Want to work in healthcare? Today I’m sharing my top 10 list of entry level healthcare jobs that you can start quickly. I hope you find it helpful!

Hello internet friends and welcome back to another video if you don’t know who i am my name is rachel i’m a registered nurse and today i have 10 easy healthcare job ideas that you can start with minimal education um i think everything on my list requires like a certificate for the most part and almost like an aaa but none of them require like a four-year degree so

If you’re looking to get into the healthcare field and you don’t want to put in a ton of time as far as education goes or if you are interested in maybe something that does take a little bit longer like nursing or pa school something like that then i would highly recommend getting some experience in the healthcare field before you commit to that i think one of

The best things that i did for myself is i worked as a cna before nursing school so i wasn’t just like jumping in blindly into the healthcare field i had a little bit experienced under my belt whatever your reasoning is for wanting to work in the healthcare field here’s a few ideas i hope they help you out and let’s get into it now my first job idea for you guys

Is a phlebotomist now if you don’t know what a phlebotomist is i’m sure you have probably interacted with one before phlebotomists draw blood if you are squeamish around blood maybe this one isn’t meant for you i personally find getting an iv or a lob draw on the first try to be super satisfying so if you’re like me maybe this is a good one for you phlebotomists

Have the flexibility to work in a hospital setting or a clinic setting there’s always a need for them what it takes to become a phlebotomist does vary from state to state to become a phlebotomist it takes anywhere between four and eight months and then the certification depends on like what state you’re in so just look into whatever state you live in and see what

The qualifications are the annual salary for phlebotomists in the united states is 32 000 a year of course this is going to vary depending on where you’re living patients aren’t going to be like super happy to see you if you’re a phlebotomist but if you are really good and you can get patients on the first try they will love you my second idea for you guys is to

Be a physical therapy assistant this one sounds like a lot of fun for me too it’s a pretty active one so definitely don’t want to be a physical therapy assistant if you aren’t comfortable being on your feet helping patients with movement because that is what you’re going to be doing you’re going to be helping patients with mobility so you’re going to be dealing

With patients that have become deconditioned for whatever reason maybe they had open heart surgery or they just were really sick for a long time you also deal with a lot of stroke patients that are trying to regain that are trying to regrain some of their function one thing that’s really great about this career is that you get to see patients improve because you’ll

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Be seeing them um over like an extended period of time which i think is really fun it does take two years to become a physical therapy assistant you have to get an associate’s degree and some people do go on to get their bachelor’s degree the annual salary is higher on this one it’s about 43 000 of course depending on where you’re living it’ll vary a little bit

There is a lot of flexibility as far as your workplace setting with this one you could work in an outpatient rehab center you could work in the hospital i think there is also an option for like in-home care if that’s something you’re interested in so definitely a lot of options with this one my third idea for you guys is to look into becoming a medical scribe i

Actually didn’t know what a medical scribe was until i was working as a nurse but i really wish i would have known um like while i was in nursing school because i think it would have been such a great way to have nailed that medical terminology into my head basically what a scribe does is they follow the doctor around and they will chart in real time as the doctor

Is doing like their assessment because i work in a hospital i usually think of scribes working in the er because that’s where the doctors do like their admits and so that’s when they have like their admission um documentation to do and scribes will help them with that but i know they sometimes work in clinic settings as well so there is that flexibility you can

Become ascribed with your high school diploma or your ged and the average salary annually in the united states is about 30 000. now this next one i personally would never want to do it sounds really horrible but if you are not a people person and you just want to like sit by yourself and you don’t mind just like hours and hours of time spent on the computer well

This one might be for you next we’re going to be talking about becoming a medical transcriptionist so i actually didn’t know this until i started working in the hospital but one of the main ways that doctors actually like record information when they’ve seen a patient is is with a microphone so they will talk into a microphone and then there will be a recording

With all the information on it it’s the job of the medical transcriptionist to go back listen to that dictation actually i write it out into the chart so that people can read it and they don’t have to just like sit there and listen to the doctor talking there’s a lot of different places you can work as a medical transcriptionist basically anywhere that there is a

