Finding rare cars in abandoned barn at garage sell | Farming Simulator 22

We go to a garage sell to try and buy race cars, monster trucks and more! We use our hot air balloon to fly there and buy an abandoned barn! What do we get inside the mystery barn?

Let’s have got new hands guys you wanna check them out look at these things look at those bad boys oh he’s ready hey don’t pop our hot air balloon though no no no so today hudson and i are going to a garage sale where we’re gonna buy who knows what i’m not too sure exactly what we’re gonna get there might be lamborghinis there might be monster trucks there might

Be nothing or there might be a hot air balloon just like this we actually got one of these in abandoned barn so today we’re gonna go buy one see what we can get and hopefully get some really cool stuff for cheap right yeah you excited it’s actually right here look look look look so these barns down here that huge house there’s a bunch of people there we’re gonna

Go buy some of that stuff are this is the fastest hot air balloon ever oh that is this our car we just ran into the church well i mean um no this isn’t our car it’s our hot air balloon but we really need to own this yeah this is ours we got it we got it in an abandoned barn i’m gonna park it i’m gonna park it on the church i’m gonna try and parking on the church

Without popping it oh oh no no no oh no oh no oh well oh no is it gonna blow up on us oh no watch out over didn’t pop it we did not pop the hot air balloon but i feel like we almost did sir please don’t steal it please don’t steal our hot air balloon let’s go to our house oh he’s going to church oh he’s definitely not gonna steal then oh he left he didn’t go to

Church he changed his mind at the last second maybe he was hungry or he had to go the restroom i’m not sure so we’re gonna go back to our house now dear stay just okay you can go over there that’s a dairy went through the fence not to our hot air balloon now we’re gonna go get one of our trucks we’re just gonna run home i guess okay we finally made it back home

So if we do have a little boy yes in our last abandoned barn we got this little boy and we got that hot air balloon which i feel like was pretty good not worth a lot of money but it was fun we got some fun things but we’re gonna take this off for now it was better than the hot air the little boy is not better than the hot air balloon guys what what’s better the

Hot air balloon or the little boy i like the hot air balloon i like the shoe could pick it up and it dries true that’s pretty cool well you can’t pick up an air balloon if you guys want a hot air balloon give this video a thumbs up just like that letting us know if you’re on my side and you’re like a hot air balloon but i guess also if you like a little boy you can

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Give the video a thumbs up too right yes so please do that we would appreciate it are you ready to go sir click that bell and that bell follow the channel all that good stuff you ready to go yes me too let’s go check it out let’s go see what they have hopefully get something good buy an abandoned barn maybe we get something good out of it that’s what i’m hoping for

At least i can see our hot air balloon over there still that’s a good sign that means no one has stole it and it hasn’t happened it’s almost bigger than the truck it is almost bigger than the church that thing is ginormous oh there’s a lot of people here well same color but his truck is i actually think his truck’s a little cooler isn’t it okay i’m gonna park our

Truck and trailer right here for now let’s go see what we got okay so this is a garage sale you can see everything that they’re selling here but in the barns over there we can’t check it out we have to buy it and see what’s inside oh so they got some cars um any of this yeah i’m not really big on those you like this one yes okay maybe we can see what they want

For this i i don’t like that ma’am what do you what are we doing down there man you’re checking out the truck seeing if that’s really what you want okay i mean that’s fine too i guess oh is she texting down there yeah maybe or maybe she’s taking out of the sun because it’s so hot i think that’s what she’s doing okay they got like an old school car here that’s kind

Of cool why do they have poison yeah why are y’all selling poison i feel like we need to buy one of these you wanna buy one of these why i mean who knows i mean if they’re cheap i think we buy one looks like these guys are interested in this looks like they got themselves some pitchforks y’all are a little scary oh you got yourself a broom should we buy a broom

No yeah i don’t think it’s just a waste of money yeah that is pretty oh birthday cake no that’s just noise okay also a waste of money what do we got in here a bunch of tools yeah none of the stuff i really want i don’t think they’re selling what’s inside right well this is a nice painting this one what about this one what about this one okay fine uh that one oh

Okay fine it looks like hudson doesn’t want any of this stuff you just want to spend all of our money on an abandoned barn and see what’s inside of it can i try and buy this please no i really want to buy that let’s go look at a bargain we want to buy deal okay okay all right we’re gonna go check out what farm you want come back and buy it and see what we get inside

