Green Cedar Home Improvements

Green Cedar Home Improvements Brings New Customers in by ranking kitchen remodel austin

Hey theater corey here with the key leads real real quick i’m just going to shoot over those three free tips how to actually bring in a lot more traffic to your website so you can outrank your competition and really grow your business here the three things i’m actually going to go over is content citations and backlinks everything that you see is content and really

Being about 1500 maybe 2000 words on that first page plus having that much more content you can layer in those keywords and those keywords are what people are searching for and how you’re actually being found even these images that all has content behind it uh looks like you got your url back there i would actually just put keywords uh that’s just gonna help with

Your rankings so you can actually get on that first page of google and draw in those leads um so if i go inside to google here and type in kitchen remodeling austin this is what you’re going to see you have this little map pack here at the very top you can actually go inside this thing some people call it a three pack because all the traffic only lands on the top

Three uh section or top three businesses i can see the different businesses plus the multiple pages and really to get to the top here you’re going to be dealing uh with what’s called a citation what a citation is just an online business directory your business name address phone number listed on it so ideally what you’d want to do is go get those same citations

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From your top competitors we obviously don’t want to stop there we want to go out and completely outrank them so i would do maybe 50 or even 100 times more citations than what they have so when google crawls your site when the they do all their algorithms they have no reason to put you in the very top right here for all that work that you’ve done on it underneath

Let’s say google my business listing we have the first page of google and this is really where all the traffic happens right here you’re going to be dealing and to get your website there you’re going to be dealing with all that content making sure that you found for those keywords but also what comes down to what’s called a backlink what a backlink is it’s a it’s

A link from multiple different websites linking back to your website that’s just really pushing power to it not all backlinks are actually created equal kind of give you an example here if i take your url and stick it inside of arefs arefs is just a tool lets me see what happens behind the scenes of a site no referring domains no backlinks which backlinks is how

You’re going to get on that first page of google uh no keywords you’re being found for which those are how people are actually searching for your website uh and we’re missing the traffic let me show you any competitors kitchen central kind of showing you what they got going on they got 783 backlinks uh used historically they’ve had over five thousand so it seems

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Like all the spammy ones or the bad at backlinks kind of started falling off and uh they’re left with some decent credible backlinks there 86 referring domains 449 keywords that are actually being found for that’s how people are actually searching for their website and how they’re being found which in total they’re getting about 520 clicks to their website every

Month we can actually come in and see where those clicks are coming from we got kitchen remodeling austin texas kitchen remodelers austin kitchen remodeling austin so kitchen remodeling austin texas there’s 400 clicks every month they have the first position so they’re getting 80 clicks out of the 400 kitchen and remodelers austin there’s another 200 clicks first

Position get 73 clicks out of the 200 so just coming in and finding these keywords that’s just going to help you bring in more more and more traffic obviously you got to make sure you got to do your back linking so you can actually hold a decent position uh you’re gonna notice your your traffic start coming in and also your phone calls start going up as well uh

And your business really growing from from that point but anyway hopefully this all made sense because i’d love to put a custom game plan to help you get there uh or if you just wanna play these three free tips for yourself that’s fine too i look forward to chatting soon bye

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Green Cedar Home Improvements By Cory Brangham

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