Verbal medical record that needs to be transferred in to text most commonly i think of like hospitals doctors offices but i also know some insurance companies also hire medical transcriptionists so if this is something that interests you it can take anywhere between six months and a year depending on if you want to just get your certificate or if you want to go

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Ahead and get your associate’s degree then obviously it’s going to take a little bit longer and of course it depends state by state what they require option number five is a certified nursing assistant this is the one that i did working as a certified nursing assistant or a cna is such a great way to get experience in the healthcare field if you are interested in

Like hands-on patient care as a cna you’re helping your patient with things like bathing toileting getting dressed in the hospital setting cnas work really closely with the nurse but there are places where cnas work a little bit more independently like in-home care or also like long-term care places like nursing homes now this is a very physically demanding job

So if you can’t stand being on your feet for long periods of time if you have back problems probably something you should avoid it does only take about eight weeks to get certified and then you do need to go on and then get licensed by your state um which is just like a test and then you have to wait for it like to go through which for me took like a really long

Time but it doesn’t have to necessarily take a long time um anyways this is one that you should be able to get in to fairly quickly within just a few months number six we’re gonna be talking about medical assistance if you’ve ever been to the doctor you have come into contact with the medical assistant they’re usually the person that takes you to the back gets

Your height your weight goes over your medical history and sets you up in the room for the doctor to come in and see you because they work in a clinic setting they do work very closely with doctors and nurses they can also draw blood take vitals and set up for procedures the pathway to becoming a certified medical assistant does take a little bit longer than a

Cna but it’s very similar the process can take anywhere from a few months to a year and you will need to get licensed in your state the average annual salary in the united states for a medical assistant is about 34 000. number seven we are going to be talking about becoming a pharmacy tech so i really like this option if you are thinking about becoming a nurse

Because you’re going to really know your medications when you get into nursing school if you’ve been a pharmacology tech pharmacy techs work alongside pharmacists obviously in pharmacies and they help fill prescriptions they work with insurance companies to help ensure that patients get the medications that they need what it takes to become a pharmacy tech does

Depend on what state you’re living in a lot of them require that you take a pharmacology tech training course which takes about a year but some of them don’t so just look and see what your state requires number eight is another one that i would not want to do but maybe it’ll interest you and that is a surgical tech i personally do not like the operating room

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It was my least favorite rotation in nursing school it’s cold down there you have to stand for long periods of time on your feet without moving surgical attacks not only assist during the procedures but they set up and also clean up afterwards and it also doesn’t take crazy long to become a surgical tech if you just want to get into it with your certificate you

Can take a class and have that within a year but a lot of people do go ahead and get their aaa degree a lot of people really do love the or so don’t let me scare you away from becoming a surgical tech it is a great option so definitely something for you to look into number nine we’re going to be talking about medical coders basically they review medical charts

And they transcribe them in such a way that insurance companies hospitals and clinics know exactly what they need to charge for as far as like what the physician has done for the patient if that makes sense so the doctor will chart like what they did for the patient how much time they spent and so then the medical coder will like go in and put that in the right

Format for it to be charged so if they had like a colonoscopy and it took half an hour then the medical coder will go through and put that all in the right format so then the patient can be charged now there is no formal education required for this one but most people do go ahead and get their medical coding certificate which takes anywhere from like four months

To a year this is a really good option if you want to work in healthcare but you don’t want to interact with patients or people very much and that leads us to number 10 which is an ultrasound tech so obviously if you’re an ultrasound tech you’re going to be taking images with an ultrasound which is pretty cool because you’re going to be taking images that will

Help the doctor diagnose and treat the patient ultrasound techs need to be pretty familiar with anatomy um because you have to use like anatomical positioning to figure out like what exactly you’re looking at at a minimum you need to get an aaa to be an ultrasound tech but some people do get their bachelor’s degree and ultrasound techs make about 55 000 a year

So not bad for just an associate’s degree so there you guys have it those were just the jobs that kind of came to mind when i thought about like what options there are in the medical field that you can like get into pretty easy um with minimal schooling i hope you enjoyed this video and i hope you learned something for the most part you can’t go wrong with the

Healthcare field there will always be a need for healthcare workers so if you’re thinking about it do it and i will talk to you later bye

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