Hopefully we get something really good really cool that’s what i’m hoping for at least delicious like hey we have bought in one of these silos before and we had hay inside okay so here’s one you want to know what i’m thinking so here’s kind of what i’m thinking so it looks like this may be where all their farm stuff is so i bet there’s gonna be tractors and stuff

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Inside these barns yeah i think maybe we go to these over here we’re trying to trick us or they’re trying to trick us that is a good point that is always the hard part about these things i like just figuring it out maybe this is just a stack of money in here i’m just thinking that since this is with the farm stuff there’s probably farm stuff in those that’ll be my

Guess my guess is is like there’s very good stuff like because they won’t feel like we’re gonna get that one because it looks all junky or we can buy these two barns maybe one of these also this one is a little bigger which means it might have tractors and equipment no it’s kind of like where’s this one might have something good in it too hudson so we have four barns

The red one the silver one or one of these two if you were to pick one which one are you thinking you can only buy one you are only allowed to buy one barn so pick wisely hudson because if we get a bad one it’s all on you which one are you thinking i think this one right here by our trailer because i think these are going to be farm stuff these i think might not be

Farm stuff i think our best bet is one of these two i feel like my best that one was there which one the red one yeah yeah actually i changed my mind i want this one you want this one right here now yes okay i’m thinking this little one right here what about you yeah okay you sure deal okay let’s go buy it okay let’s go buy that barn see what we get hopefully we

Get something good so if we buy this we’re gonna buy two of those no we’re gonna buy just the left barn oh you’re gonna buy both maybe we could buy both we’ll have to ask them okay okay we want to buy a we want to buy one of those abandoned barns oh you buy an abandoned barn you get one of these for free look at that hudson we bought an abandoned barn and i got my

Poison i look at that i got my ax no you poked a hole in it yeah now you’re gonna kill all his grass well at least he didn’t fall in his lake that would have been bad i guess we’re not getting the poison hudson destroyed the barrel i’m ready to open this up are you okay hopefully it’s something good we can start a new business with it anything everything something

Good okay okay what do we got oh we got a police barn we got a police barn well i think it kind of seems like we’re gonna be police officers now hudson we got a police car an ambulance a pretty cool ford raptor police truck i kind of like that that’s kind of cool a police motorcycle and another motorcycle what would you rate this barn out of ten one a one okay

Let’s at least try this stuff out before we give it a one okay we could go give out some tickets and make some money and maybe buy another barn yes i rate all of this this one won that one won the vice zero oh this thing’s kind of fast though okay i like this cop car this is an amazing cop car you know how much tickets we can give with this thing here’s what i want

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Okay what do you want the four so you want this on the ford raptor yes oh this thing is so fast listen we can give out a lot of tickets with this earn some money you wanna try but this is my car this is your car did i get the ford raptor then did you get both you get you get huge cycles and the ambulance but you’re just destroying their sunflower field wait there’s

A hot air balloon are you gonna give this ready guy a ticket all right sir looks like you are the first ticket first ticket of the day goes to you sir in the red vehicle why are you speeding do we give them a ticket or we let him go i feel like we always give these guys tickets no no it’s the twins isn’t it why is it always the twins it’s always the twins twin

Number one where’s your where’s twin number two is that gonna be twin number two if that’s twin number two we’re giving him a ticket deal if that is your twin it’s ticket sir if this is your twin you’re both getting a ticket because you were speeding too okay give them tickets nope twin give them a ticket give this one a ticket what about the other guy another

Twin it’s another twin give him a ticket too give him no twin nope i’m i gave him throw it throw it in his window there you go okay you’re free to go now we’ve given you three tickets now no more speeding oh another guy i mean just throw it throw it in his car as you’re right throw it we’ve had some fun in the fast cop car now hudson wants to try out the ford

Raptor truck let’s see how this thing is and the other one those things a little slow it’s not exactly the fastest one but i guess it’s probably good for maybe chasing people off-road right yeah let’s test it out you test it out off-road yeah it is here you go you almost should drive it oh what do you think about this one like i made it it’s a pretty good like

Off-road truck yeah you know i make it um faster when i do it yeah you do you make it a lot faster what that was your fault so now it’s my fault yes you are driving no you know you like thank you guys for watching we had a decent barn out of 10 what do you what would you rate it one a one out of ten so not very good thank you guys for watching if you enjoyed the

Video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel and until next time make sure you guys thumbs up like like subscribe for more videos bye

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Finding rare cars in abandoned barn at garage sell | Farming Simulator 22 By Hudson’s Playground Gaming