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You Don’t Have To Spend $1,000 On A Phone Anymore, so how much money should you spend on a phone that has become the age old question. should i spend 1000 dollars on a phone is the question most have to ask themselves every release cycle the 1000$ smartphone has become the norm but that should not be the case for most buyers and in this video we explain why.

So before we get started i wanted to try something really cool and really new and it’s just a quick trivia question and i’ll give you the answer to the trivia question at the end of the video so you’re gonna have to watch the entire video or just fast-forward the entire video to find out the answer to the question and today’s trivia question is how many actual

Models of the iphone are there in existence since the first iphone in 2007 to 2020 what’s up gods arraigned here so this is another support video that we’re gonna be doing now this question technically is not a tech support question it’s a question about technology but it was such a good question i didn’t want to surpass it in any way and i think it really does

Hit home in 2020 with releases of different smartphones coming out in 2020 and the question basically is with the release of phones like the new iphone as a that’s rocking to a 13 bionic ship one of the latest chip that apple has its smartphones with a marginally good camera but a steep price discount is it still worth spending a thousand dollars on a smart phone

In 2020 i have some thoughts and we’re gonna go over it in this video so without further ado let’s get started now when i got this question at first it really got me thinking cuz what companies like google apple even samsung releasing mid-range two budget phones that in a lot of ways stack up to the higher price flagship phones is it still really worth spending

A thousand dollars on a smart phone in 2020 moving forward and it really got me thinking that i really don’t think there is a reason to spend a thousand dollars on a cell phone and when you dig into the reasons why the flagships cost more than the mid-range or the budget phones you really fall into three specific categories and where those phones kind of excel

Over the mid-range and budget phone and one of those key areas is no surprise the camera itself the camera seems to be the biggest technological job that companies now focus on when it comes to smart phones from year to year so when you’re looking at a budget device versus a mid-range or versus a flagship device what you’re going to see is a steady jump in the way

The camera performs not necessarily the pixels of the camera but the bells and whistles that are thrown into the camera system to entice consumers to purchase that particular phone like for instance you take a look at the iphone se that features a single rear-facing camera that’s it it’s a 12 megapixel wide-angle camera that has an f 1.8 aperture optical image

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Stabilizer supports smart hdr and is fully optimized by apple for that smart phone that is a budget phone but it’s still just one camera lens if you juxtapose that to the iphone 11 pro or the 11pro maxwell you have a three camera setup you have that telephoto of the wide-angle and the ultra wide-angle lens you can see that there is a big difference in the camera

Technology from a budget phone to a flagship phone and apple is not the only company that seems to put the emphasis on their camera system when it comes to differentiating themselves from budget deflection you have the galaxy a5 one one of samson’s lowest of the line budget phones its main camera is a 48 megapixel joined by a 12 megapixel wide-angle that supports a

123 degree view and a 5 megapixel macro with a depth sensor if you look at the newest samsung galaxy s 20 that was released that’s released with a 12 megapixel main shooter a 64 megapixel telephoto and a 12 megapixel ultra wide and if you go even further than that to the s20 ultra you have a hundred and eight megapixel f 1.8 camera with periscope 48 megapixel at 3.8

Camera and a 12 megapixel f 2.2 ultra-white camera and you can kind of go through the list of like google any of those phones oneplus those companies seem to focus a lot on their camera system to differentiate their flagship from their mid range of in their budget and that is a service to the consumer because if you’re not really too interested in the camera like

Somebody like me i love having a great camera but i only really need it to be serviceable at times it doesn’t have to be the greatest camera around and that really opens up the field for the phones that i can purchase because the camera itself doesn’t interest me as much you’re not looking for a great camera then you definitely open yourself up to some of those

Budget and range devices because the cameras play a big role in why the flagships are the flash chips now the screen actually is another of those three main factors that differentiates it and you can see that some of these companies also tend to downgrade the screen just a little bit to be expected when you go into the middle or budget type phones but if you’re

Looking for like an iphone with a super retina x hd display with a wide color gamut vivid true-life colors deep blacks and a contrast ratio of two million then you’re spending a thousand dollars on a cell phone but if you’re okay with an lcd screen that supports 1080p or 720p then you will find yourself in a mid range to lower costing device and not have to spend

