Getting An Espresso In The NEW Ferrari 296 GTS!

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Foreign well good morning welcome to a relatively early start in the 296 gts it’s just going well it’s coming up to 8 15 actually i’ve just left my hotel in fiorano about five minutes from the ferrari factory kind of cracking up i’m up against it today uh we’ve got a four hour eight minute route to do 4 hours and 15 minutes it’s a bit of a different sort of

Launch event this one we essentially get the cards for half a day rather than the full day we’re meeting a whole lot of other journalists at the lunch stop who are driving the cars back to marinello this afternoon before i said we cannot be late for the lunch stop we have to be there by 12 30 otherwise i’ll be up to that album so yeah you might be thinking oh come

On sam four hour eight minute route four and a quarter hours you’ll be fine you’re in a brand new 830 horsepower ferraro it just just crack on but you forget i’m filming and yeah i take a while and i’m filming so feel the pressure a bit and i gotta stop for a coffee but it’ll be fine we’ll we’ll make it happen somehow um first things first though can i just say

It’s been lovely sneaking out of fiorano and marinella this morning in e-mode this of course there’s a hybrid ferrari and i’ve just left it in the kind of hybrid setting and it’s it’s left me with electric power for the for the holes that i don’t know we must learn about 20 25 kilometers by now you yeah i never thought i’d say i enjoy driving an electric ferrari

But it’s absolutely glorious i’m very happy in here but anyway we’ll push on and find some better driving roads and i guess at that point we’ll want the engine to wake up but for now i did not expect that i’d spend my morning in the 296 gts bang on about the hybrid technology in this car but forgive me i’m going to talk about it a little bit more because

Not only did i love cruising out of marinella this morning in silence but as i approached the auto route just now and actually depleted my my battery range it’s only about 20 or 25 kilometers so as i joined the auto room i switched from hybrid to performance mode on the battery manatino just a reminder in the 296 you get two mamatinos on the steering wheel one for

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Sort of battery management or deployment and then the traditional one which controls spore race ct off and things like that as i switch to performance the car started to recharge the battery by itself i didn’t do anything i didn’t drive in a weird way i didn’t actively not try and accelerate i just drove along the auto route and as i was plodding along my battery

Recharged and i’ve now got 14 kilometers range once again just over half a battery that’s amazing it’s buff the auto route on some twisty roads i have the opportunity for maximum power deployment or if i end up in a nice hillside town i can switch back to hybrid mode in cruise in electric in silence bloody genius anyway it’s uh still a bit chilly so i’m not going

To put the roof down just yet but i think i am going to just drop that rear window start to enjoy the sounds of this hybrid v6 foreign well it might be a bit stressful in terms of timings but boy is it a good route today so we are currently on the strada de la futa the futa pass which i’ve actually driven before in a portofino m at the end of last year it’s an

Amazing road it goes from bologna all the way down to florence firenzo and as you can see it trickles along here the top of the hills and valleys it’s a beautiful beautiful road but also a great driving road and the perfect place to be getting to grips with that gts foreign it’s definitely getting warmer the jacket has come off and i reckon now let’s uh let’s

Put the roof down and experience this gts sort of maximum mode or i guess as it was intended to be experienced and enjoyed on a day like this in italy this is lovely this is really lovely okay ready to go foreign just then was to cut some lovely drone shots maybe do some flybys really demonstrate just how beautiful this road is but i started having so much fun

In this car i had to stick the gopros up and have a quick chat because maybe as you were predicting this thing is glorious i mean i really enjoyed the 296 gtb when i drove it but by being able to put the roof down it just takes this car to another level are you hearing how good it sounds i’m sure i told you when i drove the gtb the ferrari nicknamed this engine

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The bigelow v12 because it just sort of shares some sound characteristics with a big v12 i was really worried that with the spider the minute you put the roof down you would lose that because a lot of the noise was being pumped into the cabin but somehow it sounds even better with the roof down you might be going well duh you can hear more of the exhaust but here

In europe so restricted these days with various filters and things like that new cars just don’t sound very good this is an exception i think this sounds spectacular for a new car okay it’s not as in phonic maybe as my 360. but it’s emotion and for me that’s so important for a ferrari and especially a ferrari spider so yes this road is beautiful but this car is

Just a joy to drive on foreign bikers and other drivers are pulling over for coffee and a bite to eat makes the drive even better views are spectacular the coffee is fantastic as you would expect it’s italian espresso but yeah i mean if you if you can come and drive this road i highly suggest it if you can try and do it in a 296 gts uh i know that the the

Road back down to the side is is even better let’s see the car’s getting a lot of attention actually everywhere i’ve stopped today people have been coming over asking about it when i drove the 296 gtbs and i wasn’t convinced by the looks of it in spider form i think it makes a lot more sense or maybe it’s just growing on me you know when you see a new design it’s

Often a bit like and then after a while you’re like oh yeah up there like that pretty pretty amazing okay um i was enjoying that coffee a little bit too much uh the man from fry just gave me the hurry up sign which might be fair it’s 10 past 11. let’s see how long we’ve got left uh on the old sat nav oh the boots open oh god i’m not prepared at all okay so what

Are we saying press to close i’ve got to be honest sometimes this touch screen steering wheel doesn’t seem that responsible two hours and 15 minutes to oh my god i need to crack on this is a joke uh oh i’ve turned the car off instead of on go go um go yes yes we’re out of here people foreign they are really not messing around with the schedule today the car’s

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Already been wrestled away from me i guess it’s gone off to to get refueled and washed ready for the next journalist but yeah 10 minutes late in the end really not bad going oh um didn’t mean that the drive post the coffee shop fairly exhilarating slightly worried fry going to get a couple of finds through the post um only small ones yeah what a car anyway let’s

Find this beach club apparently where lunch is you can debrief there i suppose thank you what a spot i mean ferrari really knew what they were doing today didn’t they pick roads fantastic car brilliant finishing line so short but very sweet and actually to summarize yeah the gts it’s the one if i was in the market for a 296 forget the gtb what’s the point get

The gts generally just you know turns everything up to 11. it’s i i really really like that car one thing i forgot to mention actually was the work before i’ve done to reduce wind buffeting inside the cabin when the roof is down i didn’t realize how effective it was until i put the windows down whilst the roof was down suddenly there’s like hurricane entered the

Cabin i was like oh my god um so yeah genius work there actually i mean the whole thing is the hybrid oh i really really like it it’s very expensive and definitely not saying i’m going to be looking to buy anytime soon but i think i’m going to ask ferrari maybe to do a bit of a road tripping one at some point i mean the melee milia in that what a thing uh anyway

We’re about to finish up here and then we’re getting a transfer back to marinello we’re going to pick up the 360 because this evening i’m driving to paris it’s like a 10 hour drive so yeah i’m hoping we get cracking fairly soon wait yeah both english people safe drive absolutely thank you very much thank you roberto bye thank you foreign venture ahead let’s

See what google maps is saying this could be potentially a little painful uh 10 hours 10 hours 20 past four oh my god right let’s get cracking oh foreign

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Getting An Espresso In The NEW Ferrari 296 GTS! By Seen Through Glass