How I raised my credit score from BAD to EXCELENT FAST!

Hey friends welcome welcome back to my youtube channel my name is nick for those who don’t know today i am going to be giving you guys information on how i fix my credit score from 5 34 to 762. if you happen to have poor or damaged credit that is typically below 630 it can hold you back from the things you want whether that’s purchasing a new car renting a nice

Apartment or buying your dream home however there are steps you could take to fix your credit lucky for you friend i’m gonna give you those steps go grab a pin in the paper and let’s get started step number one check your credit score and report you have one credit report at each of the three bureaus which is equifax transunion and experian most creditors report

To all three it’s worth checking the information on all three of these reports you can get a free credit report at you also need to check your credit score no worries when an individual pulls their own credit score that is a soft inquiry so it will not affect your credit score at all i know friend pulling that score is when reality come out

Of nowhere and punch you dead in the throats because it’s easier to think that you have a credit score of this than that number two fix and dispute any errors unfortunately credit bureaus sometimes make errors according to one study by the federal trade commission a quarter of people had errors on their credit report and five percent of people had errors on their

Credit report that could have made getting a loan more costly to them so while knowing your credit score and your credit report is a very good first step it is crucial to look for errors on your credit report if you spot any it is a relatively easy process to have them disputed and removed from your credit report if you guys want me to explain more in depth on the

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Process go in the comments down below and let me know step three always pay your bills on time friend we all know life happens so if you want to fix your credit you need to focus on ironing out your monthly payments while it may feel like a challenge to pay all your bills on time there is a simple hack that i know to getting this right with our dear old friend

Me auto pay yes auto pay can be your friend and your enemy if you’re worried about overdrawing your account i recommend setting a budget and setting up autopay on the exact day you get paid i will be posting a budgeting video so if you feel like that will be helpful to you go ahead and subscribe down below and ring that notification bell so you can know whenever

Your new friend me post number four keep your utilization ratio under 30 percent for example let’s say you have two cards with two limits which is two thousand dollars for each card and a five hundred dollars of unpaid balances on one card your credit utilization ratio would be 12.5 i’m gonna tell you how i got that take your debt old which is 500 and then you

Divide it by your credit limit which is four thousand dollars because remember you have two thousand dollars on each card lenders use this ratio to evaluate how well you utilize your finances a ratio that is less than thirty percent and greater than zero percent is considered good number five pay down other debts if you have outstanding debts paying down those

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Debts can improve your payment history and reduce your credit utilization ratio when planning to pay off your credit card debt consider debt avalanche or snowball method the debt avalanche method focuses on paying your high interest credit cards first while the snowball method focuses on paying off the smaller balances first evaluate both to determine which

Method is best for your situation number six keep old credit cards open you might be tempted to close those old credit cards once you paid them off however don’t be so quick to do so by keeping them open you can establish a long credit history which makes up 15 of your credit score the last and most important one number seven don’t take out credit unless you

Need it friend let me repeat do not say this again do not take out credit unless you need it friend don’t touch it leave it alone i know it’s tempting once you see your credit score go up then you start getting offers in the mail from different credit card companies that you did not qualify before leave it alone do not touch it especially if you’re trying to

Purchase your dream home do not touch your credit the whole time you’re trying to get your credit score up through the years you need to improve your credit score to purchase your dream home do not touch it because it will show it won’t look good each time you apply for credit your credit gets hit hard which is a hard inquiry which can drop your credit score two

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To five points every point counts so do not do that and most importantly if you apply for new credit it will also lower your average account age which will also drop your credit score so leave it alone don’t touch it at all try to avoid applying for credit unless you really really really need to comment down below what are you trying to achieve by fixing your

Credit i used to have my own credit repair company so if you guys comment down below what you’re trying to achieve by fixing your credit i can probably help you more than likely i can and i also have templates and stuff like that in my old account that i can bring on to my channel so if you guys just want to email me my email should be down below which is

Journeywithnick if you’re embarrassed about your credit score because at one point i used to be in ferris because like i said my credit scores was in the 500 so i completely understand so like i said if you want to email me journey with nick you can definitely do that and i’ll help you as much as i can i also wanted to announce that i’ve reached 20 000

Views yes 20 000 views in two weeks i am so excited thank you for watching i appreciate you friend until next time keep on leveling up with journey with nick bye uh uh uh uh uh ah uh

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