Stephen Sharer found a treasure map in a secret hidden abandoned safe at the beach house the Sharer Family is staying at. On this map found, Stephen and his sister Grace Sharer decided to explore the map and boat to an abandoned island at the beach. They started exploring abandoned island for lost treasure but what the Sharer Fam found was crazy. Stephen and Carter where not their together as Carter is missing ( #freeCarter ) so Stephen and his sis Grace exploring the haunted beach and found bones, abandoned items and even iPhone found in the water on this island. What could be on the abandoned iPhone they found? Comment #Haunted and if you think this Bones Beach island that is abandoned is also haunted!!

Whoa what was that whoa oh where’d it go oh grace come here grace grace grace grace grace oh where did that thing go grace come here quick come here come here quick quick quick keep your eyes keep your eyes pealed there’s something out there it’s just out there come quick keep your eyes peeled it might come up again i definitely just saw something you just keep

Your eyes peeled i definitely saw something bertie’s artist whoa whoa that was big that’s crazy what you that was a colorful fish too we got to go explore yeah we need to get out there oh by the way sure that reminds me come inside i got to show you the map so remember yesterday when we were exploring the house and we found that safe oh what is oh hold on this is

A map – sure check this out this is the map that was founded in that abandoned state yesterday we did a little research and here’s the atlantic ocean and here’s the bay back here here we are here at this dot but all the way over here this x is actually where there’s an island where the sea and the bay meet and a lot of these big creatures apparently lay on this

Island to soak up the sun to get energy before heading out to sea whoa yeah so what i’m thinking sure is it’s grace we get on the jet skis and we go have a little fun and we do a little exploring we go to this island and we see what kind of animals we find them in island b go guy this could be scary yeah this map is super old but i’m pretty sure that islands still

There so only one way to find out though let’s get going you ready ready let’s go let’s go let’s go whoa i got all mine let’s get out of here okay so it looks like on the map part of our destination is that we have to cross under this bridge but the bridge i don’t know if we can fit underneath it grace i don’t know if we can fan i need frig okay i’m gonna go for

It oh oh my goodness great oh my goodness great oh my goodness and look at that house it’s like way up in the air really choppy careful there’s some big wave oh my goodness whoa careful grapes approaching the island we made it great well let’s already found something what is this yeah what is this oh it’s a crab shell look at that it’s got eyes on hampton oh

There’s a dog so sharra’s check it out we are at this island i have no idea what the islands called there’s some people down there there’s a few people down this way but for the most part we’re all by ourselves dog maybe yeah check it out we got like miles we can explore this way we have a log of beach up here oh grace hold on michelle yes i’ve been broken and

There’s another crab crab like i said shares there’s a lot of like animals and creatures that come and wash up on this shore so i bet we’re gonna find something cool today look at this though grace this is weird just like a bridge why is there a bridge that’s weird we should like dig around it looks like someone already tried to but i don’t think there would be


Anything underneath here i think it’s like a bridge where you walk across and underneath it’s where like the bridge was floored i don’t know this doesn’t make any sense yeah that really makes me wonder what else is on this island i think we got to keep exploring yeah there could be a lot of like cool things on here let’s go this way oh my gosh oh get it out why

Whoa i don’t know is that okay let me wash it off what is that that snakeskin grace i think it’s fine wait a spine to what i have no idea no that’s this isn’t that snakeskin oh whoa that’s not skin what is that oh what is this should i touch it no no no no i want to touch this thing what is this ooh what i’m gonna touch it oh sure it’s definitely like a spa you’re

Right grace it’s like a spine oh what what is this thing oh cher’s if any of you know what this thing is comment down below this is like a bone spine type of thing oh in there oh whoa tall wonder if it’s from like a ship like a shipwreck there’s more wood – whoa grace we got like how’d it get there that’s a good question we also got like part of a house through

Something look at this whoa looks like there’s like a shipwreck look at this thing grace it’s got nuts and bolts in it well what did that come from i don’t know whoa like i said there’s a lot of things out washed up we got to see there’s like a name on this maybe there’s like a a ship’s name or something yeah dig it out of the ground let’s clean this off i’m put

This in the water and wash it off see we can plot a name or something it’s got blue paint oh man well i don’t know it was definitely painted hold on closer look at this thing okay i don’t see huh orange paint until there was definitely something it was probably a blue sign that had red painting on it but it looks like it got completely ripped off and washed away

In the ocean huh i wonder how long was in the sea for ya well know what it says sure as if you can make out anything on this comment below but i don’t see anything no i don’t see a name or anything oh great look there’s more wood oh shipwreck wood and there’s a piece of glass sea glass on it is there a name on this one no there’s no name yeah darn i wish there

Was a name for us to look up we got to go find more clues grades let’s go back this way oh oh i see a sign this might not be good come here yeah i’m not sure we should be on this beach grace this sign hey this sign is kind of scary come here come in from here i can’t see what it comes closer closer closer uh-oh why is the beach called this this is kind of scary

Look it’s called bones beach oh wow and check it out below the sign where the skull is below the skull you can see chains oh this is creepy whoa this is so weird whoa i have no idea this is okay this is kind of scary and now there’s no one near us where did everyone go there we go hello anyone still on the beach wow there’s one more shipwreck stuff check this out


