimes we can even do it faster than that so if you have any questions getting in touch with our office our numbers

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