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And today we got big news guys if you got money locked up under your bed if you got money locked up in your savings if you got money that you were holding on to guys now is the time to put a little dry powder in your investment portfolios guys and if you’re not already investing now is the time to check out the link in the descriptions guys where you can sign

Up for will simple trade and start investing in your future today guys start building out that generational wealth all right guys so today guys we have amazing news guys another great opportunity for us new investors to get into some of these great plays these juggernaut companies guys and this is just amazing i feel so excited right now guys as i said before if

You got money under your bed if you got money in your savings guys now is the time to pull some of that money out and put it to work guys all right so today the big news is about google i know we’ve all looked at google stock price at right now is sitting at around 2 900 and we we’ve all said to ourselves wow i’m hoping one day i could own a share of google well

Guys guess what today is your lucky day if you are an investor right now in the stock market guys we have been tossed some opportunities of a lifetime and this is another one on our list so guys the big news is google will be doing a 20 for one stock split guys this is just amazing this will send google stock price from nine hundred dollars to anywhere around

A hundred and fifty dollars um shy around there around 150 149 dollars guys which is amazing it’s amazing um if we could be able to own a share of google and watch this company head back up we all know that google is not going anywhere guys we all use the internet we all serve um we know that google is a structured company and these are the companies that i’ve

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Been telling uh my investors and all the stocks and the gold family members to start investing in i know we love these penny stocks but guys this is a amazing opportunity guys and with all that being said i’m going to jump into the video i know i’m so excited about this news that we just got but i’m gonna jump straight into the video guys um if you don’t exactly

Know what a stock split is i’ll kind of explain it after we jump into this video so do stick around if you want to know exactly what is a stock split all right guys let’s jump into this video right now let’s go everyone as we mentioned we’re tracking shares of google and after hours trading moving higher by about three percent right now for that we want to bring

In jared blickberry with the earnings jared that’s right we hit 2 900 and change you can see it’s right there on your screen up five percent right now um i’ll get to the numbers in a second i just want to announce that alphabet alphabet has pre-approved uh and declared a 24-1 stock split so that is going to shave the price you’d have to divide it by 10 that get

You down to 300 and it’s going to be a 150 dollar stock very similar to apple so you got to wonder what’s next dow another index very interesting to think about but here’s the fourth quarter results revenue coming at 75.33 billion that is up 32 percent year over year crushed the estimate of 71.8 billion by over three billion dollars services revenue up to 69.4

Billion dollars up 31 year-over-year uh and that is a beat by three billion almost of the 66.64 billion that the street was expecting cloud revenue another small win there 5.54 billion estimate was for 5.42 billion but that is up 45 euro year over year and then other bets this is kind of the research arm not looking to make a lot of money here but they did make

181 million estimate was for higher by 209.6 million eps came in at 30. 69 cents versus the estimate of 27.35 so beating them by over three dollars operating income 21.89 billion up 40 year-over-year uh a little bit higher than the estimate of 21.6 billion and uh google cloud operating loss that was 890 million the estimated loss was 820.9 million so a little bit

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Wider than expected and then services operating income beat the street uh coming in at 25.99 billion overall operating margin coming in at 29 versus the estimate of 28.8 so just edging out the street bet right there and then capital expenditures a little bit lower than estimated 6.38 billion versus the estimate of 7.4 billion so just looking at the headline number

Huge beat on revenue huge beat on eps and they are doing that 24 1 stock split it’s going to send the price right down to less just a little bit less than 150 so really interesting to think about the implications for that maybe addition to an index or maybe simply to appeal to real retail traders a little bit more because that has been the theme over the last year

Guys absolutely jared and i didn’t want to ask a follow on that stock slip because of course this isn’t the first tech company we’ve seen in the past couple of years to implement a move like this what do you think investors should be keeping in mind with this move uh like you said potentially appealing to the retail investor here by bringing down that per share

Price anyway uh what do you think traders should be keeping in mind with this move i i think whether it’s just to gear it up towards retail traders and make it a little bit more available of course with robinhood you can buy fractional shares along with some other brokers but that’s not universal so i it seems like a pivot to me and i wouldn’t be surprised to see

A few other companies do this if we remember what happened with apple way back in the day and i think it was ge they they got switched out in the dow for um they they announced a stock split uh just a month or two prior to being admitted to the down i don’t want to get ahead of ourselves i’m not saying that’s going to happen but you got to wonder uh it seems like

It’s in the cards at least hey what’s up guys and we are back and i hope that you guys grasped all this information if you wanted to jot it down on a notepad go ahead jot it down replay back the video so that you guys are fully informed on what’s going on here guys all right and when we do get more update on the exact date i will come back to you guys let you guys

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Know all right please do remember to pound on that like button pound on a notification bell and a subscription button guys all right right now i’m just going to jump straight into what is a stock split all right i hope you guys waited around long enough for this part of the fee when corporations decide to sell stocks to the public they also decide to sell a

Certain number of shares the shares that are released and sold are called outstanding shares they rise and fall in value based on the investing public’s demand for them sometimes the price of a company’s outstanding shares grows so much that it can dissuade average investors a high price may also make the stock harder to sell in this case a company might decide

To take action to reduce their cost per share if the company pumps out more shares this can dilute the value of existing shareholders shares however there is another option splitting existing shares think of a share like a pie when a stock is split each share is divided into two or more equal slices investors who already own shares in the company will have more

Shares after the split but the total value of all the shares will be the same as they were before the split this process can also happen in reverse when a stock’s price sinks too low a reverse split combines shares to turn multiple shares into a single share hey guys so we are back again and that was a little more information on what is a stock split hope you

Guys like this video hope you guys got a lot of information please do remember to comment in the comment section so we can chop it up guys you know it’s your boy jb rocco me and i’m rocking with you and please do remember keep investing keep building out that generational wealth and please do remember check out the links in the description for some easy way to make some easy cash you

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