Grace i don’t know whoa it’s like someone was someone must have been camping here and something happened look at this i think this is an old umbrella huh whoa that’s scary wonder how long has been here for yeah what happened to the people whoa this is getting weird yeah okay so maybe grace you know what i’m thinking maybe that scrap wood up there was from a from

A ship that was under a shipwreck and people camped out here yeah they’re waiting but the question is where did the people go yeah there must have been like a huge huge store and where this big ship like got wrecked on this beach and then the people camped out on here and then no one knows what happened to the people so they called it bones beach i have no idea but

This is kind of creepy i thought we were here to find cool shells and animals and have a fun time but now gonna scare ya let’s just keep exploring i’m sure we’ll find some more clues whoa grace it goes really far back over here yeah that’s kind of weird oh someone’s definitely was here grace that’s their shoe that’s a bigfoot flop yeah whoa let’s say they might

Have gone back this way i don’t know keep coming this way be careful the sand is getting really hot i don’t know if we should go back there i don’t know great the past undergoes a minute and let’s go a little farther oh what come here come here there’s something back here look chairs check this out there’s something back here i hope i can get back here you see

That hang on let me try to get back here this is like a lot of stuff probably a lot of bugs back in here well i don’t know what these holes are what kind of animals live in those holes grace there is something yeah i know i gotta be careful grace i’m almost there i’m almost there al i want shoes there’s a sandal here and then there’s a bucket here yeah sure is

I think swampy lane back there grace we’re getting close to finding something that was weird yeah that was really weird but we keep on finding a lot of stuff so think we’re in the right direction to find something cool yeah there’s no doubt in my mind that somebody was on this island living for quite some time we found shipwreck stuff we found sandals we found a

Bucket we found another sandal and we found an umbrella yeah there’s been a lot of stuff that we found so far crystals walked on the beach a little bit farther yeah let’s keep on exploring next time we come back stairs i’m gonna bring shoes i’m gonna check to see what’s in that bucket there was a bag grace it was like a cvs bag huh and it looked like it definitely

Look like i had some stuff that it shares how many of you think there was something in it i’m pretty sure someone had like snacks in there or something they were definitely camping out on the beach we’re probably because they got shipwrecked so they took what was left of their own their ship put it in the bucket and then they’ve had their sandals and all that that’s

What i that’s the best guest that i can have what thumping the water out there let’s go see oh what is that i think it burned the that it looks masked oh hold on hold on hold on don’t move don’t move wait hold on grace that’s not a shell what is this is that oh my gosh grace we will never bone what’s the name of the beach bones beach have the name event yeah

You’re a i think it’s that thing it’s called bones beach or something like that something with a bone sherri’s there’s a bone here you i don’t know if i want to touch that the bones of the beach what i don’t know i don’t want to touch it i think what i thought was a show over here was a bone we’re right there oh that actually might be alone hold on no oh maybe it’s

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Just a piece of a bone yeah you’re right grace oh i think there’s a lot of bones on this beach grace they’re all underneath the sand or something i wonder what type of oh yeah what kind of bone is this hold on let me get you a closer look at shares how many of you know what type of bone that is that is weird that’s a real bone – isn’t it grace yeah there’s like no

Meat left on it whatever it was something completely ate all the meat off that thing that means there’s animals on this beach that eat whatever this animal is yeah so why aren’t there any animals right now this is what we came to see was the animals oh not a bird i don’t know they’ve got to be in the water or something look at the water here though it’s like so oh

There’s a lot of stuff in that water no it’s like nasty grass this is nothing the waters clear though okay yeah you can just see a lot of shells probably because the shells come from the ocean over there and just get washed out it’s actually hard to step on here we actually can’t go out any further there’s like owl there’s like little straws sticking up everywhere

This is so weird yeah sure can you see these things they really hurt to step on they’re really weird wait something shiny out there oh what is that it looks like a big shell no wait hold this for a second grits go out there what is that oh look it’s actually a phone look look it’s a phone it’s a phone it’s cracked but come on no i don’t think so oh my gosh can i

Hold that wait this is probably the iphones are waterproof now it’s probably just dead oh we should wait grace this could be along with all that stuff up there that sunk and i came up on shore yeah this could be that person’s iphone yeah when we got it dry this thing out we got it this is so cool we got to get it working now i wonder what like photos are on there

And like who this could be this could be an answer to something ooh it’s actually really wet i hope this thing still works these are pretty waterproof though right yeah they are yeah shares i think we’re onto something all that stuff that was washed up on shore this might be that person’s phone or somebody’s phone whatever it is it’s gonna be cool to see what’s

On it yeah you think it’s that person’s phone it has to be well there’s only one way to find out let’s get this thing home safely and let’s uh get this thing working there goes grace okay good news is we made it back slight bad news is i guess the jet ski was a little bit bouncy so the iphone cracked a little bit more but i think it’s okay shows if you have any

Ideas on how we can best get the water out of this phone and turn it on comment down below yeah i hope we find something cool on this iphone okay i’m gonna go try to figure out how to get this thing working i will see you tomorrow share so until then you know what to do stay awesome and share the love peace

Transcribed from video