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No but seriously as soon as i found out he drove a honda oh i got out of there as quick as i could can i get you ladies anything else um how about some shots of 1942 aren’t those like 50 bucks a shot yeah so we’ll take three sounds good first the steak for lunch then the shots of expensive tequila where is all the money coming from oh you know ever since i

Started dating nelson over here you’re dating nelson why you’ll see hey babe hey guys babe i’m sorry that you’re a little bit late um we were just finishing up oh that’s all right i wasn’t that hungry anyway so all right here we go three shots of 1942. can i get you anything sir yeah i just a glass of water thank you and so of course i’m just gonna place a

Check right here i got it shoot what’s wrong i left my card at home oh i’m just an idiot hey now don’t call yourself that no i just i told the girls that i was gonna take them to lunch it was gonna be my treat now i can’t so i just felt really bad you know what i’ll take care of it no i couldn’t pop no really it’s okay here you’re such a gentleman nelson

Well anything for my pookie bear so um what should we do now well i was thinking maybe we could do a little bit of shopping that sounds good to me i’m down here’s your water sir thank you of course oh offset no nelson rodriguez i have the same last name cheers cheers this dress costs 150 bucks this store is way too expensive yeah let’s go somewhere else

I don’t have that kind of money you guys just get what you want it’s i’ll fine nelson pay for it seriously he’ll pay for us too how does he have so much money so his mom owns this big financial company she is loaded why else did you guys think i was hanging out with them now it all makes sense hello ladies would you like to try this on oh yes she would and

If you have that dress in the same size but a different color she’d like to try it on as well absolutely come with me to the dressing room ladies and i’ll get you set up now you both have dresses to wear to my party tonight go try them on i have work to do hey find anything you like yeah couple pieces actually but i probably shouldn’t be buying anything right

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Now why not i didn’t want to tell you no i shouldn’t hey i’m your boyfriend you can tell me anything well my mom is sick and my dad just lost his job so it’s just been really stressful at home lately i can’t got baby i’m so sorry i just thought buying a few dresses would make me feel better but i’ll just put them back wait no now i feel bad just give them

To me okay i’ll buy them for you no i can’t let you do that they’re expensive that’s okay whatever it takes to make my girl happy what did i do to deserve such a sweet boyfriend i’ll be right back i’m gonna get a couple more pieces from the dressing room oh oh okay nelson hey nelson adam yeah hi what are you doing here i actually work here yeah and you are

Shopping for some dresses i see no i i’ll see you outside okay sounds good wait i didn’t know you were friends with jennifer she’s actually my girlfriend now yeah we’ve been going out for a month i’m buying these dresses for her are you crazy no don’t do that no she’s she’s basically the biggest user in town everyone knows that okay what are you talking about

Do you remember billy billy from high school yeah yeah well she basically used him for every time he got i’m telling you man she’s she’s not a good person no why jennifer would never do something like that so well you should talk to billy he’ll tell you exactly what happened uh look it makes me feel bad to tell you this but she’s just with you because of your

Money i gotta go but um i’ll catch you later okay okay seriously babe i still can’t believe that you bought us all of these dresses this is so sweet thank you baby you’re welcome so should we all go get some ice cream or coffee actually i’m gonna have to start heading home so i can be ready by seven yeah we wouldn’t want to be late to your party tonight you’re

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Having a party well i wouldn’t call it a party per se it’s more like a small group of my really close girlfriends and i hanging out why didn’t you tell me it was just sort of a last-minute plan actually yeah we literally just decided this like a few minutes ago hey jennifer see how your place at seven we’ll bring a bottle can’t wait uh we better get going yeah

We’ll see you guys later not much of a girls night if those two guys are going right those two guys are the boyfriends to two of my really close girlfriends they’re in serious committed relationships i had to invite them and we’re not we are but nelson you and i have been dating for less than a month you need to relax i promise you you have nothing to worry

About okay let’s go hey is everything okay my mom’s condition got worse babe my god i’m so sorry wait are those that’s right i just found out that she got taken to the hospital in an ambulance insurance won’t cover the cost oh no is there anything i can do to help i’m really embarrassed to ask can i borrow 500 i promise i’ll pay you back as soon as i can

500 that’s a lot i knew i shouldn’t have come here this is a terrible idea i’ll just go no i’m not saying i wouldn’t give it to you i just wasn’t expecting this that’s all and you thought i was give me that phone call was the last thing that i want you’re right uh i’m sorry i cannot even imagine what you’re going through right now okay um is venmo okay yeah

That’s fine all right send i just got it thank you so much nelson i promise i’ll pay you back as soon as i can i hope everything goes well with your mom who oh yeah me too billy hey um it’s nelson i looked up the name of his mom’s company on wikipedia okay rodriguez investments pulled in more than 25 million dollars in revenue alone last year what

That’s crazy i can’t imagine how nice of a gift you’re gonna get for your one month anniversary i know he’s been talking about it all week so i’m gonna be super shocked do you think he’s gonna get you a chanel bag maybe a car only thing that kind of sucks is i had to get him something in return couldn’t show up empty-handed when he’s getting me a super nice gift

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There he is facetime us immediately after you open up your gift happy anniversary happy anniversary i can’t believe it’s been a month already time flies when you’re in love oh i got you something no we shouldn’t have gucci wow babe a wallet thank you you’re welcome and i got something for you too you shouldn’t have but before you open it there’s something

You need to know what is it our relationship is over you’re joking right no i don’t want to be with you anymore jennifer what why not because i know about your lies you see the other day i went to go meet someone you may remember billy turns out five years ago you told him the same sub story about your mom being sick and your dad losing his job in order to

Get money out of him i couldn’t believe it still i decided to give you the benefit of the doubt that’s why i went to your parents house when i gave your mom a get well card she looked confused you know why because she’s not sick she told me that you guys haven’t even spoken to each other in years ever since you stole money from her just as i thought things

Couldn’t get any worse your dad came and as soon as i saw him i recognized the name on his shirt rodriguez investments turns out he never lost his job he’s been working for my mom for years so you see it was all a lie you were only using me for my money and i was just too blind to see it what no nelson you’ve got to save it i’m done falling for your license

Have a good life oh and thank you for the wallet nelson you can’t just leave me ah i mean one of your sister doesn’t like me not everyone understands our age difference this is your new girlfriend gayle’s not my girlfriend oh thank goodness i’m his fiance somebody tell me this is a sick joke this is the biggest mistake of your life

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