Fastest Way To Make 0,000 Per Month For Beginners (Make Money Online)

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So this is probably one of the fastest ways to make ten thousand dollars per month as a complete beginner alright guys so this is literally one of the fastest ways to make money online and one of the fastest ways that i went from zero to ten thousand dollars a month in a very relatively short amount of time but of course when i was kind of surrendering into the

Process and going towards this process it didn’t make sense to me because i couldn’t actually connect the dots until i actually did it and looked backwards and hopefully if you could just get that in this video to connect my dot to that work backwards then maybe you could actually hit that goal faster so the story was i didn’t want to become a dentist right like i

Didn’t want to go ahead and spend my entire life working in a cubicle working in people’s mouths for the rest of my life i think life is so short i think it’s meant to be traveled i think it’s meant to experience a lot of things i think it’s the best to just squeeze as much life out of this short life that we have right so very early on with no plan whatsoever with

No plan whatsoever i literally took a one-way trip ticket to asia now i didn’t know that i was gonna make a bunch of money from this trip i didn’t know i was going to meet the right people that moved me in the right direction i didn’t know any of that right all i knew is exactly what i did not want which was a life where i was stuck in a cubicle or at a job that

I hated for the rest of my life surrounded by people that weren’t talking about exciting things right they were talking about oh we’re gonna go to the same bar or the same club gossip about the same people go ahead and complain about their bosses or their co-workers or all these things i did not want that life and because i did not want that life i was willing to

Do something different so first of all if you’re like in the situation right now and you’re like well i want to make money online i want to make 10 grand a month i want to make more than that you need to first be willing to understand what you don’t want this is what you want the 10 grand a month but what do you not want what after this video will you not settle

For any more any longer right and that was exactly what i wanted i was like i want this i do not want this more of this less of this so i took a one-way trip ticket to asia everyone thought i was crazy my mom started crying she was like oh my god i’m never going to see my son ever again and here i am in thailand knowing nobody knowing nothing couldn’t speak the

Language getting an apartment that was like 200 dollars a month it’s just like living which wasn’t that bad right and here i was trying to get the rest of my life started now obviously i was lost because i didn’t have that much guidance obviously i had no idea what i was doing but i just trusted the process and again when you go ahead and listen to exactly what

It is that i say you don’t exactly have to do the hard way that i did learn from my mistakes right so while i’m here in thailand obviously for the first couple months i just started partying i started doing all these things i’ve never traveled to this side of the world so i just started doing a bunch of crazy things right and i vlogged about it all the way in the

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Beginning right but while i was doing this for some reason i started naturally running into people that had the results that i wanted normally when you go ahead and live a different life guess who you find the other people that also didn’t want this and ended up also living the life but they’re 10 20 30 years ahead of you and when i started meeting these people

They were all these like internet marketing gurus like underground behind the scenes kind of like illuminati millionaires in the make money online space i started spending a lot of time with them why because they had more money than me they were a lot wiser than me they had more experience than me and here was i had having no like long-term business model possible

To go out and build just now spending more time around them now again you cannot connect the dots looking forward you could only connect to looking back and it was around this time where i was like okay i see these people i will do nothing else but give them value now this is kind of like the hardest thing for me right because when you want to make 10 grand in a

Single month it already comes from a taking attitude it’s like here is the world with money how can i take ten thousand dollars from the world but it’s obviously a complete different way of thinking when you go out and get into this process now i did this on accident didn’t know i was going to make millions of dollars from these interactions right what i did know

Is i knew i couldn’t take from them because then they would just kind of like oust me from their circle right all i knew is if i wanted 10 grand from either them or the world or people i need to give them more value than that right so at that point i was wrong by all these multi-millionaires and i was like okay all i was thinking about is what is their main problem

What is their main challenge in life is it health is it wealth is it love do they need help with logistics do they need help with marketing do they need help with for example facebook ads do they need help with like personal branding do they need help with like youtube videos they need help with their health their fitness are they trying to lose weight are they

Trying to get chiseled are they trying to you know find the love of their life are they just trying to have fun are they trying to go out and party there is some type of painport that they have i remember spending the longest time just kind of there was like about five of them and each one of them i realized that there was a different pain point so i found a way

