EEVblog #959 – How Much I Make On Youtube Monetization REVEALED!

Dave reveals exactly how much income he makes on Youtube and shows you the Adsense Youtube income screen with nothing hidden.

Hi i’m going to do something that almost no youtuber does i’m going to a tell you exactly how much i earn on youtube because i am a full-time youtuber have been for five and a half years now and be i’m going to actually take you into my youtube adsense screen and show you the real data i’m not going to blur anything no i’m actually going to reveal the data so why

Would i want to do this well i’m a youtuber that’s a youtubers do they share stuff but there seems to be some mistake surrounding how much youtubers actually earn but not really i mean i’ve this is not new information i’ve told people what my cpm figure is before as have many of the other top youtubers i’m a nobody youtuber but tons of the top youtubers talked

About cpm and everything else and it’s trivial to go into our stats and things like that and something like social blade and see an estimate of how much they own but really how much do they earn is the thing that i’m going to tell you today and i don’t know there seems to be some sort of you know you can’t do that you’re not allowed to do it and well that’s what

I thought as well i saw a video where another youtuber actually did this took you into the screen and showed you exactly how much so i actually asked youtube before you jump in and say you can’t do that they’ll shut down your channel i asked youtube’s management and they said it’s my private information and i can do with it what i want and no problem so here we

Go i’m going to tell you exactly how much i earn now for those who might be watching this and don’t know my channel i’m not a huge channel i’ve got 400,000 subscribers are 80 million views i’ve been going for seven and a half years or something like that but for the last five and a half years youtube has been my full-time job and i’ll explain how i actually went

Full-time youtube in so early now if you go over to my social blade thing you can get this for any youtube channel and it says that i earn between roughly eight points say nine thousand dollars these are us dollars and 142 thousand dollars a year what is the real figure it’s about $40,000 a year and i’ll show you so i am not a big channel i am ranked according to

Social blade eight thousand five hundred and forty fifth in the world yes beauty and video view rank i ranked twelve thousand but this is my full-time job for five and a half years so anyway let’s not muck around let’s go into my creator studio view here and you could there it is you can already see it for the last month i own five thousand and fifty five dollars

And seventy eight cents that’s us dollars so let’s actually go in and have a look at my analytics our screen i will blur nothing here at all and let’s have a look estimated revenue here it is let’s go in and have a look at my revenue and i will be able to tell you exactly how much are you and here it is not lured your estimated revenue this is for the last 28 days

Five thousand and fifty five dollars and seventy eight cents that comes in three parts my estimated ad revenue which is the ads per thousand views which pop up overlay ads sidebar ads all that sort of stuff and there’s also youtube red service as well for those who subscribe to get rid of pay youtube red to get rid of the ads and not you know a reasonable percentage

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That comes from that but it’s not particularly high and transaction our revenue which is paid content fan funding i get nothing i don’t recommend people fan fund that if you want to support me i highly recommend you do it on patreon where i own it’s a public figure three thousand and thirty eight dollars a month so there you go i am for the last 28 days whatever

You earn in the last year i’m glad you asked here we go last 365 days you’ll find i earned forty thousand seven hundred and fifty six dollars and seventy cents total ad revenue us and what does that work out – it works out – cuz i’m australian obviously are 56 thousand dollars a year before tax of course um so that’s how much i earn from my youtube revenue there

You go that wasn’t hard was it and there’s nothing new here i’ve said my cpm figures before now youtubers get paid on what’s called cpm or cost per mil mill is an old latin word it means a thousand so cpm cost per thousand views that’s it’s basically earnings per thousand views what we own per thousand ad impressions and that doesn’t add its when you include when

You actually click on the ads or watch them for the full 30 seconds or whatever at the start it all varies but my arm average figure based on this number is one dollar 68 cpm over the last year and we can actually get like a roll in 30 day total of that so you can actually see how much i earn per month over last year look i used to earn like six thousand dollars

A month at one point and then a drop that plummeted it like half and this is the plight of youtube as youtube’s always changing its algorithm how you rank in search engine rankings and stuff like that i get about half of my daily views from searches just people searching for my are content because i’ve got like 1,100 videos up there so all my back catalog of videos

Brings me probably about half my income so that you know it’s stayed flat and then it’s recently started to go back up again know if you’re wondering about that subscription bug and everything else i have not seen that but i make very long videos so apparently number and my watch time is quite high so apparently my channel is pretty good so i have not been hit

At all with that thing that started in november or something where they change their algorithm apparently and if you’re wondering how much i earned over the lifetime of my channel here it is in this is monthly 30-day totals a hundred and seventy three thousand four hundred ninety two dollars total over the last seven and a half years seven years or something is

It anyway i became a full time youtuber back in april 2011 around about there or there abouts i was only earning like 300 us dollars a month so you might think hey how could i become a full-time youtuber from that is because i have money outside of youtube i have my patreon supporters that’s why patreon is very popular these days because it’s hard to make money

On youtube it really is and also ads on my website as well and my eevee blog forum i have i’ve always had ads on there and that is bought in the extra revenue i’ve also sold our products like my multimeter and my microcurrent and things like that and all this income and donations as well people just donate via paypal amazon affiliate program and t-shirt sales you

