Get Rich FAST In GTA 5 Online – Fastest Money Making Guide 2022! (MILLIONS Every Day)

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Yo what’s up guys my name’s hackie and in this video i’m going to show you the fastest way of making money in gta 5 online no bs whatsoever if you’re looking to make a lot of money the fastest way possible this is the most effective method i like to call this the quickfire method and you’ll see why i call it the quickfire method later on it’s a really effective

Strategy and i think it’s gonna help a lot of you guys out so if this video does go on to help you out be sure to drop a like that’d be awesome also if you’re new to the channel go ahead and drop us up so you never miss any more awesome videos join the hacky army don’t forget to turn on the notification bell too while you’re at it and let’s get straight into it so

To start off we’re gonna go in our agency and let me just become a ceo or an mc president real quick i am actually in a public session although you guys can go in a solo public session or an invite invite-only session for this part you’re going to be able to do some of this in an invite only but some of it you have to be in a public session so decide whichever one

You want to be in for now now log into the computer and go into security contracts we’re going to do some nice and simple security contracts and on the bottom right you can see the different payments and the different levels for these specialists is the toughest level but i’m still going to do specialists just because it pays the most although if you want to go

For an easy one you can but it is going to pay you like 10 to 20 000 less but 56 000 it’s definitely a pretty nice amount you guys will get anywhere from like 40 to 60 000 i feel like at least most of you are so go ahead and accept this contract to start it up and now we’re gonna exit our agency i definitely recommend to get yourself a vehicle that’s going to get

You from point a to point b quick so if you want to call up a helicopter through the front desk in the agency you can do that or if you want to get an oppressor that’s also a good idea we got franklin calling us and we have to go to davis now which is not too far away sometimes it’s going to take you up to sandy shores either way it really shouldn’t take that long

If you have a good vehicle once you get to the location it’s really easy you just have to take a couple people out usually you’re just gonna be in a little shootout so we’re just gonna go inside of here and then we’re gonna be in a shootout i just got lasered right there so even if you do die don’t worry you could just respawn and go back all right so let’s press

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Right on the d-pad to unlock the warehouse doors then we’re just gonna collect the car and drive out of here and then it’s gonna be as simple as driving back to the agency this is a pretty fast car too so we won’t really have too much trouble doing it and you might have a few people chasing you that’s not a big deal and just like that within like five minutes we

Managed to complete this and we’re gonna get over fifty thousand dollars let’s drive into the yellow circle right here and that’s fifty six thousand dollars in about five minutes and while that has a cool down we’re gonna go into another job which are actually the pay phone hits if you didn’t know about the payphone hits they’re a great way of making money eighty

Five thousand dollars in like five to ten minutes no more than that once you fully complete the dr dre missions if you drive by a pay phone it’s gonna ring for you and after you’ve done one of these you could just call up franklin and request a pay phone but one actually just appeared for me on the map right here it’s gonna be a blue icon on the map so then just go

Up to it and you’re gonna go into a little animation and you could just skip this animation as well after a little bit so we got payphone hit the ceo i’ve actually played this one before it’s really easy i like to think of this one as like hitman missions you basically just go to whatever location and then assassinate a target in a specific way and the thing that

Makes this really good is the assassination bonus you guys can see on the top left right there basically to get the bonus it’s just going to give you some instructions on a specific way to take out the target and you want to get the equipment that’s marked on the map for you as well it’s like a backpack icon so then it gave us a sniper rifle although we already had

One so that’s the target right there the bonus failed but we got the payment i didn’t get the bonus in this one which is a big part of it so definitely complete it with the bonus the default payment is going to be 15 000 and that the bonus is gonna be an extra 70 000 so you definitely want to get the bonus there you go we got the 15k once again with the assassination

Bonus it’s gonna be a lot more than that it’s gonna jump up to 85 000 so now we have a cool down timer on both of those maybe the security contracts are available again but we’re going to move on to another job now so what you guys want to do register as a ceo go into the ceo many go into vip work and you guys want to start up either sightseer hostile takeover

