Getting assistance to pay college tuition

Getting assistance to pay college tuition

College keeps getting more expensive a lot of people are graduating with tens of thousands of dollars in debt and joining us this morning adam lawrence with prep expert talked to us about an event that’s taking place to help people that are dealing with that but also just broadly about the challenges of college these days adam thanks are coming in the school thank

You very much for having me so first let’s just talk about what is prep expert a prep expert is a sat and a ct preparation company so we really help students with those tests it was founded by sean patel who’s a local las vegas guy went to clark county high school and yeah we’ve done some good stuff here in the vegas community but we’ve really moved to more online

Test prep in recent years what is the connection or is there one between just testing preparation and better scores and the amount of debt that you have on the back end when you graduate from school so when we increase scores on our on our standardized tests we have the opportunity to get a number of scholarships that can really make an impact on lowering debt

Overall and this is in addition to local scholarships and things that students can win sean actually teaches a really wonderful free class that’s successful on our website prep expert comm where he goes through how to win local scholarships especially those in las vegas but you know when we increase our a ct score for example by one point from 22 to 23 that gets


Us from with it nets us an additional eighteen hundred dollars a year from unlv so it’s just a one-point increase and we get eighteen hundred over four years it’s seventy two hundred dollars i should teach math for perfect you know that’s pretty there’s an equation there it’s actually the better you do on your scores that the better chance you have of getting a

Scholarship when you’re trying to get into school and i’d imagine the demand for that as we’ve seen with a variety of things in the news recently is pretty steep right now there’s a lot of competition for that kind of money yeah there is i mean it’s it’s you know the price of college is sort of dictating the market and and we’re kind of responding with you know

Providing the level of service that people want and people are willing to pay for so you know that does mean you know hiring 99th percentile instructors it means making sure that everybody’s qualified and vetted so yeah there there’s we sort of have to play in the reality of the system let’s talk about the event you we were talking about before that’s taking place

In a little while here in las vegas to try and help parents and and help perspective students get a step ahead yeah tuition paid so in 2016 sean patel was on shark tank and needed to deal with mark cuban and prep expert for a quarter of a million dollars for 20% stake in the company and since then mark has been very involved with with prep expert and this is just

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An event it’s actually an update for shark tank featuring prep expert mark cuban and changed which is an app that allows students to allows college students to save spare change to pay off college debt and that event is is here yeah that’s it’s going to be in las vegas and on july 11th and for any information you can go to prep expert comm or email us at info at

Prevx broadcom and we’d be happy to give you more information we’ve got plenty seats good all right adam big red okay we’re coming in this morning talking a little about getting ready for college appreciate that thank you

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