DriveTime Sucks Just As Bad As Carvana. Selling A Car They Dropped Off A Truck.

In todays video I talk about why drivetime sucks and how soon they may only be known as Carvana.

What is up guys welcome on back to tk’s garage and i didn’t think there was a company that could be worse than carvana at least with the type of cars that they sell but i was wrong welcome on back to tk’s garage guys and today we’re gonna talk a little bit about a company that i feel uh may sell more crap than carvana and and uh they are a predatory lender

Specifically targeting minorities and uh they sell the crap that carvanak can’t sell if you haven’t guessed where i was going with this yet or didn’t read the title of today’s video i’m talking about drive time now i was leaked some internal documents from the company um which i’m still waiting on approval from my attorney for me to be able to publish them

In a video which i will do but there are leaked internal documents specifically talking about i could talk about what the documents say i also provided them to to some local media their internal documents that specifically talk about the merger after the acquisition of odessa with drive time and carvana to where carvana doesn’t just have the vending machines

But then they’ll have actually dealership locations and let me explain why that’s important so right now drive time was kind of like a separate company right you know they they market themselves as this company of know what your down payment is know how much your monthly payment is they don’t talk about interest and they don’t talk about what the total price of

The car is they do that for a reason the biggest thing i can tell anybody if you’re looking if you have not the best credit to buy a car either buy some piece of for cash for now just some beater man and get by while you can take those funds monthly and start to fix your credit so you can get something nice because what what drive time does is they specifically

Target minorities and the reason why i say that is because in these internal documents that i did get from drive time i can’t i just i could say it’s much more than half it’s so much more than half of their customers or minorities and not only that much more than 40 percent i can say that are all paying a 15 or higher interest rate on their car now we call

That predatory lending they also have for not just being a bank one of the highest over 20 interest rate lending loans of any car dealer in the united states now what does that tell you oh except you know who number two is you might have guessed it right carvana so you know look i’m not a big fan of elizabeth warren but i do like that she does come after

Companies that are really bad on consumers and i can say this drive time is super super bad for consumers they take advantage of you by saying yes we see you have a job and you provided us your pay stubs yes your credit sucks your down payment is 1500 bucks and you’re gonna pay 400 a month for a car and i’ll just give this as an example say uh a kia rio right

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Akio rio with 85 000 miles on it dogged the absolute out okay gonna have all kinds of problems with the car and you’re gonna pay 400 bucks a month for that car that is a scat pack payment that is a if you have really really really really great credit um a nice pickup truck payment man maybe 500 bucks but still like you’re paying for a clapped out kia rio

The same price that you’d be paying for almost a a a scat pack or a nice rt or something and that’s that’s absolutely ridiculous and it’s and it’s uh not good now for a lot of people that are car dealers they everybody a lot of people some people will say that odessa is good i guess it depends on where it is they are the bottom rung when it comes to auto auctions

Okay it’s not mannheim or anything like that so like the cars i’m not saying that you couldn’t get a good car out of there i’m just saying that and and a lot of dealers and you’ll see them in the comments here i’m sure will tell you that 90 of the cars that run through that auction are absolute now what does that mean well it means on from the carvana perspective

That they’re gonna try to sell as many of those cars through carvana as possible you know where the rest of those cars go that’s right they go to drive time in fact um you know we’ve done stories here and we’ve talked about vehicles that got dropped off of trailers or broken or rotted out or rusted out and i recently just found out and i haven’t had a chance

To message chris but the hyundai that he purchased that fell off the trailer and had all that significant damage and all the coolant issues and everything else um yeah carvana didn’t try to resell it on carvana’s site no you know where the car went and this is what the wonderful thing is about having a vin number and you can just google it yeah it’s for sale

At drive time a car that fell off of a trailer and had significant structural damage is now being sold at drive time wow that’s not illegal right no they’re they’re there can’t be oh come to find out drive time bought the vehicle from carvano and what’s up so funny about it is it’s just a lateral transfer they’re the same company so unfortunately a lot