Know by my flux capacitor t-shirt and sari fluxgate contenta they shut it down anyway so all that money combined gives me a full time living and you might think okay i owned what 40,000 u.s. dollars in the last year and that might be a lot of money for a lot of people but hey i’m married with two kids and i’m a professional engineer i’m you know if i worked as a

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Professional engineer i could be bringing in over $100,000 a year so you know really i’m the wife wouldn’t let me do this as a full-time gig if i was only earning that $40,000 a year so combining all that income yes i’ve made a decent living for the last five and a half years at this full time and i went full-time as i said april 2011 i was only 10,000 subscribers

And that’s how i did it i’m not aware of anyone else who went full-time with only 10,000 subscribers it’s because i’ve always had sold products on the side ads on the website all that sort of stuff all additional income came in and a scrape by back then i’m doing better now of course the business site continues to grow fairly well but you can see the variability

In the youtube income the majority the vast majority of full time youtubers out there are just reliant on that youtube income and you can see just how variable that can be look in one that just it could have imagined if you were relying on that as your sole source of income it could be horrible so once again if you have a look at the last year i’ve been earning

About $3,000 a month or there abouts the most part of the year it’s gotten better recently it tends to get better around christmastime companies will sell out a lot of their advertising budget and stuff like that so it tends to you know peak around that time you may have noticed that before now how much to youtube earn from this that’s a public figure of course our

Youtube take a four i think it’s currently 45 percent cut and i as the content producing at 55 percent so that doesn’t not come out of that forty thousand dollar figure that’s already google have already taken out their cut so out of that forty thousand dollars eighty thousand roughly would have been not charged to advertisers to put ads on my channel and when you

Become a reasonably successful youtube channel you’ll start getting offers for companies that embed advertising directly into your videos actually baked them in our sponsorship you know you see a lot of youtubers at the end of their video that’ll pop up you know it’ll pop up and say hey you know or you know insert other type of thing here and they get

Paid per video to actually do that and i’ve turned down every single offer to do that just as a matter of principle for the last probably been getting as offers since like six months into youtube several thousand dollars per video up to five thousand dollars a video for these are sorts of things and i’m not a particularly big channel and yes that’s where a lot of

Your big youtubers can earn a awful lot of money and sponsored content as well you know though if an unboxing or something though companies will actually sponsor paid a sponsor once again i’ve turned down all offers are like that just as a matter of course to keep mine the integrity of my channel and stuff like that so i just make money from the ads occasionally

Companies are donate products to me for review and that’s on a know the terms and conditions are on my art web you know i may or may not do something with it but hey when you get free gear it’s nice but it doesn’t feed your kids so you know it’s not like i go and sell the year or anything like that so that basically does not bring in any income at all it just

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Fills my lab with nice gear i can use for comparison’s and stuff like that but yeah so a lot of youtubers will be forced to actually do stuff like that and i don’t necessarily blame them because most youtubes as i said do not have those outside sources of income website a real popular our forum to put advertising on design and selling their own products and stuff

Like that some of them do but yeah vast majority youtube is the only sole source of income so that’s why you see a lot of them these days a you know flogging or some other type of service so there you have it that’s exactly how much i earn from my youtube income i’ve got a lot of additional income sources that’s how i can do this full-time and if you

Want to find out any other youtubers our income as i said the cpm figure is over the last year has been $1 68 cpm for the last year that’s what i’ve been earning on average it varies drastically but if you go over to social blade here and their estimated value estimated earnings on that social blade this is a real rough thing as a rule of thumb you know put it in

The middle or something like that but hey you can take that cpm figure dollar 68 that i’m getting it’s going to vary depending on the channel because a channel might be part of one of those vultures partner and partner networks and things like that they will take a very significant cut of that income although they claim to be able to bring you higher cpm rates

But don’t believe it don’t join a partner network i’ve done a whole video on that anyway it looks like social blade are calculating anywhere from using that figure based on my numbers are 37 cents cpm up to $5 88 cpm but as i said for last year i’ve got an average of dollar 68 cpm which all the other youtubers are the top ones out there they’ve given up their cpm

Figures and it’s roughly that you know $1 to $2 per cpm or revenue per thousand views basically so there you go i hope you enjoyed that peek behind the youtube curtain so to speak there very few youtubers do and okay if you want to argue that and keep it private yeah it doesn’t matter as i said i’ve revealed my cpm figure before anyone with a calculator can just

Do a simple get a couple of simple numbers and figure out what i earn so this is not new information at all and yes youtube said that we’re allowed to actually do this so hey i don’t know why more don’t do it but i can understand if you want to you know your information is private i just like to share things and be open with people and if this helps this video

Helps one other youtuber be really sleek about you know how much money can be made on youtube yes you can make a lot but you’ve got to get a lot of use every single day 365 days a year grind in order to make that continuous income if you get one viral hit year you might make some money but when you spread that over a year if you don’t get another hit and you’re

Getting bug reviews per day it’s a tough business anyway the relentless pressure of youtubers to produce content so there you go i hope that helped and clear things up for some people catch you next time you

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