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Hello and welcome to another video and a little while back i made a video where i showed you how much youtube paid me for my most viewed video ever now in that video i said who would like me to make a video where i show you how much youtube pay me in an entire year everyone thought so well here’s the plan when i hit 2 million subscribers i will make that video and

So fast forward a few months another half a million or so subscribers here we are i said i’m going to make the video i’m making the video so how much of youtube pay me in 2020 i’m about to tell you and like i’m actually going to tell i’m not going to do the classic youtube thing where i just waffle aimlessly for like 10 minutes and then incredibly vaguely allude

To the figure i’m actually going to show you i’m going to put it on the screen i’m going to tell you exactly how much i got paid in 2020. you’re welcome now be honest i was a bit hesitant about making this video like i think firstly given the climate obviously talking about how much money you make is a bit of a dickish thing to do but also just talking about money

In general is a bit of a taboo like it’s not the done thing like obviously on some occasions like you are a dick if you talk about how much money you make but if you’ve worked extremely hard over a long period of time which i have to make the money you’re currently making talking about it is no different to talk about any other barometer for success like you know

If you win a trophy you win a competition you win an award you win a freaking certificate of primary school like you will be actively encouraged to talk about that and be proud about that right so why is money any different but still i’m not gonna lie i do feel quite uneasy about making this video but i said i was gonna do it and plus let’s be honest like the

Demand is there right you guys clearly want to see it these videos always do well on youtube youtube is about insane at the end of the day so if i can make a video you’re gonna enjoy it makes sense to make it unless that video is me like throwing a horse off a cliff in which case obviously i wouldn’t do that and just to confirm to myself the demand was there i’m

Not being a complete dick in making this video i did what any self-respecting person in my position would do i put a poll on my instagram story like literally asking you should i make the video should i not make the video the result was a resounding yes and so it’s happening and just to reinforce the fact that i’m not a massive bear and i’m just kind of minimize

The dickish nature of this video i’m gonna do something good so all of the ad revenue this video makes i’m gonna be donating to charity so the cherry i’ve chosen is fair share it’s basically the uk’s biggest charity that is currently fighting hunger so like people in the uk not physically having enough food and yeah every penny of ad revenue this video makes will

Be going straight to that charity so if you sat there currently thinking matt how can i make the video make more ad revenue how can i donate more money to charity quite simple there are three things you can do firstly watch the video watch it like 10 times get everyone in your household to watch it 10 times share it show your friends put it in whatsapp groups put

It on social media just get the video viewed as many times as possible quite simply put the more views a video gets generally speaking more ad revenue it’s gonna make second thing is to watch the entire video if you watch the video for like 30 seconds and then click off it will get nowhere near as much ad revenue as if you were to watch the whole thing and the

Third and final one is to like the video right if you like the video and you comment something below youtube will push it more it will recommend the video more the video will get more views and as i’ve said the more views the video gets the more ad revenue it will generate okay let’s get on with it i said i wasn’t going to walk or definitely have what would you

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Guys have probably will skip past is what i’m saying now it’s completely redundant let’s move on and get into the elements i have my trusty mac here i find this extremely awkward just like showing you my analytics i thought this is a massive intrusion in my privacy but this is my youtube channel go on my studio go on to analytics analytics contains the word anal

Okay the moment of truth i can set all of my litters up for the year 2020 from start to finish how much money did i make in the year let’s find out drum roll please holy jagamoli 402 dollars i already knew that why am i reacting so elaborately for the people based in the uk let’s give you a quick conversion four hundred and two thousand six hundred and fifteen

Dollars in pounds just under three 000 pounds so for the year 2020 youtube paid me pretty much 300 000 pounds or like i said 402 000 that’s insane anyway let’s dive back in so you can see my views for the year 131.8 million views watch time that’s crucial fourteen and a half million now if we go on to the revenue tab specifically i’m just gonna show you everything