Of people have been asking me to cover this thing about drive time you know and it’s the same same founders the same ownership group that you know they’re basically sister companies and if you think carvana is bad right as far as their culture how they you know like do their documents well they might sell you a stolen car the car could be completely clapped out

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Drive time is worse and what i mean by that is i i have a slew and when i tell you a slew like i have over 100 emails from customers that have bought vehicles at drive time that had the vehicle for some people had them for like six months but i have a very good group of people that had the car for less than 30 days and the cars had catastrophic failures engine

Failures transmission failures and here’s the thing some of them are under some limited warranty or whatever with drive time and they replace the the components the the major components like an engine or a transmission with a salvage yard motor which you don’t even know that’s not safe right and to give you a little update on if you remember we had a guest on

On the live stream here the other day madison who bought a car from carvana um yeah the the company silver rock you know which is affiliated with carvana is now trying to replace her transfer case and the other important safety features of her vehicle with salvaged parts now a good mechanic would refuse that and say we’re not doing that and i may do a full

Update video for you guys on that here in the future but um the reason why i bring that up is this company and the satellites around it it’s like a culture of scumbags criminals and douchebags and if you’re looking at buying a car i’d rather you buy a car from leisure suit larry down the street than drive time and or carvana in fact if you’re really looking

For a good experience for a car that actually can have a warranty that backs it up and they don’t use parts and they do you right at least in my experience from what i’ve seen go to carmax not sponsored but i mean they do sponsor the channel but the me mentioning it is not a sponsored bit go to carmax why because carmax actually uh i don’t want to say care about

Their customers but the way that the contracts are written the way that max care is put together if you get a max care plan you’re pretty much covered and i can say that because i’ve had over 7500 in repairs done on this bmw at this point that have cost me almost nothing so who you do business with is important and i really wanted to bring attention to this stuff

With drive time because the thing that shocked me the most of the main purpose of me getting into the video today to talk about drive time was the the video that we did with chris which um let me pull up chris’s instagram for you guys i mean uh tick tock for you guys real quick so you guys can go see the original video um i mean we i think i do have it on here


As like a story or something but chris chris is a good guy man and here’s the thing he had a good experience with them i mean you know he was able to give the car back and whatnot and really didn’t have any issues and and i appreciate it it’s chris dankers but you guys can follow him at dankers racing on tick tock go give him a follow he’s also got youtube and

The whole nine but um let me just oh it’s right here let me show you this and i can even play it over the audio so you guys get really good audio uh here we go check this out what to expect from spending 30k on a car from carpenter this very honda that you’re gonna watch fall off of this trailer is now for sale oh what to expect when spending 30k on it is

Now for sale at drive time what do you want me to do facts or facts you know um as soon as david gives me the all clear on the documents because he’s gonna we’re just making sure that i’m able to publish this as press um and i’m also coordinating with a couple of local media people to also once they publish it then i can just run with it uh but these documents

Show just how they target minorities what the interest rates are and you know what’s really even more scumbag people that i’m just gonna say it there’s black folks that have bought cars from drive time that had better credit than people that look like me that are paying five to seven percent more in interest than the person that looks like me that had a 600

Credit score that’s a story sorry and uh i think once this kind of stuff gets into the public it’s it’s gonna hurt drive time of course but it’s also gonna come back on carvana because they’re one and the same um let me know what you guys think in the comments section down below i know i recently we’ve had some carvana trolls coming into the comments talking

About how great their company is and you know we just smashed our mom sideways and and moving them move them up out the way but um with that said man i want to thank you guys very much for watching you guys have been asking me to talk about this issue with drive time hopefully this is addresses it with you guys i am going to spot speak more specifically on the

Issue with madison’s jeep again here in the near future when i get an update from her and um yeah it’s uh ridiculous again let me know what you guys think in the comment section down below i’ll catch you guys on the next one perfect you

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