Hi there my name is richard mcmahon from the interview training website and in a second i’m going to walk through this door and undertake a final interview so i’ve already undertaken several interviews with this company and i’ve got through to the final interview so if you have a final interview coming up for any role or any organization make

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You very much let’s walk through the door and pass the final interview here we go come here hi there hi rachel hello nice to see you my name is richard nice to see you again thank you very much good to see you again richard as you know my name is joshua today i’ve brought along the company owner andrew who’s going to help me undertake the interview with you

Andrew’s going to start off with the first interview question what would you do in the first 30 days of starting in the role so i already have a plan in place of what i will do within the first 30 days of starting the first thing i will do is sit down with my manager to obtain a brief of what he or she wanted me to achieve within the role this would be important

Because it would give me clear objectives of what i would need to do in the position i would then spend some time formulating a concise plan of action for myself and this would determine the exact steps i would need to follow to reach my objectives i would then spend some time getting to know my team it would be important to introduce myself to my co-workers find

Out their strengths and that would then also enable me to determine how i can help the team achieve its wider objectives finally i would set to work on numerous important projects and tasks to show you what i am capable of and also to help the organization move forward from a commercial and financial perspective thank you for that answer can you tell me about

Time we experienced conflict in a previous position when i first started working in my previous role i was attending an important team meeting now during this team meeting we were required to discuss the different ways that we were going to complete a project and i had numerous ideas and suggestions for helping us to achieve our objectives however every time i

Put forward an idea a senior member of the team kept being dismissive of them and it appeared to me that every time i put forward an idea he would be even more dismissive now i never said anything during the team meeting because i didn’t want to be disruptive and i wanted to come across in a professional manner however once the team meeting was over i spoke to

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Him in private and i asked him in a professional and respectful way why he kept being dismissive of my ideas now he said to me that he wasn’t aware that he was being dismissive however i am glad that i spoke to him about it because moving forward he asked me to contribute more during every team meeting that i attended and i actually built up a really good working

Relationship with him so i was glad that i spoke to him in private about my concerns and i believe that i have the professionalism and maturity to deal with any conflict as and when it occurs tell me three positive things about you and free negative i would say the three positive things about me include number one i am commercially aware so that means i understand

That for your business to continually succeed it needs people like me to do their jobs properly and to grow within their roles number two i am the type of person who will always take ownership of difficult challenges and problems i will never shy away from a problem within a team or within the company and number three i am very positive about change i understand that

For a company to always be able to beat its competitors you need to implement change and all staff need to embrace it in respect to the negative things having reviewed my own performance in the past i would say number one i tend to get embarrassed quite easily number two i find it difficult letting go of projects so whenever i’m involved in a project i get really

Immersed in it and i find it hard letting go however i am trying to be more mindful in those situations and to let the project go and to move on to the next one and finally number three i would say that i am too hard on myself and i tend to worry too much those are the three negative things about me but as i said i am being more mindful in those situations and i’m

The type of person who will always take on constructive feedback and look to improve okay next question if we gave the job to you but you soon realized it wasn’t what you expected what would you do that won’t happen and the reason why it won’t happen is because i spent quite a lot of time studying the job advert the job description and the person specification

So i am very confident that i already have the skills the qualities the experience and the knowledge to be able to contribute to the team and to perform consistently to a really good standard i also enjoy this type of work so i will never get bored and i will always look for different ways to progress in the role and take on different duties and responsibilities

I also spent time researching your company your products and services are outstanding i’ve even tried them myself so i know that everything you do is with good intentions and your standards are high and i will also feel proud to work for your company so that would never happen i’m confident of that okay next question what would you do if you didn’t get on with

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Somebody in your team if ever i found myself in that type of situation i would take action take positive steps to put it right as soon as possible because i think it’s in the best interest that we all get on together as a team because that helps us to be more productive i would assess my own performance i would assess my own actions to see whether i was saying

Anything or doing anything that was impinging on our ability to have a positive relationship i would then speak to them in private to find out if we could come up with a way an amicable way that we could move forward positively and i would suggest perhaps that we should work together closely together on a task or project because that would help to improve our

Relationship and i would also perhaps suggest that we should meet up outside of work for a coffee or a drink to build up a common connection that would help to improve our relationship at work so whatever happens i would take positive steps to improve the working relationship the next question is what is your greatest achievement at work i would say my greatest

Achievement was winning a really important sales contract for my previous employer now we won the contract by sitting down as part of a team first of all and deciding what it was we were going to do to win this contract and throughout the process we put the needs of the client first and that was crucial to our success we then allocated team tasks based on each

Individual strengths and we worked tirelessly together to win the sales contract and on the day that the manager came into our office to tell us we’d won the contract it was a brilliant feeling and it was a great achievement because the competition that we were up against was fierce and it was also more importantly a brilliant financial boost for our employer why

Do you want to leave your job i want to leave my job simply because i feel it is time for a change my employer has been fantastic they’ve been very supportive of me and we’ve achieved many great things together however i feel i have so much more to offer and i want to work for a new organization such as yours that has exciting ambitious plans for the future and

Also within this role where i feel i will be pushed and challenged which is important to me i want to feel like i am constantly growing within the role that i occupy and i’ve been attracted to your company for some time now so as soon as i saw the job advertised i knew that i was going to apply okay next question what’s your biggest weakness i believe my biggest

Weakness is the fact that i am not yet very confident at public speaking speaking in front of large groups of people however this is an area that i do genuinely want to improve in and if there are any opportunities within this role where i could carry out presentations or talk to larger groups of people then i would certainly take on that challenge i’ve already

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Been trying to improve in this area and i did enroll onto an online training course through the website that has been teaching me how to improve my presentation skills so i do want to improve in this area why should we choose you over the other candidates i believe you should choose me for seven reasons the first reason is i already have the relevant

Skills the qualities the knowledge and the experience to come into the position to get up to speed quickly and to start contributing to the businesses objectives the second reason is everything that i possess professionally is a match for the job description the third reason is i have a track record of achievement so i guarantee to you that everything i do within

This role will be aimed at helping your organization to be successful from a commercial and financial perspective the fourth reason is i am commercially aware as i mentioned previously i understand that you taking me on in this role is an investment and i need to repay that on a monthly basis by carrying out work that is productive and that helps your company

Beat its competitors the fifth reason why you should choose me is because i am the type of person who will always go above and beyond what is expected so any duties or responsibilities that you need me to do that fall outside of the job description i will take them on willingly the sixth reason is i am positive about change as i mentioned previously i understand

How important change is i will embrace it and i will encourage other people in the team to do the same and finally number seven i am the type of person who will always improve so i will take responsibility for my ongoing continuous professional development thank you okay thank you richard that’s the end of the interview we’ll be in touch shortly with the result

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