FinTech and Wealth Management Trends

Informa Financial Intelligence Head of Zephyr Chris Volpe joins Jill Malandrino on Nasdaq #TradeTalks to discuss #FinTech and wealth management trends.

Welcome to nasdaq trade talks i’m jill melandrino global markets reporter at nasdaq joining us for this segment we have chris volpe head of zephyr in form of financial intelligence to discuss why advisors need a fintech platform that provides quality data robust analytics and reporting and research chris it is great to have you with us welcome to trade talks thanks

Jill it’s great to be here really appreciate the opportunity and the time all right you got it no matter the client or retiree or millennial beneficiary of the great wealth transfer advisors with a platform that can physically show their value instead of only speaking to it have an advantage explain to us why that is i think you could boil it down to into two

Sort of key uh key themes right one is competition which is big right now you could transfer your assets from one advisor to another um by signing it and an advisor would not know until the assets are gone right and i think you know that increasingly becomes important as that wealth transfer happens right as people pass on their wealth or pass on their assets

To somebody else if there’s no relationship with the existing advisor the odds of keeping that at keeping those assets with them drops really dramatically so i think competition is is is a big one i think the other the other thing that we’re seeing is we’re seeing a lot of um a lot more changes now that the market has become volatile right when when securities

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Are just going up and it seems like there’s no end you’re always happy with your advisor right there’s no need to shop around there’s no need to watch commercials look at costs or anything like that now that that has changed right we’re seeing more and more advisors looking at retention um as much as they are if not more in some cases than acquiring new business

That’s a great point that you make tell us about your platform and the solutions you provide so um zephyr uh provides different solutions for different different asset management and wealth management based on the circumstances our flagship platform allows advisors and asset managers to really dig into a client’s portfolio dig into their goals and create client

Engagement presentations digital whatever in order to make sure that that that client feels like a they’re understood which is incredibly important b that the advisor does continue to to look out for them um and makes it easy for them to keep in touch and reinforcing the goals of why they brought that advisor in the first place and what that advisor is doing for

Them so it’s really um a tool that allows uh to enhance client engagement across the board and chris let’s shift gears for a moment and talk about esg of course a big trend um in the investment industry esg investing has been growing significantly over the past few years what issues has this created with defining what esg is and with the investment process yeah

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Esg is fascinating in a lot of ways right the the concept of it in and of itself is is just so broad and so um um inclusive that um it’s really it really is just fascinating you know a couple of the problems that people are facing today one is everybody has their own um esg ratings right every everybody hasn’t has any sg rating and what they’re based on changes

From um one rating organization to another to you know whatever and and so i think people struggle a little bit with being able to actually assign what an esg rating is and what it isn’t um for that matter i think there is a lot of opportunity um for people out there i also think that you know i’m sure you’ve heard the term greenwashing right just because somebody

Says it’s an esg investment or somebody says it’s good for the environment um doesn’t necessarily make it so and there are a lot of things that go into any a lot of of kpis or a lot of decision points that go into that definition and that rating right so being able to truly understand uh what an esg rating is comprised of is a challenge in the marketplace today

Where are investors gravitating when it comes to esg investing um wow um good question i think um you know first off you if we we we’re hearing defined the definitive definition of esg is is changing a little bit right it used to be or or when it first when you first start talking about it it’s oh esg here’s my esg rating right what we’re seeing is people are

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Moving more towards um you know the thematic investing right i don’t necessarily just want my portfolio or some of my portfolio to be you know have a high esg rating i want to actually stop global warming or i want to help with income inequality i want to help with you know specific areas and they want their portfolios at least at some level to match what their

Personal personal values are right there’s always you know there’s always other things that go on top of that right it’s not just about esg there’s there’s performance there’s goals there’s you know really there’s a lot that goes into the creation and maintenance of a portfolio esg is one piece of that but like i said what we’re seeing is more and more people are

Looking for a little bit more of a theme associated with it than just hey i want to be green all right chris we appreciate the insight thanks for joining us on trey talks i’m joe melandrino global markets reporter at nasdaq

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