To kind of like add value to them in certain parts it’s either if they wanted to go ahead and for example start dating i literally started finding out what their dream girl was and i went out and tried finding them and tried introducing them if they were trying to lose weight i was like okay let’s go to the gym if they were just trying to make money or build a

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Personal brand i was like all right let me help you in any possible way and before you know it because i didn’t ask anything i just started building up this social capital with all these people now fast forward a couple months and each one of these people ended up bringing to me a ten thousand dollar a month opportunity in that period where i can make ten thousand

Dollars in a single month with just one simple opportunity based off of skill sets that i already had or i acquired on accident by just having this problem-solving mindset of what is their problem how can i solve it learn the skills to solve it or for example find somebody to help them right and kind of just like arbitrage the the value right and at that moment

Like i remember one deal made me like for example five thousand dollars in a single month another deal made me like ten thousand dollars in a single month another year another one maybe 300 grand right in like a very short amount of time another deal lilly made me a million dollars in a single year right and all of that actually happened after fram for example you

Know me building those connections and and those networks right now here is like the funny part right especially when you want to go ahead and make money fast at that moment it’s very easy to get into shiny object syndrome so whenever i made a bunch of money i always tried then doing something else or doing something else when i should have just stayed in that one

Avenue right and literally when you stay in that avenue you find out exactly what works you then start realizing okay well who are the people that already served now that i have credibility where then i could just kind of go ahead and network with all of their friends because wealthy people are surrounded by more wealthy people right so obviously if you do really

Work good work with one person that has a lot of money the odds of you being able to go ahead and do the exact same thing to all of their friends is just allowing you to go ahead and make more money so literally that’s what i’m doing kind of right now right the reason why i’m making this video is because the other day i have this inkling of i was like oh i want to

Do this i want to do that i want to do this i want to do that and this shiny objects in your room is very apparent to anyone that wants to make money not just online but in general and it’s very hard to actually get focused and stick on one thing instead of kind of like bouncing around and doing a bunch of these things right and when i started realizing that it was

Very simple it’s like okay well who are the people that i naturally find very easy to go at and help and make money with and how do i identify all of those people that are just like them where do they go where do they hang out what forms do they go out and hang out with what events do they go ahead and go to because of the fact that i have a really big handful of

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People that i gave a lot of value to it’s very easy now for me to go to their friends because i already have all the social proof i already have all the results the testimonials the people that already vouch for me and who i am and what i stand for and what i’m able to go and do and it’s very easy now to go ahead and go to every single one of those people and ask

Them if they need any help or service because look at all the people that have already done this exact same thing for right and if you are trying to go out and make ten thousand dollars a month you don’t need to go ahead and move to asia you don’t need to go ahead and do all these things all you got to do is if you can identify one person that has a lot of money

In your already local area or around the people that you already know think your uncles your aunts uh your friends your friends uncles your friends uh wealthy family members uh you know doctors dentist lawyers people that already make six seven figures i remember i had this friend that i met in high school we were just smoking hookah when we were younger right he

Introduced me to one of his friends like uncles or whatever and he owned all these chains of local tanning salons and out of nowhere just like that here was this multi-millionaire and i was like okay i just got to give value to this person so you don’t have to leave like you’re your area right you don’t know but where you lived living where you live you just don’t

Know exactly how to talk to them you don’t know exactly where to find them there’s literally people that are very very successful there that are making millions that live in the nice neighborhoods that are living the life that you want in gated communities where kids go into like private schools you need to find a way to get access to those people because of the

Fact that they have the money i’m going to go ahead and spend on something that they have a problem with and if you could find yourself getting those circles like i said like i did this going to asia but i also did this in my local area in the suburbs of chicago what is stopping you and if you want to make ten thousand dollars a month the fastest again identify

We’re all the six seven and eight figure business owners where do they live where do they work what businesses do they run find out the big problems that they have and create a service to solve it create a product to solve that or partner with somebody who already knows those skill sets which you don’t actually have to need to know and then for example go ahead

And do a service for them guys but obviously if your goal is to just make 10 grand in a single month and you want the fastest and easy way of this year where you want to do it online instead of offline that makes you sign up for this week’s free workshop below check out this video on this podcast studio see you guys later

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