Here um you can see like i mean a pretty balanced year to be fair no crazy spikes we got one here which is like was that three and a half thousand dollars i mean obviously these little spikes you see are gonna kind of coincide with where i had a video that was doing fairly well to be honest in 2020 i didn’t have any videos that went absolutely nuts you actually see

My top earning videos down here so one of me and ben just eating this diet for a day like 12k that’s pretty decent uh the navy seal but that’s the one that went crazy so if i go on that video you can see that in total like in its lifetime it’s made almost 40 000 i made that towards the end of 2019 so by the time 2020 came around it was kind of like the second half

Of that video’s earning which is why it’s not top like in terms of all time that video is comfortably my highest earning video now just to give you a bit more of a context because i’ve been making videos for a long time like seven and a half years i’m going to show you my older analytics so i’ve prepped i’ve got all my tabs right here because i’m an organized guy

Last around just kind of like delved in without planning anything at all um first things first you can see in my first year on youtube so in 2013 i made a mega 111 like that’s pretty funny like if someone told me at that point fast forward seven years you’re gonna make 400k like i wouldn’t have believed them obviously but yeah it’s quite funny just like seeing

That comparison moving on you can see my highest earning videos of the year so 2013 the biggest video made five dollars again just like contrast that with 2020 my highest earning video made 12 and a half thousand dollars now if we move along to 2014 uh i made a pretty substantial seven dollars now the reason for that you can see so you can see here this is like

This is literally every day of the year you can see how much money i’ve made obviously it completely dies here basically at this point i stopped monetizing my videos i basically figured like i was making next to nothing and like having loads of ads in your videos is obviously a little bit annoying for the viewer so i figured if i’m making no money from it anyway

Why not just take the ads out entirely so that’s what i did so you can see like throughout the year i literally made nothing like i said seven dollars in total moving into 2015 uh again like i didn’t monetize any videos for the entire year so obviously no metrics there at all moving into 2016 i was starting to get a little bit of traction i was starting to get a

Few views on my videos so it kind of dawned on me that maybe now was the time to start monetizing again so you can see pretty much halfway through the year i switched on monetization and straight away i started to make a bit of money now you know like one and a half thousand dollars you know it’s not a huge sum bear in mind at this point like i’m putting a lot of

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Time into my channel like it’s not on the same level there is now but i was still doing hours and hours of work every single week it was you know almost a full-time job for me you can see down here like my highest earning video so a 10k dessert challenge 248 i mean you can see a pretty clear like theme i obviously picked up on the trend food trenders were going

Nuts so i kept making food changes now as well as making that ad revenue those videos got loads of views they got me loads of new followers that kind of got me you know essentially to where i am now we skipped for 2017 this is where things started to move a little bit so you can see 10 and a half thousand dollars for a year like still not you know nowhere near

A good enough salary for it for an entire year again bear in mind at this point i’m working this is a full-time job obviously also working as a teacher but i’m putting in like literally you know 30 40 hours a week into my youtube channel so to be getting like 10k for a whole year of that like that’s not very good but comparatively for me like it was amazing i

Remember thinking at this time like this is nuts you know i’m doing something i’ve been doing for years that i love that i previously made nothing from and i’m now making like you know a semi-respectful amount of money so you can see down here like my highest earning videos here again i mean they’re literally all through challenges but that’s a pretty significant

Jump right three thousand eight hundred dollars from my top one that’s a massive increase from the previous year which was what like 248 so this is the point where i started to think you know what like this is actually like a feasible career i looked at this year compared to previous years and i thought my growth has been you know fairly consistent fairly linear

It’s completely realistic that this could become a career for me and so the beginning of this year i actually went part-time at my job so i was a p-teacher at school i went part-time went down to working four days a week that decision was actually largely filled by the online coaching obviously this income here considering i had like a newborn child and mortgages

That would have been nuts going all out just on this salary here but i started online coaching i started making a good amount of money from that and that combined with my youtube kind of like paralleled my school salary and so i thought you know i love doing this stuff why not make this my full-time career and so i transitioned incrementally like i said i went

