FPA KwikPen demo

Video demonstration on how to use the KwikPen. The KwikPen is used to inject several types of insulin marketed in the USA as Humalog, Humulin N, Humalog 75/25, Humalog 50/50, and Humulin 70/30.

Hi my name is heidi and i’m a pharmacist and today we’re going to be talking about the quick pen when you receive your quick pens you’ll see there several parts there’s a cap and this covers the vial that has the insulin in it and it also covers an area on which you’re going to put a pen needle to inject your dose then on the other side here you can see there’s a

Window and there are numbers and those numbers represent how many units of insulin you’re intending to inject there’s a dial and this dial moves the the numbers through the window and you can dial up the amount of insulin you intend to inject and then there’s a plunger on the end and at this set once you figure out how many units you’re going to inject you press

Down on the plunger and this will inject your dose so when you’re ready to use insulin first examine the insulin and make sure it looks normal to you so sometimes insulin is clear at which point you’re ready to go you don’t need to mix it or anything if you have cloudy insulin such as a 70/30 insulin inspected if it’s not quite completely continuous in appearance

You’re going to mix it between your hands like this you’re just going to mix it until the insulin looks uniform in color and appearance that’s usually about 10 to 15 seconds so when you’re ready to inject first grab your pen needle attach the pen needle to the top of the pen by carefully pressing down on the top first and then screwing it on and once you feel a

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Little bit of resistance that means that the needle is all the way on you can pull off the outer cap which you’re going to save for later and then remove the inner cap which you can throw away and then under the inner cap you can see the needle before injecting your dose it’s important that you primed the needle every time this is to make sure both that you’re

Getting your correct dose and also to make sure that your pen is working correctly so to prime you’re going to dial up the dose of two units so you’re just going to twist the pen until it says two in the window with arrow pointing to two and then on the table in front of you or above the trash or however you’d like to do it you’re just going to push the insulin

Out so you press on the end here and you should hopefully see at least a drop of insulin on the end if you don’t see that it might be on that you have a new pen and there’s just a little bit of a bubble on the top you can prime again so it can pull it up to two units again and then press down and do this two to three times especially if it’s a new insulin pen

Until you see the insulin if you’ve done this multiple times and you’re not seeing any insulin come out talk to your pharmacist your pen might not be working correctly so this pen is working fine so we’re now ready to inject our insulin dose so at this point i’m going to dial it up to 10 units which is my insulin dose so i dial until i see a 10 in the window with

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The arrow pointing to 10 and then i’m going to inject either into the abdomen or the thigh or the arm the back of the arm they’re going in at a 90 degree angle sticking the kneel in until it’s flush pressing down on end so don’t twist the end at this point press down and then hold it in for about 10 seconds to make sure you get your dose and then carefully pull

Straight out so then you are done injecting your dose there is one last step to make sure that you dispose of your sharps correctly so the needle needs to go back into the outer cap we do that by scooping they needle back into the cap and then wants videos all the way in you can screw the needle off safely so that you don’t stab yourself the needle then goes in a

Sharps container and once the sharps container is full then contact your garbage disposal company to ask how they prefer that you dispose of your sharps container and then you can also just recap your quick plan if you have more questions about the quick pen please contact your pharmacist or doctor thank you you

Transcribed from video
FPA KwikPen demo By FPA Network