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Hassan left Syria after he was arrested and tortured for protesting against the government – his aim was to reach the UK. After his dinghy sank in the Mediterranean, people smugglers took him to Paris where he bought a fake passport and a plane ticket to London.

So uh this is i got here my ticket to the uk this is my new pass for it uh um now i’m from prague from czech republic and here’s my new name ferreto nesterova it looks brand new it has no stamps whatsoever uh it looks very suspicious this is the smuggler also sent me this the email which is the boarding pass so i’m gonna go scan this get the ticket go to

The gate i’m gonna hand them to them i’m gonna check them they if they pass this through the scanner they’re gonna get the same info here the same name but with a different picture with maybe the real fareto mr ola whatever he is and this is how it’s going to go it’s kind of intense now that it’s getting closer and i mean to the to the fact that i’m either

Gonna make it or not i’m really like i’m i’m just hoping that i do because it’s been 56 days and i’m really tired last time i was filmed yesterday i headed to the airport i walked into the airport i called the the unknown smuggler and he told me that there was a guy who was on the previous flight and he made it he made it through i checked my flight on the

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Screen and it said it’s gate 78 i think yeah 78. i walked through and there was a police con there was a passport control which the smuggler told me that did not exist uh i think my looks helped me help me a bit because that guy didn’t even go through my passport he held it and he was like where are you going where are you flying to and i was like i’m flying

To london and he was like what’s the purpose i was like just going on a vacation it was like have a nice flight give me back my passport and i seriously thought that i made it i was like it’s done i walked inside near the gates and then after an hour it was the gate opened i stood in the queue and 10 minutes later i guess i heard my name i really i really

Wanted at that point to go back home the smuggler contacts me goes like well you got caught because i always book the the tickets to london flights to london using the same credit card and i was like okay thank you so much for telling me this is your mistake it’s not mine it was like that’s why i’m gonna send someone to france tomorrow with a different passport

I think i’m gonna be bulgarian this time he uh he said that the guy is gonna arrive tomorrow and he’s gonna give me cash so i can he’s gonna give me cash so i can book the flight here from france to avoid this whole credit card issue so that’s the plan i guess tomorrow i’m gonna i’m gonna be from tomorrow i’m gonna be bulgarian and i’m going to try again but

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This time the consequences if i get caught are going to be worse for a fact because the paper says that if you commit another crime you’re going to go through whatever so i’m not i’m still not sure if i should attempt to fly from france or go to belgium and fly from there uh on my way to the airport to uh fly as a character i’m talia from bulgaria this time

I’m gonna book my own flight and i’ll see if it works out this this way if not then i don’t know uh we’re gonna check in and then go to password control and see how it goes nice london bridge welcome to london you

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