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In this Video, we will be covering about HCL interview questions and answers. First we will get to know about the Company HCL, after that we will see the interview process of HCL, and then we will see some important technical interview questions that are frequently asked during the interview. HCL Technologies is a leading IT service and consulting company helping enterprises shape their businesses for the digital age. Operating in 50+ countries, HCL is headquartered in Noida, India. The company provides innovative solutions around Digital, Cloud, Infrastructure Management, Analytics, IoT, Cybersecurity, Automation, and Engineering Services, securing its place on the Forbes Global 2000 list.

If you are preparing to interview with hcl you might be curious about what type of questions you would be asked during the process we have compiled some of the most common questions in this video as well as an overview of what to expect from your interview experience overall and how to prepare for it working at hcl is a dream for many software engineers hcl

Interview questions help as parents get familiar with what they might encounter in their interviews the hl interview process is set to the root of engineers with a self-started mentality and a solid technical background the company’s ideal candidate is someone who learns from their mistake quickly grasp new things and comes up with an innovative ideas prepare

The most anticipated hcl interview questions to nail the most challenging rounds hey everyone welcome back to another video by simplyland this is anubhav and in this video we will be learning about hl interview questions but before we begin if you haven’t subscribed to our channel already make sure to hit the subscribe button and press the bell icon so you will

Never miss any update from simplyland so without further ado let’s begin and see what’s in it for you first we will know about the company hcl moving ahead we will discuss the interview process for hcl and then we will see some hcl interview questions for freshers and experienced professionals hl technologies is a leading i.t service and consulting company helping

Enterprises shape their businesses for a digital age operating in 50 plus countries hl is headquartered in noida india the company provides innovation solution around digital cloud infrastructure management analytics iot cyber security automation and engineering services securing its place on the forbes global 2000 list now we will see the hcl interview process

Hl seeks new talented candidates via a selection process comprises of four rounds now first round is a written aptitude assessment test the first round is online it involves questions around quantitative ability and verbal reasoning in the form of mcqs usually for freshers not for the experienced individuals the second round is group discussion round the

Recruiter accesses a candidate personality traits such as problem solving skill team spirit ability to come up with instant solutions conflict resolution and more by forming teams and providing a common topic of discussion the third round is technical interview round software engineer are asked question on critical topics like java c c plus plus unix linux data

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Structure and algorithms etc to judge their fundamentals and advance knowledge experienced individuals should be prepared for questions about their past experiences based on their resume the last and final round would be hr round a final round has a scenario based behavioral questions the recruiter evaluates a candidate interest in joining the organization and

Their personal goals and ambitions then we will now discuss some hcl technical interview questions for freshers and experience the first question would be what are the fourth pillar of object-oriented programming system the pillars of words are as follows first one is inheritance based on object or class upon another class or object is inheritance the second

One is abstraction selecting data from a pool to show only the relevant details to the object is known as abstraction third one is encapsulation wrapping data in a single unit is known as encapsulation and the last one is polymorphism allows using class exactly like its parent to avoid confusion is known as polyformism now we will see the next question what are

The different types of data in c the five major characteristics of data types in c are as follows first one is basic data type which are floating point integer double and character second one is drive data type union structure array pointers comes under derived data type third one is enumerated data types we use enums for that and the fourth one is white data

Type it is an empty value data type and the last one is bool type which is true or false what is the role of pointers in c pointers in c are used for following purposes to access array elements for dynamic memory allocation and deal location while the program is executed call by reference to construct several data structures like tree graph linked list and so

On after that what are the major differences between c and c plus plus c plus plus supports inheritance and c does not support inheritance in c it focuses on a method or a purpose rather than data and in c plus plus it focuses on the data instead of method or procedure in c plus plus it can access modifiers but in c structures lacks excess modifiers in c plus

Plus it supports expansion handling but in c it does not support expansion handling c plus plus supports reference variables but c does not the output of a function in c plus plus are c in and c out and in c it uses printf function and scanf functions moving ahead state major differences between a constant variable and global variable constant variable it has

A fixed value that cannot be changed throughout the program and in global variable it can be changed and is accessible by all the functions in a program the next question can be what is the input output in isc i o stream is the standard input output stream in c plus containing c in c out and other methods the input stream allows inputs from the console user and

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The output stream displays the operation resulting the user or the output devices the next question would be what are the postfix and prefix operators the plus plus and the minus minus operator are used as a pre and post fixes plus plus i first increments the counter and then perform the next action whereas in i plus plus it performs the next action then increments

The value of i let’s see the next question what is a pass by reference pass by reference allow a function to modify a variable without creating a copy one has to declare references variable the past variable and a parameter share the same memory allocation and any changes to the parameter is also reflected in the variable now what is the significance of the

Finalize method in java finalize method is called as the last chance for an object to carry out the clean up activity before the garbage collector reclaims it it involves releasing any fixed order resources held termination of any connection if open and more how would you achieve multiple inheritance in java implementing multiple inheritance in a class is the

Only method to achieve multiple inheritance in java the process does not cause ambiguity as all methods declared in interfaces are implemented in the class next question we will see is what is cloud computing and how is it useful today cloud computing is the technology of storing processing and managing data in a shared network of route servers over the internet

The data is distributed and hence more secure cloud computing offers flexible resources innovation and economics of scale and if you want detailed answers for them please check out our article on hcl interview questions you will find 40 plus scientific questions that are frequently asked in the hcl interview process now moving ahead what are the different cloud

Computing services model the first one is infrastructure as a service a computing infrastructure managed over the internet are known as lass the second one is platform as a service cloud computing platform for developing testing running and managing applications are all comes under platform as a service the third one is software as a service a cloud services

Provides host applications the last and the final one is function as a service a platform for developing running and managing app functionalities without the need for building and maintaining ab launching infrastructure moving ahead we will see what do you understand about constraints in sql constraints are the rule or limit applied on the different data types

In a given table to ensure its accuracy and relatability sql constraints are as follows no null informs no null value can be stored within a column the next one is unique in forms all the values in the column should be unique primary key this question is always asked in the interviews what are primary key the primary key is the field that uniquely identify

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Each row in a table the next point is foreign key the field that uniquely identifies each row in another table check it help validate the column values for attending a particular condition default it gives a default value for a column when the user does not specify one the next question is what are aggregate functions in sql an aggregate function relies on a

Set of values to return a single value following are some sql aggregate functions first one is avg functions which gives the average of the set next one is minimum function it gives the minimum value in a set after that its count function it returns the number of item in a set after that its max function which returns the maximum value and in last it’s a sum

Function which returns the sum of all the values in a set the next question what we will see is what do you mean by dbms the database management system is a software for managing the entire organization’s data including its proper storage and presentation whenever required for business decisions for example mysql oracle file maker and microsoft access the next

Question what we will see is what is in it in python in python nh stands for initializing this method creates processes from the script stored in the configuration file used by the initialization system it is similar to constructors in java the next question what we will say is what is the difference between interpreter compiler and assembler compiler it converts

The whole high level language program to machine learning at a time interpreter it converts high level language program to machine learning line by line assembler it converts assembly language program to machine learning now we will see what are sql joins sql joins are useful for fetching data from various tables as a single record employing common columns and

Foreign key the four major types of joins are first inner join it returns records with matching values in both tables second one is right outer join returns all records from the right table and the matched records from the left left outer join it returns all record from the left table and match records from the right full outer join returns all record in case

Of a match in either left and right table now we have reached the end of this video if you want to get these and many other interview questions with answers you can refer to the article so this is all for this video if you find this video informative please like comment and subscribe to our youtube channel thank you hi there if you like this video subscribe to

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