How Airlines Park Thousands Of Planes

The coronavirus has devastated the airline industry. U.S. air travel has dropped 95% compared to last year and the number of flights scheduled globally is down by 63%. More than 16,000 of the world’s commercial aircraft are grounded. These planes can’t just sit idle, they need routine maintenance and a place to be stored. And when you suddenly have thousands of planes with nowhere to go it becomes a logistical nightmare. Here’s a look at how airlines parks thousands of planes and the outlook for the grounded fleet.

U.s. air travel has dropped 95 % compared to last year, and the the insides of airports are empty, but outside is another story. planes, more than two-thirds of the world’s commercial aircraft are never before in history have airlines had to ground so many planes so this is a particular difficult time and we’ve created a particular demand for flights. delta and united reported

Their first quarterly parking hundreds of aircraft is also adding to their losses. and when you suddenly have thousands of planes with nowhere to go, it in the air. at certain times of the year, there could be as many as at the end of 2019, the global air fleet was nearly 24,000 and now and that number can continue to go up as airlines cut their networks. history has the

Aviation industry had to park so many planes at once. a recent flyover of a storage facility in victorville, california, victorville is well known as one of the world’s biggest airplane it was already storing southwest’s fleet of boeing 737 max eight, but and air travel. victorville, along with boneyards in roswell, new for parked aircraft. they’ve collectively stored 800

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So far. being parked at airports, all over major airports now have many as you can see here, american airlines is using tulsa international the world’s largest plane, airbus’s a380, has a wingspan of 261 ft. customers have come to us and said, look, we’re talking literally work to do with that. and we’ve created that particular app. much maintenance is needed and even

Logistically where the aircraft aircraft, which park them and also to prepare them when they come out skywise is a digital platform the manufacturer offers its customers maintenance, as well as help with logistics of daily operations. parking an airplane isn’t as easy as just finding a spot. of maintenance needs to be done, play a role in finding a location. it’s a bit

Like putting something in the fridge compared to longer so certain pieces of maintenance must be done before you can pick up these aircraft cost hundreds of millions of dollars and maintaining cycle fluids and move the tires, among many other checklist items. when airlines know the plane is going to sit for months at a time, corrosion. if it sits on the ground for one

Or two months and has bring it back in the service than, let’s say, if it has been started airline. and what this person told me is that right now they have in other words, twice as many active and they’re rotating them in and about the more extensive maintenance bringing them back in the ing mode. eithad airways, for example, returned over 100 planes to prevent things

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Like sand from getting into critical areas. boeing told its shareholders that air travel could take two to three international travel has been hurt the most and with good reason. this means that long haul aircraft, which are generally what we call the a380, the big double decker that airbus launched a little bit the larger it is and the older it is, the more it suffers.

They had the highest employment levels in the united states, at least they were hiring like crazy, pilots, flight attendants, expecting and now they’re going to be posting the first losses in years. like many businesses, large and small, they’re in survival mode and as for the thousands of aircraft parked around the world, retirement couldn’t get these planes fast enough

With one of their biggest out of some of their best sellers through pretty much the middle of but some airlines, because fuel is such a big cost, they do want the and we’re in a situation now where we have thousands of excess you’re going to keep around, you don’t want to spend millions of there is no timeline for when the world will return back to normal. normalcy like the rest of us.

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