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In this video, I wanted to share with you how much I spend on food weekly and monthly and where I like to buy cheap food. I share with you some of my main meals and I answer some of your questions on whether I prefer to eat out or at home.

Hi my name is anika and in today’s video i’m gonna be telling you where i buy the most affordable and good quality food and then i’m gonna be telling you how much i spent on week one week two week three and week four and then i’m going to add them to tell you how much i spent in total for a month and yeah let me show you where i buy cheap food come with me i

Need to buy a trolley so yes lidl is where i find the cheapest and good food and i highly recommend you to buy from lidl if you are in the uk not just leicester and nottingham now let’s talk about how much i spent on week one and the products that i bought five baked bread spinach salmon corn flakes hummus cheese slices mayo two packs of tomato chicken breast

Tangerines milk plums pomegranate bread kinda penguins bananas avocado for week two week three and week four i’m just going to show you what i bought and also show you the prices for each item instead of going through every single one like i did for week one and that’s because i bought similar food now let’s talk about how much i spent weekly and for a month

So on week one i spent 19 pounds and 59 p my second week 17 pounds and 88 p my third week i spent a little bit more and it’s 31 pounds 51p and my final week or fourth week i spent 14 pounds p which makes the total of 83 pounds and 90p which i’m pretty much happy about considering that there are other people who spend a lot more and this is only for food not

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Toiletries or clothes an advice i can give you is that you grab one of these small bags from the fruit and vegetables side of the supermarket if you’re running out of space in your bag so you don’t have to pay 5p for a new bag just take advantage of these small free bugs so hannah can ask me if i cook at home or i eat out daily and if i cook at home what do

I eat so to answer your question i’m going to take you all to the kitchen and talk about whether i cook at home and what i eat daily so yes come with me really what’s wrong with you i’ve been looking for you everywhere i didn’t know you were hiding in the fridge what ah you were lost okay don’t worry about that i’m going to do a house though in the next video

So you don’t lose yourself in my house again now that i found you let me answer your question so because we are in the kitchen now you can tell that i prefer to cook at home but i’m not the best cooker i prefer to cook from 10 to 15 minutes and they are usually very easy meals and they’re not the most exquisite meals but i prefer to save money and use my money

Elsewhere so that’s why i rarely go out and eat in restaurants but if i do eat outside i prefer to have some fast food such as mcdonald’s burgers and pizza or sushi let me show you what i usually have for breakfast lunch and dinner do do i’m very well aware how my plates are so ugly but the ugly ones never get smashed and i have a very minimal amount of

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Cutlery and plates and i’m very happy about it i only have things that i really need and having said that let me know in the comments below if you have any recipes any meals that you want me to cook for you and also let me know how much you spend per month and yes thank you for watching and see you in the next video

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How much I spend on FOOD per week | Solo Ann By Solo Ann