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Headhunter or executive search so i’m just gonna do hostile takeover just as an example and then i’ll do it in lsia why not that’s a fairly close location to me right now and vip work in general is gonna tell you to go someplace holy crap i’m getting lasered and then you just have to take some people out that’s pretty much it and then we just collect the briefcase

After blowing some people up and i didn’t even have to get off my oppressor for it and then we just have to deliver the briefcase to a certain location and that’s about it that took like 30 seconds to do a vip work should take like a few minutes you guys can see on the bottom right there’s actually a 30 minute timer but it shouldn’t take anywhere near 30 minutes to

Complete if i didn’t waste like 30 seconds to a minute to get there this would have taken like two minutes but as you guys can see it’s about to take like two and a half minutes so let me just go ahead and land here go to this yellow circle and there you go we only got 16 000 for this one which is actually a little low 99 of the time you’re gonna get anywhere from

20 thousand to thirty five thousand dollars for this so the specific one i did didn’t pay that much but usually it would be a bit more there’s a five minute cooldown on this so i would recommend you guys start up like sightseer or head hunter just so you don’t get unlucky and get only 16k like me now what we’re gonna do we’re gonna open the interaction menu go into

Services go into terabyte and request our terabyte that’s basically why it’s called quickfire we’re just going from job to job over and over and over again rapidly from here going to the touch screen and you guys want to start up a client job you can do any one of these robbery in progress is pretty easy diamond shopping is a really good one i’ll just do data sweep

Just as an example i usually do robbery in progress let’s go ahead and confirm this one and once again we have a 30 minute timer although this should take nowhere near 30 minutes to complete so we got to go to all four of these targets they’re not too far away as you guys can see they’re all pretty much in the city so we gotta go close to the vehicle and then pull

Up the phone go into the securo server hack then it’s just gonna be loading so stay close to the vehicle they might start shooting you but honestly it’s completely fine so if it’s not the vehicle just keep on searching for that vehicle and eventually you should find it if you get really lucky it’ll be the first vehicle you find let’s see if they start shooting me

Or not it looks like they’re pretty peaceful so far nope they are definitely not and so it’s not this vehicle so for me i got unlucky and it is the fourth and final vehicle but once again it’s only been like two and a half minutes so it’s really not that painful so here is the fourth and final vehicle and there we go we took out both of them now we’re just gonna

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Steal the vehicle real quick and drive it to the drop off i’m having the worst luck on gta today if you don’t get unlucky like me instead of five minutes it should take you like barely two minutes honestly but we should get a decent payout from this seven minutes is a lot longer than it should take you once again it should take you realistically like about three

Minutes we’ll say but just like that we passed the mission and we got 31 and a half thousand dollars for it which is a solid payout considering it should take a few minutes now we’re gonna go back into the ceo many so let me register as a ceo go back into vip work and now we’re gonna start up sightseer that’s a pretty solid one the cooldown for the vip work is

Really quick so use the sightseer app to find the next package all right let’s see but we gotta find this digit 1906. all right there it is so we found the combination took a little bit but we have three total packages it is actually pretty far unfortunately all right so getting to this location was probably the hardest part but now we have two more packages to

Retrieve we just have to do this little hack thing it’s really easy all right so it’s actually not too far away here’s package number two now we have one to go and here’s the final location with my luck today everything would take uh a pretty long time but we got 24k from that one really the only hard part or not even hard part just annoying part is getting to

The locations plus i didn’t have a mark ii i only have the mark one which was a little bit annoying so if you have a helicopter or mark two it’s gonna be a bit better than the mark one oppressor unless you got screwed over like crazy just like me today you’re gonna be able to make a lot of money using these methods as i like to call them the quickfire method you

Go from the security contracts to the vip work to the client jobs till the payphone hits the combination of those four is actually such an effective strategy if this video did go on to help you out be sure to drop a like on it subscribe if you’re new turn on the notification bell as well anyway though this has been hacky have a good roster day i’ll see you guys

In the next one and peace you

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Get Rich FAST In GTA 5 Online – Fastest Money Making Guide 2022! (MILLIONS Every Day) By Hakiii