How much you should spend on an engagement ring | Advice from an expert Gemmologist

Unsure how much you should be spending on your engagement ring? You’re not alone. Our gemmologist Lily is here to help. Covering everything from how to decide on your engagement ring budget, to making sure you get great value for your money.

Hello and welcome to another gem school with fenton my name is lily and i’m a gemologist and today we’re going to be talking about how much you should be spending on your engagement ring engagement ring shopping can be a really daunting process so it’s really important to remember before going into it that the ring symbolizes the love between you and your partner

It’s an incredibly sentimental piece of jewelry which hopefully you’ll be cherishing for many years to come if you’ve already started your engagement ring search then you’ve probably heard that you should be spending around three months salary on your ring which is such a lot of money for anyone so don’t panic because we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t matter

How much you should be spending on your engagement ring the most important thing to begin with is feeling comfortable with how much you’re spending this is a super special investment and you should always feel happy with the budget that you have at fenton our engagement rings can range anywhere from one to ten thousand pounds but we usually find our customers land

Somewhere in the middle between two and six the second most important thing is that you feel completely comfortable with your chosen jeweler you should feel that they understand you and they can get your exact specifications for your ring finally you should feel confident with the quality of your ring it’s going to be worn every day for years and you should feel

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Fully confident that it will stand the test of time the second key thing to think about is value for money this can be quite a tricky thing to navigate as the jewelry industry can be quite confusing but a very helpful rule of thumb is that we find with branded names you’re paying for their logo and their overheads with traditional jewelry quarters you’ll find

That the majority of the gemstones have passed through so many hands from mine to market that they have an almost inflated value we would always recommend seeking out a company that sources their gemstones from country of origin to set directly into their rings and of course this is something that we do we cut out on average 12 intermediaries between mine and

Market each of these intermediaries will be adding their own markup onto the price of the gemstone or the ring which means that you end up paying way more for it to put this into a little context depending on the ring style or gemstone we can find ourselves a huge two to five times cheaper than another jeweler for the exact same quality and style now my favorite

Examples for you are the eight by six oval ruby trilogy which was quoted to us on hatton garden for six thousand pounds compared with hours at two thousand eight hundred and fifty another example i love is the 9×7 oval ruby solitaire which was quoted to us for fifty thousand pounds on bond street compared with hours at four thousand and fifteen another example

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I love is a 10×8 emerald cut emerald trilogy which was quoted to us on burlington arcade for 17 000 pounds our equivalent size is 5500 and here i have the slightly smaller version at 2750. so it’s time to shelf the old-fashioned norms of engagement ring shopping you should have fun with the experience be confident in knowing you’re getting a premium quality ring

Excellent value for money and hopefully a very happy fiancee you

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How much you should spend on an engagement ring | Advice from an expert Gemmologist By Fenton