Full Match Highlights | Lahore Qalandars vs Karachi Kings | Final Match | HBL PSL 2020 | MB2L

Full Match Highlights | Lahore Qalandars vs Karachi Kings | Final Match | HBL PSL 2020 | MB2L

The highlights of the psl final it was one of the biggest rivalries who went head to head it was the karachi kings versus the lapor calendars from the national stadium karachi you are watching these highlights on the pakistan super league youtube page it was the same pitch as eliminator 2 where the colunders beat the multan sultans to reach their first final

The lahore calendars won the toss and they decided to have a bat first the law played the same side that beat the multan sultans on the pitch and one change for the karachi kings umad asif came in for wayne parnell hear the highlights of the first innings is and if you’re not going to come down and get to the pitch of it then maybe go deep in your crease

Look goes back a little bit of bounce cut away short wide thrash to the offside he’s away with the boundary beautiful shot sensational shot pace a little bit of bounce sits in his crease times it this is what makes him such a good player and i’m thankful that that little conversation with him hasn’t affected him well they’ll be happy so far man down the

Drag pumps it over one by four good shot to save the single now obviously he’s set his stall out as a batsman to get into the overwhelm and let’s talk about getting into the overwhelm as a batsman it’s about trying to hit a boundary in the first two two ball sunrise targets that’s a good shot into the gap picked up the slow ball very early and the timing was

There as well big shot great shot six wink with the spin wind ariel went high gets the six gets lahar calendars 1250 mark as well yeah i said they have to do the running here he kept running down the crease but he still maintains the shape again tommy mcfall great exponent playing against pin he doesn’t try and overheat it okay the extension of the arms gives

Themselves some room and really well played almost done in flight not a bad delivery but a really brave lovely timing into the gap and earns himself a boundary this is classy stuff from the left-hander so we’ve seen tamim to be glorious over long off and then you’ve seen this beautiful cut shot up and over slashed away it’s not straight out of the middle of

The back and that’s because of the surface but the intent was there and the boundary has come it’s up in the air short side but not short enough the catch is taken yeah very nice catch there and the iron man lifts his shirt up he’s inspired by iron man and he always does that a very good athlete i think he’s hold out again two fielders converging if

The car that’s brilliant that’s a really really good catch really good catch it looked as though he’d overrun it fantastic day he’s having he ran all the way you saw the other ring fielder coming in from square lake would have been slightly simpler for him but if the car overran that let’s go straight up in the air and that’s going to be another one it’s the

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End of mohammed a fees and that’s three wickets in the space of a couple of overs for the karachi kicks down the track getting it on the toe end of the bat and another jubilee safe hands cat this time by barbara azam again the catching has been good making no mistake again short got this time glove on it oh bit of bad and races away arshad iqbal is encouraged by

That last dismissal of summer patel he again packs it in short and the shackles have been broken it’s been a while since you’ve seen the valentine across the seam getting that extra bounce again heavy club on it and fortunate because that’s carried it all the way past the wicked keeper and down to the boundary for four too short nicely played over the top just

Guided it and a welcome boundary that shot over lens again and it’s been skied midwicket comes in taken barbarism with another catch knows there’s not much time left in the ceiling he’s got to get after it he looks composed under the ball but to get there his feet move really quickly great body position four was left we know david wiesa can absolutely crash

It that’s the four 100 comes up lovely piece of timing from visa what’s going up in the air is somebody calling for it is it going to be hell taken beautifully here running catch it’s a great catch for the final rutherford takes a blinder big boundary into the pitch and backed up by some excellent catching it’s skyed up in the air who’s going to call for

It and beautifully taken by the car that’s the second catch of the evening third catch of the evening that’s gone all the way for six good connection good hit some respect for lahore calendars twenty thousand rupees donation from go low for every six trying sharp really that was his first ball we think about his bowling well that’s such a good shot in

The end that really is magic from shine shafri the guy who doesn’t really know how to bat properly at times he’s turning it on do you know what i was just about to say rammy’s what is somebody at six foot five going doing this for why you just hit it out the ground that is absolutely exceptional full delivery two is the call we size off from the non-strikers

And they get the second run quite easily so it’s not a bad end to the innings have they got enough that is the big question and query so having chosen to bat they only got 234 for seven top scorer tami mcbell with 35 from 38 not a good total and they got there with also 14 extras good bowling from the karate kings one for six for the captain off his two overs

Pick really was uh two for 18. a couple of wickets for arshad and umed who came in for wayne parnell two for 18. so it was quite simple for the karachi kings to win their first pakistan super league they needed 135 runs to win here the highlights of that second innings the international streaming as well going on uh the youtube pakistan super league official