A thousand dollars for those specific features this is actually where android actually has a little bit of a benefit over apple some of the budget android phones do have really awesome qhd screens that apple seems to just use the liquid retina lcd display on their budget to low end phones so if you are an android user you still have the ability to get a marginally

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Great screen with 1080p support standard without paying $1000 the options are still better i for instance if you look at the pixel 3a it has an led 1080 by 22 20 with an eighteen point five nine ratio versus apo led 1440 by 29 60 on a regular pixel three and you also have the difference between corning gorilla glass 5 on a regular pixel three where the pixel 3a

Has a dragon trail glass so you can see aftermarket vs. brand-name seems to be the thing when it comes to the screens but again if it’s something that you can deal with then you do have the choice to go with a lower priced phone and i know a lot of people tend to look at the specs of the screen and say that they want the latest and greatest the best screen it can’t

Settle with an lcd or 720p one of the things i did find is that the longer you use a screen the more ingrained you get with it the less you actually see the difference between it and another screen sure if you’re coming from a super high quality screen take your eyes some time to really adjust to what this new screen kind of looks like but i do feel the more you

Watch it the more you use it the more your eyes actually just can’t get fixed and unless you’re standing right next to someone with a better screen you don’t really see the difference that much because you’re consuming your content on your screen on a day to day basis and the third place where they really differentiate themselves are with all the extras like the

Bells and whistles like the under to displace fingerprint scanner or the ip water and dust resistant rating or the wireless charging the more of those bells and extras that these smartphones have the higher the price gets to be kicked up more and more but what are the places you may see that there isn’t really much of a difference is one of the places where it

Really matters the most and that’s the processing power a lot of these budget to medium range smartphones have either close to or the same processing power as their flagship counterparts so they can handle just as much multitasking just as much usage without all the bells and whistles the great camera or the fantastic screen like for instance both the s 20 and s

10 light have the exact same processor as their more expensive counterparts the new iphone se has the exact same processor as the iphone 11 pearl that came out last year even though it’s like slightly under clocked it’s still a fantastic processor in a phone that cost less than the iphone 11 pro and that’s not even to bring up the point that if you simply just

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Either wait a year or buy the phone that came out a year before you’re getting pretty much a flagship device with flagship internals the screen all the bells and whistles that you’re looking for at a cheaper price and so that brings us right back around to the question at hand is it really worth spending $1000 on a smart phone in 2020 and i can probably say that

The answer is no there’s so many other options that you can take there’s so many other roads that you can kind of travel down now if you do want everything brand new and all the latest and greatest thing if you’re that person then yet you’re probably gonna have to drop a thousand dollars on the cell phone but if you’re the person that doesn’t mind your screen not

Being the best screen that’s out there it’s consuming your media on it you’re good with you don’t need all the additional bells and whistles you don’t need it to actually have an ip water and dust resistant rating just know that it is water and dust resistant rating they just didn’t put a stamp on it or you don’t need a wireless charging or you don’t need the best

Camera system with a hundred exhume and a hundred megapixel camera then you can probably or most definitely find a phone that won’t break the bank within your budget especially nowadays if you simply just wait a year you’ll get a flagship at a cheaper price maybe if you only wait like six months actually the way the cell phone cycle goes anyway guys i want to pass

The question off to you in this climate of budget and mid ranger’s do you think that it is necessary to spend a thousand dollars on a smart phone to get a great smart phone go ahead and comment in the comment section down below the video share your thoughts and comments down there as well and while you’re down there once you go ahead and hit that like button if you

Enjoyed the video with that subscribe button and that belf notification so you don’t miss one really some cool helpful content like this one and to quickly answer our trivia question before we wrap this video up there are 25 total iphone models and that’s starting at the iphone jen won back in 2007 to the iphone se 2 or just se that was released this year in 2020

That’s a lot of iphones but it’s not as much as i thought i actually thought they were a little bit more until next time guys you can check out a review we did on the samsung galaxy note i know it’s been out a while but we did it kind of review on it here and this is something that youtube believes you’d enjoy watching thank you so much for checking out the video

And as always stay safe and peace out

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