Heres How Toyota Dealerships are Scamming You

Here’s How Toyota Dealership are Scamming You, DIY and car repair with Scotty Kilmer. Car scams caught. Dealership scams to avoid. The truth about Toyota car dealerships. Car dealership scams. Should I bring my car to the dealership? Why not to bring your car to the dealership. Buying a car at the dealership. Car Advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 51 years.

More than $100,000 he marked it up so much to me it just shows the greed of it’s a bmw roadster yeah but the guy marked it up that high are just getting too greedy they see oh there’s people i really want that car against toyota’s whole thing of buying something that glass that people can comprehend why they’re even making the things i mean toyota isn’t even really kind of

Crazy they got a name and that in their confidence in the name by hundred thousand dollars things would get silly and people he’d carried away the world that if somebody wants to spend that kind of money then they’ll charge or tacoma from a private owner or a dealer well you might from a dealer you’re asking at least eight or ten thousand dollars for the vehicle they want

To because hey at the dealership they finance when you’re buying from a dealer they’re not gonna charge you 250 a month they want all the money at once and you pay you 215 i don’t know i want the whole thing they want the whole thing anything brandon agera says scotty any opinions on a 2010 ford fusion se had with those was transmission problems especially the ones had the


Cvt bypassing a lot of problem areas ride really nice and with the standard four-cylinder you know i wouldn’t pay that much for it ten year old ford could be a fun car the night clicker how can you tell if the odometer was rolled somebody’s computer savvy and they know how to grow that residual thing back things generally you can get access to the state inspections and the

Reports checked the car on that and every year childer was more mileage so you know it the last inspection it said it had 195 so obviously they rolled that one back 09 ford mustang v6 with 118 thousand miles i noticed when i brake there’s had great luck over the years with akebono i know it’s a japanese ceramic pads they’re quiet they stop really well they don’t fade and they

Anything but it gets everything dirty you don’t want to dirty change to the mustangs kyle baker says why don’t you do many older car videos because most business i have for last 40 some odd years so i work for my father i’m a customers with older cars i mean if you saw recently i had a volkswagen fan spec many videos for older cars because they aren’t that popular i want to

Help out make as much money as i possibly can and if i make videos that have millions of people are watching my video so i’m helping more people at the classic car meet it’s only me and a that’s the truth older cars generally only old guys generally bag it with my customers cars or if it’s a new type of car to talk about walk the talk says thanks got diesel petrol oh stink


To some extent they pollute more incomplete combustion if you’ve ever run diesels if everybody was driving diesel’s here in houston it would stink cars are gonna be around all that much longer you’re up saying they’re gonna will go to electricity i was just reading a big thing they’re trying to electric ones and if they can build them strong it on they have enough range and

That they could charge them up fast enough i think that they would just give the way to go at least in the short term cuz in a long term maybe it’s all gonna decades and decades too much infrastructures needed the big diesel know where they are and charge them and know i can go 400 miles before i need a is not going to be for a long time, so if you never want to miss another one ring that bell

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Here’s How Toyota Dealerships are Scamming You By Scotty Kilmer