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Jeremy Schneider, 41, lives in San Diego and achieved FIRE — financial independence, retire early — at 36. In 2015, he sold his Internet company RentLinx for just over $5 million. In 2017, he retired from corporate work with about $3 million. Schneider traveled and played video games in that first year of early retirement. Then in 2019, he started Personal Finance Club, which teaches people learn to save and invest money. Since launching, the company has made nearly $1 million in sales.

A lot of us go through the world thinking that when we turn 65, something when you’re 65. and the flip side of that, you don’t need to wait until like i did. and so it’s just kind of turning this whole idea of traditional and i would see these young people just a few years older than me who were the wire came through. i clicked refresh and it jumped from $100,000 or very

Nice company that just gave me millions of dollars. fiji. i just saw that as like a finish line that when i sold the company and that vision. i was like, “all right, i’m going to be on the beach.” and what he meant was, you can’t spend your life on a beach, you know? my days sipping mai tais on the beach because that would be really boring. 2017, i quit my job and

Officially was retired or financially independent at and that was the year when i played video games and traveled for a year. it was just kind of like every day was the weekend. and my answer would be like, “what do you do on saturdays?” out or working on projects or playing games or traveling. but as the year dragged on, i found that there’s something missing in

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My life. and played video games for a year, i was on a vacation in mexico and addicted to. and i realized what a massive waste of time that was and how i and so i decided that i didn’t want to do that anymore. turkey from my computer and haven’t played it ever since. it was more of just a sense of over the course of two years, the growth of my know about the 4% rule,

Which says you can live on about 4% of your investment and so i think that i was easily fire at $3 million. i was actually living in my friend’s garage, which was converted to an the other $3 million or so is all in a taxable account just because it didn’t i actually applied for a mortgage and was denied because i didn’t have a job. which i use every single day, which

Is from college. think it’s ridiculous, but it’s a great keyboard and it works fine. i live alone, don’t have any roommates or a wife just yet. i live here in sunny san diego in this two-bedroom condo. when i bought this house for $712,000, everything was different. i knocked down the wall, remodeled the kitchen from this big built-in table. i actually did the tile

Work in that bathroom myself. when i bought the place, this was all pink with a tub. one of these fancy lighted mirrors so i can look at myself every morning. i started an instagram account where my plan was to share daily personal finance every single day i would get the exact same question, which is like, “how do i the pandemic. and i essentially started a company by

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Mistake by launching a paid kind of was like a brain dump from my brain to everyone who was asking these and the first week of launching this course, we made like $110,000. which helps you identify mysterious charges on your credit card statement. i think that i’ve found peace with where i’m at in life financially. i’m still not totally immune to ideas of like a bigger

Place or a vacation home if i didn’t have income from my current job, i can live forever on my short of some sort of economic apocalypse in the future, which no one my investments.

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