Heres How Much Money I Made on YouTube – Actual Dollar Amounts

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Hey what’s up guys so what i thought i’d do today is show you actual data from what the channel made last month in ad revenue and the reason i’m doing this is because there is so much around this topic it’s like i’ll show it to you but then i won’t show it to you you know i would show it to you but i can’t because i have a contract with youtube that doesn’t let

Me show it to you okay and it’s like now let’s just look at the data so that’s what we’re going to do right now so basically what we’re looking at here is the month of october and we’re looking at roughly 36 to $3,700 now there’s a lot of different things that i could talk about but i basically pick three things that i want you to keep in mind one is this was

Basically purely passive income i put out three videos in the month of october mmm and that would have had a very insignificant effect on this so even if i hadn’t done anything for a month that’s roughly what it would still be the second one is taxes okay and that’s gonna there’s going to be so much variation with that depending on where you live and what the laws

Are but most importantly how good you are at keeping your money so if you’re in business you better be using all the legal tools that you should be using to keep most of your money and finally third and this is something that people probably hate me for now who understand how youtube works but most people fundamentally misunderstand what the business model is behind

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Youtube okay and here it is how much money you make in ads does not equal how much money you make and i’ve talked about this before in my previous video and if you don’t understand this and want to know about it you should go watch that because i go into a lot more detail but just to give you a quick example let’s say you have a girl on instagram who has a million

Followers you don’t go up to her and say so how much is instagram paying you every month for a follower or whatever no like that’s not how it works right because you realize the exposure to a million people when when a million people are interested in you there are literally endless ways of monetizing that so it’s the same thing if youtube it’s nice that youtube

Has ads it’s like extra passive income for no reason cool right but if youtube didn’t have any ads guess what you should still be doing youtube right so you know hopefully this is something that you understand if you don’t go watch my previous video but remember how much money you make in ads does not equal how much money you make in fact like most people who are my

Friends who are on youtube let’s say if you have a business ads is going to be a very little part of what you make overall what that exposure does for you and there are plenty of people who don’t even have the ads enabled because they don’t care about that right so just keep that in mind but the reason i thought i’d show the data on that is because ads is something


That people understand more easily than you know what what other things can you do once you have all that exposure and you have all the people all these people interested in you so hopefully that was something that was helpful and if it wasn’t helpful i’m sorry for wasting your time but i hope that it was helpful because it would have been really helpful for me to

See that for example a year ago i had no idea like i if i could see data i would i would have been it would have been really helpful so anyway i hope that was helpful and take care guys you you

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