Gold vs Silver / Im Pregnant!

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Pregnancy is complicated especially when the mother is complicated too once upon a time dr jules had two unusual patients gold olivia and silver violet both of them wanted a custom birthing room dr jules hated pinky patients so she got a little upset the hospital should be for everyone but dr jules assures them that they’ll be in the vip maternity ward the

Best room we have dr jules is already dreaming about making so much money from these precious metals but she didn’t get fully into her daydream violet and olivia both hate this room dr jules isn’t used to giving up these girls are like family to her she’ll look after them and make sure they feel at home at least that’s what dr jules wants them to think so

A second later the room gets divided the way both of them want it olivia and violet look pleased not bad at all dr jules the next day it’s time for the ultrasound violet wanted to be first in line but gold takes first place olivia can’t wait to see the results but the baby’s not in the mood today and turned away from the ultrasound but jules won’t abandon her

Precious patient she knows how to turn the gold baby around just think outside the box let’s see if this works i think it’s working the giant magnet made the shy baby turn around dr jules is a real pro now olivia knows she’s having a boy now let’s see about violet all the paperwork is done dr jules can start but violet can’t handle the normal gel she brought

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Her own it’s made out of pure silver ah dr jules wishes she could keep it she’s seriously considering taking it but back to the baby violet can’t wait to see if it’s a boy or a girl she even made little signs looks like violet is having a girl and a boy whoa violet’s having both twins wow expecting moms need to eat well to make sure their babies are healthy if

They thought the hospital food would be anything like what they usually eat they are totally wrong today we’re eating vitamin jello but they are not too worried about it they have special seasoning golden silver flakes that’s more like it whoa dr jules got some precious metals up her nose bless you dr jules is so serious about her work just look at her she hates

Being interrupted but these two are full of distractions they love being the center of attention but luckily for the doctor they can distract each other pretty well not for long dr jules doesn’t want to get involved so she finds a way to leave well the doctor is gone the moms want to know what their doctor is working on all day let’s see looks like dr jules is

A huge fan of troom troom trick and she went out to get some chips she got super hungry while watching videos she could watch them all day long it’s very important for pregnant people to stay calm violet is having trouble with that she keeps hearing chewing noises olivia can’t do anything about it she eats to calm herself down as soon as violet relaxes again

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Olivia starts making that terrible noise violet can’t relax around her everything is driving her crazy well olivia will stop doing everything just to calm her down they both need to meditate quietly what’s that a ringtone even though violet is so sensitive to sound she forgot to put her phone on silent violet loves reading but one of her babies is clearly

Sick and tired of it he’s fighting back we need dr jules to help violet will pay any amount of money the baby needs music dr jules will put on a show for us she has a silver flute the melody quickly hypnotizes the baby well of course dr jules is a famous musician one of her records went gold but violet doesn’t care give your gold record to olivia oh they are

So hard to please it’s nice to do some self-care while you’re pregnant but it’s hard to paint your toenails around this big belly olivia’s having trouble too they should join forces that’s way better great teamwork mommies and so much precious dust dr jules oh all you care about is getting rich heavy breathing lots of stress is olivia going into labor dr

Jules come quickly the baby’s coming don’t worry just stay strong we have to wait what’s going on dr jules is freaking out and you’re blowing balloons are you kidding me another thing to try is having a spa day dr jules prepared everything wow who knew that this hospital had a jacuzzi nothing is as relaxing as relaxing in a hot tub dr jules even fell asleep

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The ladies had a wonderful time and the doctor will be happy too it’s time for another gold rush just strain out the gold and you’ll be rich while olivia is enjoying her favorite music violet starts going into labor she calls the doctor then she realizes she’s in labor too this is not a false alarm dr jules has a hard job ahead of her but she’s had enough false

Alarms so she’s not taking it seriously right until she realizes that this really isn’t a drill jules can’t do it alone she needs help luckily everything went fine but for that much help jules is going to have to give away everything she earned she had to call a lot of other doctors to help her sorry no money for you dr jules was so upset but then she

Got another unusual patient this dog needs urgent health jules isn’t a vet unless you can pay for it jules is ready to change jobs from now on she’s a doctor and a vet who knew she loved dogs this much what did you think of violet and olivia’s story comment below and tell us what your favorite part was and don’t forget to like and subscribe so you never miss

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