Google Nearby Share: How to use the Android version of AirDrop

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Today is the day many android users have been waiting for google’s nearby share is out and think of it like airdrop on the iphone but for android phones and i’m going to show you how to set up nearby share and use it for years iphone owners have used airdrop to quickly and easily share files photos videos and web links to other nearby iphones it’s fast and it’s

A direct method and it removes all the fussiness of texting a photo or emailing a link now android phones are getting google’s version of airdrop and it’s called nearby share google plans to turn on nearby share for file transfers between android and chrome os but for right now it’s just limited to sharing between android phones and android tablets so here’s

Everything you need to know phones that work with nearby share as is typically the case with android features google is slowly rolling out nearby share so it might take some time before it shows up on your phone google is adding nearby share to its own pixel phones and samsung phones first and the feature will eventually come out to all phones running android

6.0 and newer how to set up nearby share there isn’t an update you need to install instead nearby share will simply appear on your phone once it’s added to enable it open up the settings app select google go to device connections and tap on nearby share if nearby share isn’t listed as an option starting to say you don’t have the feature yet the first time you

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Open the nearby share page you’ll be asked to turn it on simply tap turn on then select one of three privacy options all contacts meaning any of your contacts with nearby shared turned on will see your phone as available when your phone is on and unlocked some contacts this option only allows contacts you’ve selected to see your phone as available and finally

Hidden your phone won’t show up as an available device but if your phone detects someone around you using nearby share you’ll see a notification asking if you want to open nearby share up to make your device visible send or receive with nearby share now that you have nearby share set up and turned on you can use it to send documents photos videos or web links to

Anyone with nearby share who’s nearby if you’re sending a file ask your friend to unlock their phone and leave the display turned on now with both phones actively in use here’s what you’ll need to do to send something using nearby share so let’s send a link from chrome i just open up the share menu find nearby share in the list of apps and tap it next a small

Window will show up at the bottom of your screen letting you know it’s looking for a contact to share with want to find your friend’s device tap on their profile icon your friends device aka the receiving device will display a prompt have them tap accept and the link will be transferred from your phone to theirs troubleshooting nearby share if you run into issues

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With a transfer failing to complete google recommends three things you could turn on and off your bluetooth you could try moving the devices within a foot of each other or you can toggle airplane mode on and off so that’s all i have for google nearby share but i want to hear from you have you used google nearby share how is it working or if you have do you have

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