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Glorious absolutely glorious we’re talking about a guy who’s who’s been at the leaderboard now for about good two years in t20 cricket and if you were puzzled wise getting runs is a great example of why it’s been so good conventional that is what he mentioned in our brief interview when he was part at deep point wow it had that wow factor didn’t it that is

Simply spectacular from barber classical barbarism power drive it doesn’t get better than that uh to the pitch of the ball driven beautifully through the line the poise and balance because the quicker you bowl the more that ball will hit the fence yeah both seamers pitching the ball up i think they’re trying to look for the swing but nothing really happening

For them it’s too far outside of stump too full and all sharjeel had to do is get back on that into the gap and four beautifully struck by shirjeel okay is the call will this be taken and beautifully held magnificent running catch among their taking it outstandingly well jubilee safe this ball set up to be hit for a six he just didn’t have the connection

And up have a look at this great catch what a fantastic day the lahore kalanders are having well all in all the catching has been fantastic for her does also have the highest catches of the tournament sweeping away square and hard time don’t mind it he’s absolutely smoked that one is away this goes across near this future it almost carried all the way a

Skimmer one bounced into the bed strike rate 137 good work really good work down there on the fence he’s gone really quickly bottom of the bat and quite fine artistro picked it up left-handed sundridge smart fielding oh he’s got him what a ripper that is a beauty from dilbar just rolling his fingers over this meant that it turned back bounce hit the top of

Middle oh well played he is in a different league he really is incredible i’m going to ask you because i can talk over this and what a great shot i’m going to ask you as a batsman how difficult is he when you see the ball go into the wicket to then change like that he looked like he was about to pull the first thought for me who’s going to pull this delivery

And he’s just helped on its way that is really really difficult oh god fine for four this is excellent batting beautifully placed this is ability to pick up length early and to beat the field he plays all his shots mostly into the gaps pulls it beautifully this time he picks it up early crashes it into the fence it’s a 50 for barbarism what a role he’s

Playing in this ranches magnificent batting what a player he is he was quick to pounce on that picked it up early and managed to hit in front of square he’s got the most runs of the tournament most runs in t20 this year and brings up yet another 50. that’s gone fine and given by the empire so they’ve got a great result here was there a little bit of bat involved

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He’s going to ask his partner checkmate walton what to do delivery again and there wasn’t much of an appeal from the bowler for some odd reason that seems to be plump in front of the stumps in the air has he got enough of it he definitely has and it all just bounce once and go for four they’re 11 runs away from their first title 124 for three 11 runs needed

For karachi kings and he’s chipped it and has that meaning yes it has so if the cars just shipped it to visa and harris grove has a wicket and he just punches it to david visa good catch low down we’ve seen some good catches tonight on both sides should have perhaps gone through with it it’d have gone over mid on once again another champion another wicket on

A hat-trick harris rowe is on a hat-trick again into the surface maybe just sits up a little bit because oh defends the hat-trick ball two and two for highest row but he’ll need a couple more it’s a bit of a test though yeah again just chipped tried to use the pace stuck in the surface flicked in the air time well will this go to the fence boundary leaves

All the pressure just outside lakestone watch the timing beautiful timing no person in front of square times they through the offside and imagine has led karachi kings to psl5 victory for them the boy from lahore barbara azam has made sure that they don’t mess this up this has been one head of achievement all hail the new kings of bsn from karachi kings what

A performance or what a performance it was from babar zam who led his team home 63 from 49 it was excellent 22 from chadwick just released a little bit of pressure captain who finished off with 10 70 and they got there with eight balls to spare 135 for five it’s a difficult night for the calendars bowlers they tried their hardest harris ralph was the pick with

His pace 2 for 30 and a couple of wickets for dilbar as well 2 for 28 but with his performance of 63 from 49 it was no shock that barbara zam was named player of the match in the final of the 2020 pakistan super league it’s the calendars who won the toss and simply wasn’t enough 134 for seven great from maxoud with two for eleven the pick was who made with two for

Eighteen what a performance that was having been brought in the expense of wayne parnell and in reply the karachi klings got there with uh eight balls to spare 135 for five and they won by five wickets karate kings claimed their first hbl psl trophy thanks for joining us and see you again soon you were watching these highlights on the pakistan super league youtube channel you

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Full Match Highlights | Lahore Qalandars vs Karachi Kings | Final Match | HBL PSL 2020 | MB2L By Pakistan Super League