How does Workers Compensation work?

How Does Workers’ Compensation Work:

People get hurt at work every day in georgia in fact on average there are approximately 78,000 people injured on the job here in georgia oftentimes these injuries are debilitating now if this is you i know you have a lot of worries and a lot of questions injured workers call me every day to find out more about their rights and the insurance company’s responsibilities

Under georgia’s workers compensation system and here’s one question that i am often asked what is my workers compensation claim worth well the only honest answer that i or any attorney can give you about the value of the case is this it depends please let me explain that in more detail there are so many factors that can affect the value of your case there is no

Way that anyone can give you a full fair and honest assessment of your claim without knowing all the facts of your case for me to set a value for someone’s workers compensation claim i look to see what benefits the injured worker is eligible to receive and how long they are entitled to receive those benefits so let’s go over the benefits an injured worker may be

Entitled to receive under georgia law there are three different types of benefits you can potentially receive if you are hurt at work and these are wage benefits medical benefits and what’s called a permanent partial disability benefit or a ppd rating now let’s look at these separately one wage benefits if the authorized treating physician takes you completely out

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Of work for your own the job injuries the employer and the insurance company must pay you two-thirds your average weekly wage as long as you’re out and disabled so one part of the evaluation is how long do we expect you to be disabled and completely out of work there were two medical treatment the insurance company is required to pay for all medical treatment

That is prescribed by your authorized treating physician as long as it is related to the on-the-job injury and it will effect a cure or provide relief let me define what i mean by the authorized treating physician every employer has a pink panel physicians that they have to post in a conspicuous location where it is readily accessible to the employees if you’re

Hurt on the job you can go to this panel and select a doctor to provide treatment to you this doctor becomes your authorized treating physician from a medical standpoint factors that can affect the value of your claim include who your authorized treating physician will be on your case and sadly some doctors and some of the industrial clinics out there put the

Insurance companies interest above that of the injured worker another thing we look at what injuries have you sustained what additional treatment will be necessary and how much will this treatment cost and the third thing the permanent partial disability rating or again a ppd rating when the injured worker reaches what is called maximum medical improvement or

Mmi essentially when they get as well off as they’re going to get the doctor will perform an evaluation to determine if there is any kind of permanent disability and he uses a formula that is authorized by the american medical association so if there is a disability rating then the injured worker is entitled to receive an additional sum of money the higher the

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Percentage of disability the more money the worker may be able to receive so the value of a claim is determined by how long the person will be disabled what the future will hold for them from a medical standpoint and how high a permanent partial disability rating they have now let me stress two important points about workers compensation claims in georgia one if

You’re hurt on the job in georgia you cannot pursue damages for pain and suffering or emotional suffering against your employer or against the insurance company you’re limited to the three benefits we just discussed wage benefits medical benefits and the permanent partial disability benefits and number two you do not have a jury trial in workers compensation claims

Nor can you ask a judge to award you money for your injuries look if you or a family member have suffered a work-related injury i highly recommend you speak with me as soon as possible again to learn all of your rights in the insurance companies responsibilities under georgia’s workers compensation system you have absolutely nothing to lose by calling me but think

Of all you can lose if you don’t and if you’d like to speak with me with my law firm about your claim we make it very easy for you just pick up the phone right now and give us a call at one eight hundred win-win one our legal professionals are standing by right now to speak with you the consultation is free it is completely confidential and there is no obligation

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You owe it to yourself to your family to get the help you need you have one shot one chance to get all the justice all the cash and benefits that you’re entitled receive under georgia’s workers compensation system so give me a call right now one eight hundred win win one and to learn more about me about my law firm you can go to gary martin hayes comm again gary

Martin hayes com it is loaded with all kinds of information about the georgia workers compensation system about personal injury law in general under georgia law and there are so many videos on there that will explain all of your rights and the insurance company’s responsibilities again gary martin hayes comm or just pick up the phone

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