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Hello friends good morning welcome back to our channel alp talks this is your lakshmipathy today i am here to discuss about one of the good data type in excel that is related to stock market so let’s dig into it work with the stocks learn how to use stocks data type which lets you get stock prices and other useful information right away just let’s go so this is

The thing have you ever wanted up-to-date stock information in excel this is possible to do when you use stock data type there is no need to enter anything manually by observing so many internet data you can simply use stock stock data type it will take care everything for you it will fetch every data from national stock exchanges international stock exchanges

Data it’s very easy so only thing you have to do is enter the company name what you want that’s it nothing else for example here you can see these are the four uh company names so microsoft nike and boeing and starbucks we have the company names and this is their price this is a change in price so this is our trade time last trade time this is a 52 week high

This is a 52 week low yes there are many other things you can you can need so those also available only thing is you have to make it like stock market like you have to make it like stocks so let’s see how we are making it so here you can check when you use stocks data type in columns of cells you can extract financial information like price change etc from

That column and use it in other columns so the cells in this first column use the stock data type so this is the stock data type company these things are this only column b is a stock data type remaining are all extracted based on this data so on these cells extract financial information from the cells in the first column so that’s the thing here you can see

Company name and price so it’s automatic there is no need to do anything manual only thing you have to do is use your brain to decide whether to involve in this uh trading a particular transaction or not that’s it nothing else the data is accurate yeah there is a option for refresh also so you don’t worry about whether it is updating or not you can hit refresh

And you can take the decision it’s very nice tool yeah and of course the data is refreshable yeah that’s what i’m saying it’s refreshable yeah we can refresh it for example you can simply come to if you are in home tab simply come to data tab and then simply fresh refresh all so it will take care everything for you everything for you otherwise we can click on uh

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So you can select all the things and we can click on here refresh that also okay so at the same time here data type you can click on refresh that option also okay you can do whatever is convenient to you it everything will be updated automatically for example here we have the company names stock data type for this company names so mf msft nke ba sb ux these

Are the uh tickers into these cells we type attackers into these cells so microsoft nike boeing and starbucks so yeah these are well-known companies so let’s try what it is so only thing you have to do is just select everything go to the stock here here you have stock information that’s it so you can see now everything converted into stocks right you are able to

See right so now you can click little bit so that you can fill the entire row yeah that’s it it’s very nice so i’m moving to next so like this if you click on the stock the data will be like this yes i’m moving to the next so you can now after selecting this there will be a here you can see add column that column is uh related to many things are there here for

Example here already we added the price now we can add anything what we want for example i can add a change so one more row is added so i can add beta one more row is added i can add a description so one more row is added so this yeah it’s very nice to see employees yeah here you can see exchange here you can see headquarter here you can see high here you can

See industry what is the industry here you can see lost rate time so we can yeah yeah let’s just let’s jump into other one so here is the thing change also there yeah here is the thing we can take 52 week high 52 week low everything we can see here number of employees everything we can see yeah that’s the thing it’s very nice we can use so we have many many

Things so that’s about the guys it’s very simple tool you can also try on your own so gmt difference also there time difference between uh american otherwise a local geographical time difference also some the situations are there i mean there are some people who are doing international trading yes it is banned for some places but yes still we can use that yeah

So i’m just moving to the next one yeah you can find some more good information so what i am doing is now i’m just i’m just coming to the internet here i have some hdfc names these are the indian stock exchange for example here i am entering company name company names so first name i entered hdfc second name i entered so yeah let’s see what is the case so i’m

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I’m entering i’m just copy pasting it so that it saves some time these are the some best companies in india uh with respect to the stock market best performing stock market so i’m just entering i want the industries yeah nesco yeah okay let it be so i am entering my own company name also so these are my company names i’m entering some other company names some

So so that it is good for me to to understand better yeah so i’m entering some more name okay yeah i’m not sure whether our data is available for everything or not but just let’s try it so i’m just trying now so just select everything so go to data go to in sorry just select everything and then go to data and then just click on that’s it stocks so that name

Is converted now so here we have some issue question mark is it hitachi means there are so many hitachi is there so there are so many markets so hitachi limited so there is dutch there is actually limited so i don’t want mexican i don’t want this we have to select anyone so but i think let’s select otherwise the first one okay so i selected something for italy

Now i am selecting for toshiba for toshiba also for shiva for how i think it is tokyo we have something i’m just selecting first one that’s it nothing else so this is the guy this is the thing now so what i’m going to do is i just selected so if we right click on we select everything we just select everything we can find add column here so you can simply add it

52 week high yeah that’s it 52 week low that’s it beta that’s it so i think column names are not coming by default but we can do something for that let’s try i’m not sure but let’s try for uh yeah there is something wrong so let’s try with like this whether it is okay or not i’m just selecting all the company names which i want to see okay yeah there may be

Some wrong yeah okay the field names are not clear so i’m just selecting this everything so first i need currency there are some currencies are indian iron some currencies are usd yeah so description these are the company activities here so here is the number of employees for the company here is the exchange national stock exchange yeah here is the exchange

Abbreviation here is the headquarter for that company here is the high information i mean very high value so here is a industry which industry they are here is the instrument type it is stock on something so you have many more things now it is the price what is the stock price so yeah automatically i think you know column numbers also will come but at present

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I am not able to set that so yeah so like this we can add whatever we need ticker symbol that also may be good yeah that is very simple one but it’s very nice to use yeah so i’m just selecting i’m trying to add a very low price yeah so these are some different things guys so you can use this function very well a stock function i’m just trying to take some more

Things volume year incorporated very nice so when these companies were incorporated yeah so here you can see for example i’m just checking for abb abb india limited is an indian based company which is engaged in power and automation business the company segment include power system which offers trunky systems and services for uh transmission yeah but yeah that is

The information here you can see machinery equipment components i have old ham here this is just beside my com my home place here makarpura yeah what was this is my native place my office place now yeah so this is listed on 1967. so yeah this is the guys this is the information so here the latest company is 1994 we can say hdfc bank 1994 yeah that is the latest

Company we can say the oldest company can be 1994 i think this is toshiba toshiba is the very oldest company yes guys this is about the stock information you can find latest information only thing you can just click on anything so you can get data type here also you can just show scorecard also you can see it here so here 514 rupees national stock exchange of

India a monthly fee it’s limited last date ticker symbol exchange change from previous to close so for rupees change is a percentage wise 0.79 percentage previous 510 rupees 514 high 523 so 52 weeks high 52 weeks low here also we can get most of the information whatever displayed there same will be like a scorecard also displayed let’s see for this company fb

Scorecard yeah this is 1200 rupees now yeah this is about the data type voice talk data type i hope this information is very useful yeah thank you thanks for watching if you have any comments or questions or if you need any further information please message me or comment me i am ready to provide some details thank you thanks for watching bye i hope you enjoyed

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