How Much Should You Spend On A Chromebook?

Yesterday I posed a question to the channel regarding how much money people would pay for an actual Chromebook? In this video I share my thoughts on the cost of Chromebooks and what I think they are worth.

Hey everybody it’s brandon again so yesterday on the channel i posed a question to all my subscribers which is how much money would you actually spend on a chromebook and i got quite a few responses on which i was glad for and here’s uh kind of the results of that then i want to talk about it for a minute first 27 said less than 200 bucks 33 which was the most popular

Option said um two to four hundred dollars twelve percent said four to six hundred six percent said over 600 and then 21 percent said i wouldn’t even buy an actual chromebook so so you know the most popular choice here is the two to four hundred dollar range which makes sense because there’s actually a ton of chromebooks in that range but um the reason i thought

Of this is there’s a channel here on youtube that i watch quite a bit and i have a feeling a lot of you probably watch it too it’s called like a chrome unboxed or maybe it’s chrome osmbox or something like that you guys know what i’m talking about the guy is really good and he reviews pretty much all the new chromebooks that are coming out and um but they’re all

Like i watch the videos and it’s like yeah i’d love to have this chromebook but then the prices are just there’s something i wouldn’t want to pay like in the 4 to 600 or the over 600 range and i hopped over here to google’s chromebook page just because it kind of shows what’s coming soon you know uh like here’s one he just reviewed his acer asus acer chromebook

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Spin that’s going coming soon i think it might be out now on amazon but it’s going for 600 bucks plus another new one the acer spin 713 700 uh new hp chromebook 600 bucks coming soon 570 bucks another hp coming soon 680 bucks anyway it goes down the line 780 600 650 so here’s the deal and now like i said there’s a lot of chromebooks like you go to amazon you

Can find a bunch that is if not under 200 then definitely under 300 but if you look at them a lot of the specs on them if i can find it are pretty much the same as this acer that i have this acer i can’t talk today this asus that i have this l210m that i talk about quite a bit on the channel uh which i paid 180 bucks for an amazon and it actually came with windows

And um it’s expandable like i was able to put a terabyte ssd in that thing and so the reason i bring this up is um here’s a problem i have with a real chromebook it’s like you can’t really upgrade them and you can’t like your chrome os is what you got whereas something like this it came with a windows license i could put linux on it i could put chrome os flex

On it i can upgrade it it has a lot more options and so when you’re looking at these kind of prices on a chromebook um like i said i watch the reviews of them and it’s really tempting to want to get one because they look awesome but at the same time being stuck with chrome os it’s kind of tough and i would say that if someone who likes chrome os obviously if you

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Watch my channel um but is real chrome os much better than chrome os flex that’s a question the only advantage i see at all is the android apps and so if you’ve watched my channel you know what i feel about android apps on a desktop or a laptop i don’t see much point in them personally now obviously judging by the comments i get on the channel a lot of people

Disagree which is fine there’s no problem with that but for me personally do i want to pay such a premium to be able to run an android application because you can hop on ebay and businesses like will unload laptops and a lot of them are going to be like think pads and stuff like that and they’re going to be a few years old but in terms of specs they’re not going

To be much worse than these new chromebooks coming out in terms of performance and so but i mean again the drawback is not going to have android but the plus is you can install full linux on them or windows i mean most of them come with windows so that’s the reason i pose that question it’s just kind of a food for thought for everybody um how important is it to

Have a real chromebook with real chrome os versus just using chrome os flex which is what we talk about a lot here on the channel um i’m i’m more leaning towards on a chrome os type system a cheaper device might is better in my opinion now if i’m going to buy something that’s my main workstation yeah these prices and up are fine like this laptop i’m recording on

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Now in apple so it obviously cost more but it was well over a thousand dollars um but i can do a lot more than a chromebook and i mean the one thing yeah chromebook you can have linux on it and you can install linux apps but a lot of these like the acer that we were talking about that’s coming soon the 600 plus dollar one this runs on an arm processor now it’s

Evidently a pretty good one a pretty fast arm processor but just from using this macbook i can tell you that the switch to arm comes with a lot of inconveniences especially if you’re going to want to be doing linux stuff on it so i don’t know you guys let me know what you think i know i got a lot of good responses and a couple good comments on there but do you

Really need a real chromebook or is chrome os flex good enough if that’s the experience you’re looking for to me the chrome os it runs great on a low powered device like this asus the linux doesn’t run great but if i’m wanting to do a bunch of linux i mean maybe i’m better off with linux that’s kind of what i think so let me know what you guys think uh i hope

You found some sort of interest in this video if not i’m glad you watched till the end and until next time i hope you all have a good day bye now

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How Much Should You Spend On A Chromebook? By Brandon Stecklein