Era of Chaos – Diamonds / How Much Can You Get? / Where to Spend Them

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Hey everyone kane here in this video we will be talking about diamonds how many you can get where from can you get them and where do you need to spend them keep in mind it may be different for everybody some may be on a new server we’re leveling up is a priority to get ahead of other people and some may be on a later server we’re leveling is very slow and it is

More efficient to save your diamonds we will go through some of those options as well and make the most out of them to begin we will start with people who are free-to-play i know many options are locked for you and even i have suggested for some of those to be unlocked for free players such as duel of champions purchase attempts paid heroes to be purchased with

Diamonds even if it would cost 20,000 diamonds still obtainable by free-to-play so some of these options hopefully are introduced in the future that aside the best ways for free players to get diamonds are arena daily quests and guild adventure that is not counting chapter awards or underground chapter awards so to start it all depends what rank you are in arena if

You decided on a composition and have invested on it or are investing on it we shall assign you top 20 to top 50 rewards of arena which is 200 d’harans daily don’t get me wrong i have seen free players even in top 10 arena it just all depends what you focus how you do it and how well you do it but for the purpose of the video we shall say you get 200 diamonds daily

From arena so now let’s say that would be a total of 6,000 diamonds that you can get monthly from arena your next best thing to get diamonds from our daily quests you can get 100 diamonds daily from finishing everything so that would turn to about 3,000 diamonds monthly now let’s turn to guild adventure guilts will be your best source of monthly demand income it

May not seem much for you but the rewards are better than that of daily quests and arena combined but it also depends what guilds you are in just from staying in underground inside the guild adventure you can enclose two mm diamonds per week not counting the daily rewards which is 40 to 50 diamonds daily depending how many people steal from your guild map as well

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As guild packs after arena resets daily you have a chance of getting 5 250 diamonds daily this scales with guild level so unfortunately i am not sure the numbers for each guild level now i have thrown a lot of numbers at you but i will put these numbers on a file and show on screen right here you are able to get that amount of diamonds per week via gilt features

Given to you so multiply that by 4 and you will have your monthly rewards now i understand some guilds have pvp some don’t so underground numbers will vary for most you have to keep that in mind let’s say you are also top 50 and treasury and crypt that will be another 440 diamonds per week multiplying by 4 that will be 1760 diamonds monthly i would add duel of

Champions but it varies from person to person so for the sake of the video we shall leave this one out of here i am also not counting the one diamond chests that we get occasionally that are able to give good diamond rewards such as 66 88 666 888 diamonds so there is a possibility to increase your income from those as well there are some other small places with

Smaller diamond dinkum so this won’t be your total or overall it is just an estimate minimum you could get even that maximum number can be increased rounded everything up from what i have said above you can get from twenty thousand six hundred to twenty two thousand four hundred diamonds as i said before you can easily increase this amount by duel of champions by

Those chests worth of one down and each and a few other places now where you should spend them as i do tell most people at the very early in the game artifacts are the best place for you to spend your diamonds until you find a calm but abel place you are happy with and then stopped spending on the astrology and save energy you can only buy one time a day which is

50 diamonds in most cases i would suggest you do that and farm your unit shards from underground that will of course remove 1500 monthly diamonds from your pool gold i would suggest you buy gold two times worth $10 and each gold is a very scarce resource and you will need a lot of it to upgrade so that would turn to 70 diamonds daily up to 2100 per month because you

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Cannot spend 60 diamonds for duel of champions i personally do not know any other place that it would be good for you to spend your other diamonds on you will need artefact crystals for artifacts and such but that is up for you to decide when you need them and how much can you spend on that saving your diamonds and spending them for ssr unit altars is the name of the

Game and even you should save for these units to finish up if you reduce 2100 diamonds per month for those two things i have mentioned your monthly income should be from eighteen thousand five hundred to twenty thousand three hundred there are places to improve that so again it can be more you can base this off for your own calculations how much you may need for

An ssr unit and how much you may need to make him six star keep in mind guild pvp can reduce some of the guild income moving on to people who spend some money the big difference maker for spenders are the two packs you buy monthly for five and ten bucks each they will add 10,000 dimond income per month for the purpose of this video i will use myself as vip ten

And my ranks of obtaining diamonds per week they may be better or worse for you so you should base some numbers off of yourself while hearing this video to begin i am mostly top three top four in arena so my numbers will scale from 340 to 380 diamonds per day up to ten thousand two hundred to eleven thousand four hundred month from doing daily quests that is also

3000 diamonds per month pretty much the same amount of rewards per guild as well so to avoid writing big numbers here again i shall add everything and just say from 9800 to 11600 from guild and guild adventure combined per month treasury and crypt rewards rounded up from my current rankings that would be two thousand two hundred and eighty diamonds per month just

Like free-to-play rewards we shall not count you all of champions diamonds in here as well as the chance of any of those shop packs giving us diamonds as well this is also not counting any other recharges people may make nor any chapter or underground stage passes these numbers round up from thirty-five thousand three hundred to thirty eight thousand three hundred

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However we usually have pvp so some weeks that is around seven hundred diamonds less from guild underground as we need to fight for the center and i recently started to only spend three hundred diamonds per day no more for daily things so i would be able to keep my arena ranks and still grow quite quick so that will reduce 9000 diamonds per month from my own numbers

The average for me will be roughly twenty four thousand to twenty nine thousand per month i have made a wider range for myself than in the first numbers as i had lowered my guild rewards due to pvp again these numbers can be bigger can be smaller all depends on your ankhs what you buy and how much daily diamonds you spend for free to play it is advisable to only

Spend seventy darman’s daily when you find your comfortable place for spenders to spend three hundred daily after finding your comfortable place and safe from then on where to spend your diamonds is advised for ssr unit altars but if there are good events on the horizon you can do for them as well the decision is solely up to you as you are the one controlling

Your account and you will know what you need more i hope this video was a little insightful for you guys i know many people call this game pay2win and you have no way of getting high star ssr units no way of getting dragon artifact and many more you can get all of these it just takes a little bit of time and patience i hope you enjoyed and learn something new here

That will help you in the future i have saved and made my first ssr 5 star but since i am high level right now and i will be spending less daily i will be getting high star ssrs a lot easier please leave a like for this video and if you haven’t please hit that subscribe button stay safe and see you in the next one you

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Era of Chaos – Diamonds / How Much Can You Get? / Where to Spend Them By Sir Kayn