Down to part-time hours and then at the end of 2017 beginning of 2018 where things started to blow up that’s when i went full-time on youtube you can see a massive change here so right up to 46 000 which again compared to what it is now like it’s pretty insignificant but at the time and i guess in the general sense like that’s an awesome salary right if you’re

Making forty six thousand dollars a year for a job you absolutely love it it gives you freedom essentially to do what you want that’s pretty cool and to be honest if you said to me matt this is it you know this is where you’re gonna plateau you’re gonna you’re gonna just continue making this amount of money i would have been you know delighted i would have like

Ripped your hand but one thing that is interesting you look down here at my top earning videos they don’t change that much so my top one three and a half thousand dollars you go back a year to 2017 it’s actually slightly more so actually my highest earning video in 2017 was more than in 2018 even though i made nowhere near as much money overall the big difference

For me was that i started making these kind of viral videos more consistently so rather than having like one or two in the year i was doing like one a month anyway let’s move on so from 2018 to 2019 this is a massive jump so here you see jesus 258k for the year and this is the year where things went like up a level like i was already happy i felt like things were

Going crazy i was very very excited 2019 is the year where things like blew up okay namely i made the us navy seals video so again you can go back and watch the video there we did the video that i referenced at the start of this video um that video’s got like i think almost 18 million views and like i said just made an absolute ridiculous amount of money you can

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See the spike here i mean bear in mind these spikes are all pretty decent spikes that one like 7 800 in a day just from video views like that’s ridiculous and going back to the start of the year is where things really kicked off so that video here that kind of triggered this bike is this video i ate my son’s diet for a day that was my first video that went like

Super viral i think my 25k calorie challenge got like maybe a mill views or so but the one eating lucas diet was the first one that properly blew up and got like multiple millions of views and so you can see the figures just kind of gradually climbing throughout the year which obviously culminated like i said in that quarter of a million dollars ad revenue for

The year and yeah i mean that’s pretty much everybody dive back into 2020 you can see a couple of other metrics so you can see rpm so basically the playback based cpm is how much money your videos are making like as a whole and then the rpm is how much of that you’re getting essentially so basically after you take their cut and absolutely rinse you that’s how

Much you get so per thousand views i averaged last year just over three dollars now if you contrast that with the year before so 2019 you can see 2.40 is obviously a bit of a drop now it doesn’t seem that significant but if you’re multiplying that by like 131 million views obviously it adds up and just to completely blow your mind here bear in mind i made that

400k in the space of a year off the back of what like 130 million views there are youtubers out there who get that many views a month in fact there are youtubers that get even more views and that considerably more views in that month people like mr beast for example so these guys are making in excess of a million dollars every single month like just from people

Watching their videos they upload to youtube how like frigging mind-blowing is that anyway that is that i feel like i’ve talked for a long time i thought i’ve gone fairly and i hope you appreciate like like i mean i think most youtubers don’t give you this kind of insight like i do like it it does feel like a massive invasion of private it’s like i’m showing you

My freaking bank account but like i think it’s interesting i think like i mean like if you’re clever you can work out you can go on social media you can look at views you can pretty quickly roughly work out how much youtubers are making so like if i just tell you exactly like who cares but yeah i also think it’s cool like i personally i love watching these videos

Like going back to when i first started out it’s nice to know that i mean again you can look at my first year making like a hundred dollars it’s cool to know that if you are an application if you’re just starting out with youtube or any job any business any endeavor as a whole if you’re making next to no money and working really hard it’s cool to know that there

Is a chance there is this kind of massive awesome exciting light at the end of the tunnel but yeah that’s it we’re done i’m going to end the video don’t forget like i said to share the video loads go nuts go all out let’s get the video as many views as we possibly can so we can give as much money as we possibly can to fair share because that will be freaking sick

But again looking at navy seals video that made friggin 30 or 40 000 we have the power to give an enormous amount of money to charity to help load those people that need that money so like i said go balls out just blow this video up i hope you enjoyed it guys if you did enjoy it give it a thumbs up if you are new to the channel please subscribe and i will see you tomorrow ah

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